Hijack Episode 3 Recap and Ending Explained: Unraveling the Twists and Turns of the Series

The third episode of the thriller series “Hijack” on Apple TV+, titled “Draw a Blank,” explores what happens when pilot Captain Robin Allen and co-pilot Sam Nelson attempt to alert the authorities about a threat to Flight KA29. Stuart and the other hijackers are still in charge of the plane’s passengers and crew when an Egyptian guy gives a crucial piece of information about the group. Sam decides to investigate the matter in order to learn the truth, which opens the door for intriguing outcomes. Since the episode finishes on a cliffhanger, viewers must be curious to learn more. Here are our opinions on the episode’s climax, though! Spoilers follow.

The opening scene of the third episode of Hijack, “Draw a Blank,” has flight controller Alice Sinclair and Counter Terrorism Command representative Zahra Gahfoor discussing the heading change of Flight KA29. To persuade the police officer that the aeroplane is seriously in danger, Alice tells Zahra about Robin’s inconsistent comments and the change in the flight’s course. Zahra becomes persuaded that the jet was ostensibly hijacked after learning about it from Sam’s wife Marsha’s lover Daniel Farrell. To discuss the material at hand and come up with a plan for handling the situation, she consults with her colleagues in the CTC. When Daniel phones Zahra to request the flight’s passenger list, she first declines to send it to him.

Hijack Episode 3 Recap

A argument breaks out between an elderly Egyptian man and his wife on Flight KA29 after she begs him not to discuss the hijackers for his own safety. The elderly man finally admits to Sam that the hijackers’ weapons are actually loaded with blanks after much prodding. Sam first dismisses the idea, but Hugo, a fellow traveller, decides to investigate it. After landing in Turkey, a representative from Istanbul requests the pilot’s confirmation that everything is secure on board. When Robin responds in the same way, the official inquires as to why the flight’s course has changed. Robin alters the course once more to persuade Stuart, but his actions continue to raise questions in the minds of airport staff about the true nature of the flight.

Daniel looks carefully at the list of passengers who boarded Flight KA29 after Zahra had gone through it and forwarded it to him. They get very suspicious when they learn that some passengers entered the plane using false identification. They talk about Jonty Collins, a known criminal on board, and his identity as well.

Hijack Episode 3 Ending: Do the Hijackers Use Bullets or Blanks?

Hugo becomes pleased when the Egyptian man reveals that the hijackers are firing blanks rather than bullets. He begins to think about outnumbering and overwhelming the hijackers, who couldn’t hold off the passengers without weapons. The corporate negotiator requests Sam’s assistance but holds off until he is certain there are no bullets present. He doesn’t want to put himself in danger and become trapped at the conclusion of the trip like the two elderly men who attempted to assault the hijackers. Hugo, on the other hand, takes a personal risk and sends a message to look for a bullet in a different area of the aircraft.

Eventually, Hugo learns that there isn’t a bullet on the ground. Sam is persuaded that the Egyptian man’s disclosure is important, and as a result, he decides to write a note to the girl who discovered “something” on the bathroom floor. For the female to select, he commands the Egyptian man to pull a bullet and a blank. Sam and the others assume that the hijackers are actually utilising blanks because the girl picks the illustration for the blank. The hijackers could still have access to actual ammunition, though. Stuart is seen pulling out a bag near the end of the episode and seemingly switching out the blanks in his gun for bullets, suggesting that the hijackers have been using bullets as a last resort.

If the hijackers actually do have bullets but nevertheless decide to use blanks, it indicates that they care about the passengers’ safety. Although the reason for the hijacking is unknown, the passengers’ safety may be crucial in any negotiations the hijackers have with the authorities because they may use it as leverage to gain what they want. If such is the case, the hijackers must be using blanks on purpose to protect the passengers and prevent mistakes on their part.

Who Shoots at Whom?

Sam confronts and defeats the old man among the hijackers after becoming certain that they are using blanks. The fight finishes with the older man pointing his gun at the negotiator after the younger man physically assaults the older man. Sam informs him that he is aware that they are using blanks, which, if he is right, renders the pistol harmless. It seems improbable that the elderly man, the weakest member of the hijacking squad, will be able to shoot at Sam given that even Stuart didn’t initially load his rifle with actual bullets. Therefore, the old man might not have fired the rifle.

Stuart might have been the one who fired the shot. One of the other hijacking team members gets into a struggle with a passenger who wants access to medication to rescue his relative while Sam is attempting to subdue the elderly man. A fight breaks out after the specific hijacker prevents the young man from obtaining the medication. A young girl becomes interested in the situation because more people are participating in the same situation. The little girl flees when the conflict is over, prompting the onlookers to desperately look for her. The turmoil caused by the search forces Stuart to probably fire his gun to frighten the passengers and put an end to the chaotic search. Stuart must have fired the gun to regain control of the flight rather than specifically at anyone.

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