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19 Scariest Horror Films on Amazon Prime | Horror Movies You Can’t Watch Alone


Horror films are a terrific way to pass the time, especially when it’s frigid outside. Why do we enjoy being scared? To be honest, I’m not sure. But I do know for a fact that horror has proven to be the most commercially lucrative genre of them all over the years. As a result, you’ll note that not a month goes by without a new horror film being released. Are they all good? Definitely not! This is why we’ve come. To assist you in choosing the finest alternative among hundreds of possibilities.

People currently choose to view movies from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the advent of internet streaming services. Of course, Netflix has the most viewers, but Amazon Instant isn’t far behind. We’re going to compile a list of the best horror movies available on Amazon Prime today. This collection includes a wide range of horror films, from ghost stories to paranormal events, witches to maniacs. When you watch these excellent scary movies on Amazon Prime, try not to be afraid. These are, of course, your choices if you want to watch Halloween movies on Amazon Prime.

Afflicted (2013)

Everyone wants to explore the world with their best friend and share amazing videos of their adventures on social media. Isn’t that the dream? While most people can put their dreams on hold for another day, Derek’s situation is a little different, and fairly urgent. He is afflicted with an illness that will take his life sooner or later. He doesn’t want to waste his days waiting for death, so he sets out to tour the world with his friend Clif. He meets a woman and spends the night with her while visiting Paris. When he wakes up the next morning, he discovers the woman has vanished and that he has been transformed into a vampire.

A Quiet Place (2018)

‘A Quiet Place,’ a film co-written and directed by John Krasinski, stars the filmmaker and his wife Emily Blunt. The film’s plot takes place during a time when strange beings assaulted the world and wiped out the majority of humanity. These aliens are drawn to sound, and the only way to survive their attack is to remain completely silent. We follow the Abbott family as they try to go through this tragedy by doing everything secretly and communicating through sign language. Krasinski crafts some pretty powerful scenes in the film using this trick of desperately trying not to make any sound, which will stay with you long after you’ve finished viewing it. In ‘A Quiet Place,’ Blunt provides one of her best performances.

Barracuda (2017)

‘Barracuda,’ which leans more toward thriller than horror, is the story of two sisters, or half-sisters, as the case may be. Sinaloa resolves to track for her half-sister, Merle, who lives in Texas, after her father, a country musician, passes away. Merle is initially startled by Sinaloa’s presence and is dubious of her motives. But there’s something about her half-sister that makes her feel like she’s listening to music. However, things quickly devolve into chaos, and Merle finds herself in the midst of it all.

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Behind the Mask (2006)

We’ve all seen a lot of movies and TV shows that follow the lives and crimes of various serial killers, both real and fictional. This film is set in a world where all of the fictional killers, such as those seen in slasher movies, are extremely real. And, more crucially, we view the world through the eyes of a documentary filmmaker. A female journalist is preparing to capture the life of Leslie Vernon, a developing serial killer, with the help of her cameramen. She wants to know what makes him tick, what motivates him, and how he goes about doing his job. She quickly learns, however, that pampering a psychopath is not a smart idea.

Carrie (1976)

Can Stephen King be far behind when it comes to horror film discussion? ‘Carrie,’ directed by Brian De Palma and released in 1976, is without a doubt one of the best screen adaptations of a Stephen King novel. Carrie, the film’s title character, is a shy young lady with no friends. Mrs. White, her mother, is a religious zealot who feels that natural processes such as sex and menstruation are crimes, and hence has never discussed them with her daughter. Mrs. White warns one of Carrie’s instructors not to mess with her daughter in any manner when one of her teachers tries to steer her in the proper direction. Carrie accepts a prom invitation from one of her classmates and agrees to accompany him. When a group of students begin to mock her, Carrie realizes she possesses superhuman abilities that allow her to damage people and exact vengeance for how they have treated her. The film’s brilliance resides in the fact that, in addition to being a fantastic horror picture, it also addresses themes that kids encounter as they grow up, such as peer pressure, family pressure, teen angst, and so on.

Demon (2015)

Piotr and Zaneta are being married on Zaneta’s family’s remote estate. Piotr discovers a skeleton in the yard before the wedding while excavating. He resolves to remain silent about the discovery, despite his terror, because he doesn’t want to ruin the wedding mood. Soon after, he begins to see a girl dressed in a wedding gown, and on the day of his wedding, he is possessed by her spirit. As Zaneta’s family tries to pull him out of it, the estate’s dark secrets are revealed.

Diabolique (1955)

Henri-Georges Clouzot directed this superb psychological horror film based on Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac’s book “She Who Was No More.” The film’s plot opens with the protagonists Michel and Christina running a boarding school. However, it quickly becomes evident that Michel is the one who makes all of the big choices, and Christina is only there to carry out his instructions. She eventually becomes irritated and vents her feelings to Michel’s mistress Nicole. Both ladies unite over their dislike for Michel, and things eventually escalate to the point where they decide to murder him. The two women devise an elaborate scheme, execute him, then dispose of his body in the school’s swimming pool to make it appear as if he committed suicide. However, as the pool’s water is drained, Michel’s body vanishes. Clouzot masterfully integrates horror and thriller themes in this picture, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. ‘Diabolique’ is one of the best psychological horror films of all time, and seeing it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Hush (2016)

The horror subgenre of home invasion has grown in popularity over the years. Maddie, a deaf writer who lives alone in a secluded cottage and works on her writings, is the key character of the film. We watch a beaten and injured girl knocking on Maddie’s door one night as one of her friends, Sarah, comes to her house. Maddie, on the other hand, is deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen Meanwhile, Sarah is murdered right outside Maddie’s door. Now the killer is looking for a way into Maddie’s house, and the story has turned into a survival struggle between these two individuals. As Maddie, Kate Siegel gives a strong performance. Mike Flanagan is a capable horror director who has wowed us with a number of his films, and ‘Hush’ is unquestionably one of his best.

It Comes at Night (2017)

Paul and his family live in a different world than we do. It has been devastated by a highly contagious outbreak that has already claimed the lives of thousands of people. Paul, his wife Sarah, and their son Travis live in a forest in a distant spot. They go to tremendous lengths to ensure that they are not infected and that they live as normally as possible by adhering to a set of strict guidelines. When they are discovered by another family, it appears that keeping together would be the best course of action because it would provide them with more safety. Who can you trust in these times, though?

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

There are a few films with this name, but the one you should see is this 1968 classic. When a space probe explodes, it releases radiation into the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, a mass frenzy ensues, with people killing one another. When Barbara and her brother went to visit her father’s grave, she was completely oblivious of what had happened. There, they are accosted by a man who kills her brother and mercilessly follows Barbara. She seeks safety in a house, only to discover that it is inhabited entirely by corpses, and that anyone going about outside cannot be trusted. As the infected people draw in on them, she meets a man who helps her stay alive.

Nosferatu (1922)

‘Nosferatu,’ an expressionist horror picture that has its own place in film history, is a rough, if not genuine, version of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula.’ The picture was doomed since all of its copies were meant to be burned because it was sued for being based on the titular novel without regard for the copyrights. We were fortunate in that some copies survived, and the fact that Amazon is presenting it to you means you’re in for a wild journey. Dracula’s story is well-known to almost everyone, therefore I doubt there will be anything unique on that front. For some viewers, this film may not live up to their expectations. Cinephiles who appreciate the craft of filmmaking and reflect that it was made nearly a century ago will appreciate the genuine value of this film. And, regardless of how you feel about the remainder of the film, Max Schreck’s classic performance as Count Orlock will leave you uneasy.

Overlord (2018)

‘Overlord’ is an American horror film set in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. During the night, American troops are dropped into enemy territory, and their first mission is to raid a chapel and destroy a radio transmitter that has been alerting the Nazis about their enemies’ preparations. The warriors infiltrate the chapel and go to the basement’s secret lab. This is when they understand that this base has been used as a covert laboratory for some fairly horrific experiments involving the undead. The American soldiers are suddenly confronted with foes for which they were unprepared.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Roman Polanski is one of the greatest directors of all time, and his debut English feature picture, ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ cemented his place in Hollywood. Rosemary, a pregnant woman who has moved to a new apartment building in New York with her husband, is played by Mia Farrow. Rosemary notes that her neighbors are overly cordial soon after moving in, and she begins to suspect that their behavior is motivated by some hidden reason. Soon after, she begins to have questions about a lot of people she meets, including her spouse. This is a horror film that makes use of horror cliches without going overboard. The central theme of ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ appears to be paranoia. Polanski’s outstanding direction brilliantly depicts the paranoia that the protagonist is experiencing.

The Canal (2014)

It’s uncommon that paranoia is a positive thing. The difficulty is that once it sets, it continues to build, and there is no way to get rid of it because it is too difficult to break the spell. David is dealing with the same issue. Too many horrible things happen all at once for him, leading him down a path that has disastrous consequences for everyone around him. First and foremost, his marriage is in tatters. He believes his wife is having an affair with him. The second thing that happens is that new information regarding his residence emerges. It turned out that it was the scene of a murder in 1902. After seeing a ghost and discovering his wife’s body, David decides to find out the truth about the crime.

The Innkeepers (2011)

The Yankee Pedlar Inn has been without customers for a long time and is poised to close. Claire and Luke are the only ones working there on the final weekend before it closes for good. Why would someone want to work in a building that is soon to be demolished? Because that location has a storied history of haunted sights, and the employees are paranormal aficionados eager to solve the riddle while they still can. Tinkering with things that should be left alone, on the other hand, has rarely been a wise idea. It doesn’t take Claire and Luke long to figure out what’s going on.

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

Three years have passed since the entire planet was infected with a sickness that turns people into vampires. Robert Morgan’s family perished in the same way, while he was spared due to his immunity to the plague, which he had acquired as a result of a previous occurrence in his life. Morgan spends his days gathering food and weapons, as well as slaying vampires if he can find any, with everyone else either dead or converted into vampires. He prefers to barricade himself in his house at night so that he can live to see another day.

The Woman in Black (2012)

This film is based on the same-named book and chronicles the narrative of Arthur Kipps. His wife dies in childbirth, leaving him in a state of bewilderment. After a few years, he is dispatched to a rural village to obtain certain paperwork and begin the sale of an estate that has been abandoned for a long time. When he first arrives in the community, he feels uncomfortable and learns that the estate he needs to sell is surrounded by legends. Furthermore, he is obligated to remain in that residence, which does not prove to be a wise decision.

Tumbbad (2018)

When it first aired at the Venice Film Festival, the Indian Hindi-language film ‘Tumbbad’ caused quite a stir among horror film fans all over the world. Tumbbad is a distant Indian village where a selfish family has built a shrine for a malignant god, resulting in widespread devastation. This God, Hastar, is said to exclusively spread death and ruin, yet he can also bring you tremendous wealth on occasion. This avarice is what leads to the construction of the shrine in the first place, and what happens after that causes the family a great deal of grief. The film has a high fear factor, since it has some terrifying scenes that will stick with you for a long time.

We Are Still Here (2015)

Anne becomes depressed when her and Paul’s son is killed in a vehicle accident. Paul chooses to move to the countryside in order to alter her environment and help her heal. He purchases an old house in the hopes that the natural surroundings may aid Anne. Paul, on the other hand, should have done more investigation before purchasing a property that had previously been a funeral parlor and whose owners had a shady past. Anne assumes her son is with them as soon as they move in and makes attempts to contact him. It soon becomes evident that her kid may or may not be present, but there are real skeletons in their closet, and their ghosts are hunting them down.

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