House of the Dragon’ Episode 2 Deleted Scenes That Should Have Been Included

In a short amount of time, House of the Dragon has a lot to unpack. The prequel series depicts the house Targaryen bringing itself to an end, in contrast to its predecessor which had different houses engaged in warfare throughout Westeros. Family issues take their sweet time to develop, thus within the last three episodes, we’ve already witnessed the story making two different time leaps.

Viserys (Paddy Considine) declares his plan to wed Alicent (Emily Carey), daughter of the Hand of the King, at the conclusion of Episode 2, “The Rouge Prince,” and Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) storms off in protest. While the third episode, “Second of His Name,” jumps forward three years, there was a lot of dramatic tension in the interim. Episodes 2 and 3’s director Greg Yaitanes provided some photographs on his Instagram stories that shed light on a furious exchange between Rhaenyra and Alicent as well as another scene in which the heir to the Iron Throne is assisting her father’s bride with wedding preparations.

The director posted the photographs from the scene where Alcock and Carey are fighting, writing, “Two scenes that unfortunately didn’t make it into the final cut, the aftermath fight between @millyalcock and @theemilycarey – both were pretty dramatic. One can visualise the brawl that took place immediately after Rhaenyra rushed out of the tiny council room by looking at their costumes.

The director revealed, “This scene mirrored the scene in episode 1 where @theemilycarey was dressing @millyalcock — now reversed with heartache,” sharing another image of Alicent dressed in an ivory wedding gown and a grand tiara and standing in front of a mirror with Alcock standing behind her. The princess was filled with hope in that scene, but in the current picture, we can sense the anguish she felt after her dearest friend deceived her. The makeup artist for the show, Tania Tyatyambo Couper, posted some close-ups of Alicent from the wedding on Instagram. “The dress, the hair, the tiara….. such a shame it didn’t make the edit…. Cutting room floor… sad times,” she captioned the photos. These moments undoubtedly would have added the familial dynamic and given viewers a closer look at Rhaenyra’s hurt and rage.

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On September 11, the fourth episode of the popular show aired . In the meantime, look at the pictures below:

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