Goku Age: How Old Goku Was In Each Dragon Ball Saga?

The ages of Goku in each Dragon Ball saga are listed here. Goku and his buddies have aged along with the Dragon Ball franchise, which has been operating for approximately 40 years. This is how everything has so far turned out for Goku, according to the material available from the anime, manga, and other sources.

The fact that Goku has aged repeatedly throughout the course of the plot is one distinctive feature of Dragon Ball. Beginning as a small child, Goku later developed into a youngster, a teenager, a young adult with a family, and as of Dragon Ball Super, he has even attained the status of grandfather. Even though Goku’s physical look doesn’t always correspond to the stage of his life he’s in, it’s still admirable that Dragon Ball is a story that allows its characters to grow older.

This is how old Goku is meant to be in every saga, however he has aged significantly in Dragon Ball. Even though, notably in Dragon Ball Super, not every tale explicitly states how old Goku is meant to be, there is still enough evidence to draw a reasonable inference from the plot. It should be noted that only canon sagas will be mentioned here; therefore, references to Dragon Ball GT and other video games will not be made.

How Old Is Goku In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

The history of Goku will undergo yet another change in the next movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. According to official sources, Pan will be three years old in the film, therefore there should be a time leap of roughly two years, making Goku about 49. Any additional information concerning the timeline of Super Hero must wait until its international release on August 19, 2022.

How Old Is Goku In The Android & Cell Sagas?

Two years after Frieza is vanquished, Goku, now 27 years old, returns to Earth where he encounters Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z and finds out about the approaching advent of the terrifying androids. When the androids and Cell prove to be too much for everyone to handle, the Dragon Team starts to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to gain an extra year of training in a single day. Three years pass before the androids appear, making Goku 30 at the time. Of course, Goku is one of them, which indicates that he was 31 at the time of the battle with Cell.

How Old Is Goku In The Battle Of Gods Saga?

As a result, Goku’s journey in the Battle of Gods storyline is advanced four years in Dragon Ball Super, making him 42. In order to challenge Beerus, the God of Destruction, who had been sleeping for decades, Goku intended to become a Super Saiyan God, both for the pleasure of it and to prevent Beerus from annihilating the Earth. The Battle of Gods’ events would serve as a prelude to the rest of Dragon Ball Super and the entire franchise.

How Old Is Goku In The Buu Saga?

After Gohan’s win over Cell as Super Saiyan 2 in the Dragon Ball canon, there was a significant period of time travel. After that, seven years passed, and Goku made the decision to stay dead so that he could continue his training in Heaven and avoid causing trouble on Earth. Eventually, Goku would be brought back to life by the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z’s Buu Saga and return to Earth as a 38-year-old man who was unharmed by his death.

How Old Is Goku In The Emperor Pilaf Saga?

Goku embarked on his first-ever search for the Dragon Balls in the very first Dragon Ball series, the Emperor Pilaf saga. Goku miscalculated his age when he told Bulma he was 14 at the start of the story since he wasn’t educated and couldn’t count correctly. Goku grew intelligent enough after studying with Master Roshi to at least understand that 12, which was his actual age in his introduction, came after 11 and not 14.

How Old Is Goku In The Golden Frieza, Universe 6, & Future Trunks Sagas?

Between Goku’s battle with Beerus and the appearance of Frieza in Dragon Ball Super, a year has passed, putting Goku’s age at 43. Soon after defending Earth from the revived Frieza Force, Goku and his companions engage Champa’s squad of Universe 6 warriors in combat while battling under Dragon Ball Super’s Beerus. Goku would have been roughly 46 years old for the battle against Universe 6 given that he and Vegeta spent three years training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. A year doesn’t seem to have passed, thus Goku’s age should be the same. The Future Trunks tale takes place an undefined amount of time after that.

How Old Is Goku In The Piccolo Jr. Saga?

Goku had to practise with Kami for three years in order to defeat him in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament since King Piccolo had made a kid to exact revenge for his demise. As a result, Goku was 19 years old when he faced, outwitted, and eventually spared Dragon Ball’s Piccolo. They would engage in the climactic battle of the Dragon Ball era, which would also serve as a turning point for the future of the franchise and the Dragon Ball Z era.

How Old Is Goku In The Saiyan & Frieza Sagas?

Goku is 24 years old when the Saiyan tale first begins, five years have passed between the conclusion of Dragon Ball and the start of Dragon Ball Z. After Goku dies, a year goes by as everyone gets ready for Vegeta and Nappa’s arrival, making Goku 25 for the second half of the story. Given that the Frieza story occurs in the same year as the battle with Vegeta and Nappa, this would still be the case.

How Old Is Goku In The Tien Shinhan & Demon King Piccolo Sagas?

Goku started his preparation for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament after defeating the Red Ribbon Army and obtaining the Four Star Dragon Ball. When Goku entered the competition and faced Tien, three years had passed, making him 16 years old. Goku would become involved in the battle with Demon King Piccolo right after the competition, which would mark the first time Goku actually tried to save the world from evil.

How Old Is Goku In The Tournament & Red Ribbon Army Sagas?

When Goku participated in the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament and faced Master Roshi in the championship match, he was still just 12 years old. The Dragon Balls had not been utilised in a full year by the time he began searching for them, making Goku 13 for the Red Ribbon Army story. Numerous subsequent stories, including the Android saga and the impending Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, would be based on Goku’s deeds during the aforementioned epic.

How Old Is Goku In The Universal Survival Saga?

Even though there are only a few weeks between the Future Trunks saga and the Universe Survival saga, Goku should have aged once more based on the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Since the Dragon Balls were utilised in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it is assumed that at least a year has passed since they were utilised to resurrect Frieza since Broly takes place immediately after the Tournament of Power. That allows it to be determined that Goku is roughly 47 years old during the Tournament of Power.

Why Goku Doesn’t Age

The most striking characteristic of Goku’s ageing in Dragon Ball is that, after he reaches full adulthood, his age seems to slow to a halt, with his body, strength, endurance, speed, and other talents remaining just as sharp as ever despite the fact that he’s theoretically approaching 50. This is due to Vegeta’s theory that pure-blooded Saiyans stop physically ageing once they achieve their physical peak, allowing them to battle for longer. The only physical change that occurs is a change in muscle mass. The fact that 80 is considered young for a Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super just served to reinforce this, making it very evident that Goku’s Saiyan physiology is the primary cause of his youthful appearance.

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