How Old Is Marco In One Piece? Marco The Phoenix Real Age Explained

One of the few characters from One Piece whose entire details are still unknown is Marco. But as of right now, all we know about him is that he goes by the name Marco the Phoenix, and the plot doesn’t really focus on who he is. He has had a variety of roles throughout the series, although they have mostly been ones of support. So let’s take a moment to consider Marco’s age in One Piece.

We have seen him in action during the Wano Arc, and he possesses one of the rare devil fruits. His devil fruit talents give him resilience, and it has proven useful in trying circumstances. Despite the fact that we haven’t witnessed him battling at full strength, he was the former first commander of the White Beard Pirates. In the crew, he came in second only behind White Berd, indicating that he is also a strong person.

Since he was a small child, Marco has been a member of the White Beard Pirates, and as a child, his distinctive tuft of hair was curlier than it is now. Marco has had the same appearance for the majority of his appearances in the anime. Something that would also draw attention to his age. In the anime, he reappeared as a doctor on White Beard’s native Island and had grown additional facial hair.

He has been a part of the White Beard Pirates for at least thirty years and has a lot of exposure and battle experience in the perilous waters of the new world. However, he ultimately assumed control of the White Beard Pirates after Ace and White Beard died.

How Old Is Marco In One Piece?

Marco was 43 years old when he first appeared in the anime, and 45 years old following the time jump, which is now his current age. Marco was shown to have been a part of the White Beard Pirates at the time even 22 years prior. He has also shown that he is skilled at spotting other people’s abilities, as he was able to quickly identify Shanks’ Haki before anybody else.

As seen in the scene where he sarcastically pretends to be injured by Kizaru’s attack, Marco’s disposition sometimes seems lighthearted. However, he has a serious side and is capable of appreciating unpolished talent, even if it comes from someone he has never met. We witnessed this when he first encountered Luffy, and as a result of this and the fact that Luffy stopped Crocodile from attacking White Beard, Marco ultimately developed a fondness for Luffy.

One thing to keep in mind about various anime characters is that they don’t really get old. As we have observed with individuals like Rayleigh, once they achieve their top, they typically remain there for a considerable amount of time. Marco therefore still sees him as a young man who is still in his prime. The majority of characters in the series continue to look how they do when they were younger. As a result, elderly characters are uncommon in anime, and when they do appear in battles, they are usually incredibly strong.

This is one factor that has made it incredibly challenging to estimate an anime character’s age solely based on the way they look. The entire “age” dynamic becomes a mystery when we add include other power relations because some people might continue to be young for decades.

Marco The Phoenix

Unexpectedly, we haven’t yet learned Marco’s full name. He is among the select few characters whose last name is unknown. The other is named Nami, and like Nami, they are both referred to by their activities rather than by their last names. Nami is just referred to as Cat Burglar Nami, and her last name has not yet been revealed. Perhaps in their situation, the last name would not significantly alter the plot, which would explain why it is frequently ignored.

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