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I Used to be Famous Ending Explained: Does Vince Get His Big break?

I Used to be Famous on Netflix centres on a former pop star named Vince (Ed Skrein), who is eager to establish himself in the business once more. He ultimately meets a gifted drummer named Stevie (Leo Long), and the two of them begin writing songs that might help them gain notoriety.

Plot summary

The opening of I Used to be Famous features Stereo Dream, a well-known UK boy band from the early 2000s. Austin Roberts and Vince, often known as Vinnie D, are the group’s two leaders. The story then jumps ahead 20 years, where Vince is now a broke nobody who is having trouble making ends meet.

He is a musician who resides in Peckham, London, and we watch him as he moves between bars and restaurants in search of a live performance opportunity for his recent compositions. Sadly, hardly one really pays attention to what he has to say.

One day while busking on the streets, he spontaneously jams with a gifted drummer named Stevie who is autistic. Locals love the brief performance, and some even record it.

Amber, the boy’s mother, removes him before Vince can address him properly. Austin is a well-known musician who is preparing for his farewell tour, and we can also see that he hasn’t abandoned his goals.

Vince hears the sound of drums being played nearby after several more failed attempts to land a gig. He steps inside a nearby church and discovers a musical therapy class for those with special needs. Stevie and his mother are also a part of the group, incidentally.

Vince accepts Dia’s invitation to join the group, where he begins to get to know Stevie. Later, Vince’s mother calls to ask him to come over for his brother Ted’s birthday.

Back at home, Vince watches old home movies from the time he gave his brother a harmonica as a child. The following day, a local shopkeeper shows Vince the footage of him playing with Stevie as he passes by the street where he typically performs.

When he notices that it has almost 100,000 views, he quickly secures a concert at a well-known local establishment. The following stage is to persuade Stevie and Amber to agree to the same.

He plays the video for Stevie at the music group, and he accepts to play with him. Even though he appears a little uneasy about performing in front of crowds and loud noises, he goes along with it. Amber, on the other hand, is horrified by the notion and takes her son and leaves.

Vince, who is not easily discouraged, gets their address from the church office and visits Stevie. Her son makes up the story that he invited Vince to tea before Amber can scold at him.

Vince realises that Amber had worked as a dancer at this point and admits that he was a member of Stereo Dream (from a picture). Additionally, Vince says that his brother Ted passed away many years ago.

The gig comes up, and an argument starts. Stevie experiences a panic attack while they debate it, and Amber rushes to retrieve his drumsticks as they calm him down. Amber accepts to the gig after witnessing Vince use his hands to play music to calm Stevie down.

I Used to be Famous ending explained in detail:

What happens at the gig?

As the group begins to practise, Vince goes to meet Austin at his studio to extend an invitation for the pub performance. They arrive at the venue just in time for their set on the big night.

Their first few songs are warmly appreciated, and the management of the tavern refers to them as “The Tin Men.” But as the performance progresses, a few hecklers choose to disrupt Stevie. Vince gets into a confrontation with one of the troublemakers as his illness starts to get the better of him, which results in his being thrown outside the building.

Despite his severe injuries, Vince is shocked to see Austin in person. Vince begs Austin to go as he tries to help his old friend, ridiculing that he doesn’t want his assistance like last time and making a reference to a tumultuous past.

Later, when he returns to Stevie’s home, Amber lashes out at him for endangering her son. Vince responds by claiming that Stevie has skill and would never realise his full potential if she keeps him locked up.

Amber expels Vince from their home and instructs him to leave them alone since she doesn’t want to hear any more from him.

What happened to Ted?

As Vince makes his way home, he smashes objects to vent his rage. He views the old tapes of his brother and realises that he has messed them up.

We learn that Ted was ill and passed away in the hospital when Vince was on tour with Stereo Dream through fragmented clips of the video and flashbacks. Since then, he has been tormented by remorse at missing his brother’s final moments.

When Vince visits his mother in his hometown after many years, he requests the harmonica that he gave Ted as a gift. She sobs and admits she has no idea where it is.

How does Stevie change?

Stevie’s behaviour starts to change when he returns to London, and he requests that Amber allow him to do things on his own because he is no longer a child. He goes around hunting for concerts and prints fliers for The Tin Men before landing one.

He informs Vince—who is on his way back to London—by phone that they will be performing in spite of his objections. A few days later, Vince apologises to Stevie and Amber when they see him outside the church.

Dia gives Vince the reins during the music class as he demonstrates his natural aptitude for both teaching and musical therapy. Dia offers him the chance to take over the lesson in the future later on.

Does Vince get his big break?

Austin is amazed with The Tin Men’s film when he sees it in the bar. While Vince is pleased with Dia’s offer, he is overjoyed when Austin asks him to join him on his farewell tour. There is a disappointing turn of events as he goes to inform Stevie about it.

Vince, who is familiar with Austin’s producer Dennis from their time working together on Stereo Dream, is told that they only need him for the tour and not the special needs child.

When Vince tells his young pal about the situation, he is devastated even if he is in agreement. Fortunately, Stevie is upbeat about it and urges Vince to take the plunge because he won’t get another chance.

Do The Tin Men get back together?

Vince starts getting ready for the tour while Stevie starts practising the drums more frequently. After receiving Ted’s harmonica in a package from his mother, he eventually pays respects at his grave.

Stevie begins to concentrate on her musical education and applies to The Royal Central School of Music in the interim. He makes a solo introduction trip to the school, and Amber picks up dancing once more.

She visits Vince because she is pleased to see her son making great progress in life. She acknowledges that she had been holding Stevie back and expresses gratitude to Vince for helping him change.

She adds that Vince must not enter her son’s life at this time because he cannot have his head filled with lies at such a crucial time. Since Vince won’t be able to see Stevie on his birthday, he is sad.

Dennis exercises creative control over his recordings while Vince is in the studio and provides him with some paperwork to sign as part of the tour. The screen goes black (we don’t see if Vince signed the document or not) as soon as he notices Austin and Dennis arguing in the next room.

Stevie’s birthday supper is then cut to in the scene. The mother and son team sees signs directing them to the spot where Vince and Stevie first jammed as they begin their return trip home.

They see a miniature concert setup there, complete with a stage, fairy lights, and refreshments. After wishing Stevie a happy birthday and apologising for all that has gone wrong, Vince plays a song for him. Other street musicians and pals from the therapy group are also included in his ensemble.

A small crowd of locals assemble to watch The Tin Men perform, and Stevie joins Vince on stage where the two of them perform together.

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