Ian McKellen’s Hilarious Response To Gandalf Comeback But Not His!

In reaction to web rumours that a new Gandalf would emerge in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, Ian McKellen provides the ideal denial. Few actors have more legendary status than McKellen. Over the course of his outstanding career, McKellen has flawlessly portrayed a variety of legendary characters, such as Magneto from the X-Men and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. He played Gandalf in two different trilogies of the Middle-earth wizard because he was one of the original Lord of the Rings actors who returned for the Hobbit films.

While Middle-earth hasn’t been featured in a movie in a while, it will soon be brought back to fanciful life on television. In September 2022, The Lord of the Rings on Amazon will finally make its debut following a protracted development and production process. The Second Age of Middle-earth will be the subject of the television show, which will also mostly centre on new characters. At the same time, Elrond and Galadriel, two well-known characters from The Lord of the Rings, will make an appearance on the show.

In a recent article headlined “How Gandalf Can Appear In Amazon’s Lord of the Rings (But Not Ian McKellen),” we here at Screen Rant (specifically features writer Craig Elvy) conjectured about whether a younger version of Gandalf could possibly make an appearance in The Lord of the Rings. Funny enough, the adored actor himself noticed this. McKellen couldn’t help himself and had to respond, saying, “I think this would be the most depressing headline I’d ever read, if I weren’t gainfully employed elsewhere.” His remark was incredibly witty.

McKellen’s answer was somewhat different when the idea of a second Gandalf appearing in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings initially came up in 2017. Instead, he made light of the thought of someone else assuming the part by asserting that he is still young enough to portray the virtually eternal figure. But these days, McKellen has shifted his position. He performed Hamlet this year in England and will shortly start acting in The Cherry Orchard, another stage production.

The article on Screen Rant concerning Gandalf showing up in Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show isn’t a guarantee that he will. The aforementioned Galadriel and Elrond, as well as Sauron, are the only Lord of the Rings figures so far known to make an appearance. In the meantime, McKellen can relax knowing that the article regarding Gandalf was all speculation. He continues to be the only Gandalf, and it’s probably safe to say that even if a new actor eventually assumes the part, he’ll still be the preferred option of the fans. Fans continue to celebrate and applaud McKellen’s portrayal, so despite his earlier disappointment at someone else assuming the role, he doesn’t need to worry that they will no longer like him.

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