10 Ice Age Characters We Love Watching Again & Again

Early in the new millennium, the animation sector underwent a clear transition from hand-drawn animation to 3D modelling. While the “Toy Story” and “Shrek” series are rightfully recognised as the forerunners of this tendency, “Ice Age” and its numerous spin-offs and sequels frequently go unnoticed as another important franchise from the era.

An odd trio of Manny the Mammoth, Sid the Sloth, and Diego the Saber-toothed tiger were the stars of the first film in the series, which was released in 2002. They were on a mission to reunite a human newborn with its tribe. After the huge success of “Ice Age,” an ever-growing number of movies and animated shorts that all took place in a time when humans did not rule the world swiftly followed.

The initial “Ice Age” three of Manny, Diego, and Sid encountered more new characters with each successive instalment, some of whom ended up permanently joining the core group. As Manny and his team coped with one new catastrophe after another that threatened their world, friendships were formed, families were established, and adversaries were vanquished. Based on how personally appealing they are to viewers, let’s take a look at some of the series’ most well-known characters.


Despite being a late addition to the series, the intrepid weasel Buck (Short for Buckminster) Wild quickly established himself as a fan favourite after making his debut in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.” Sid ended up in a dinosaur-filled underground realm as a result of a string of mishaps. His friends came to the land to help him as well, but they had no idea that they were in imminent danger of being eaten by the dinosaurs.

Enter Buck, who sprang into action with a knife fashioned from a dinosaur’s teeth and his amazing acrobatic abilities. After spending years below, Buck uses his extensive knowledge of the area to rescue Sid and his pals and aids in their return to the surface. Buck has the option to go with them, but he chooses to stay behind in the world of the dinosaurs. He only leaves the realm when it is extremely dangerous, like when he had to alert Manny and the others to the impending asteroid attack.

Buck is a combination of Indiana Jones, James Bond, and Captain Jack Sparrow. He is half-crazed, brutally cheerful, and brave to the point of mad recklessness. Watching the little weasel outwit opponents who are much larger than himself and lead a life of perilous adventure not out of necessity but only for fun is endlessly fascinating. It’s amazing that the protagonist got his own spinoff film.

Crash and Eddie

Every children’s adventure tale needs some lighthearted humour. Sid served the function as a member of the central trio in the original “Ice Age.” However, as time went on and Sid gained some maturity, more outrageous comedic characters had to be added. Enter Ellie’s possum brothers Crash and Eddie, who initially appeared in “Ice Age: The Meltdown.”

Manny, Diego, and Sid accompany the other animals in a mass evacuation to a place of safety as the world as they know it is in danger of drowning in a catastrophic flood. They come across Crash and Eddie along the way, who were brought up to view their adopted sister Ellie as a fellow possum. Despite their diminutive stature, Crash and Eddie quickly demonstrate via their acrobatics and intensity that they are not to be taken lightly.

Crash and Eddie are primarily there to fool around and enjoy slapstick humour, but they do sincerely care about their family, which eventually expands to include Manny and his buddies. The pair is also dependable for keeping things interesting with their adventurous antics, which include racing each other while using logs as racetracks and utilising trees as catapults.


There may not be a more interesting animal than a saber-tooth tiger. Diego is undoubtedly one of the coolest characters in “Ice Age” simply by virtue of being that animal. He also has a really interesting past. In the first “Ice Age” movie, Diego initially appeared as a part of the tiger pack that was out to find and devour the human baby Roshan, who was being defended by Manny and Sid.

Diego is sent undercover to pretend to help the baby and its guardians while secretly luring them into an ambush because he is unwilling to face the mammoth head-on. Diego had a change of heart along the road. By the end of the movie, he had developed a family-like attachment to Roshan, Manny, and Sid. Diego abandoned his group and founded a brand-new one with the sloth and the mammoth.

Later films showed Diego battling his untamed, predatory nature and his desire to live alone before finally recognising that the value his new family brought to his existence was more significant than his compulsion to flee. By the series’ final few films, Diego had established himself as the pack’s big brother or uncle and had even found love with Shira, a female saber-tooth tiger who shared many of Diego’s trust difficulties.


Manny, the unofficial protagonist of the “Ice Age” series, had a very tragic beginning. He had a wife and kids, but human hunters killed them. For a long time, Manny had no interest in starting a new family. He thought he was the last mammoth, destined to roam the world by himself and eventually extinguish his species as an old widower.

But when Manny meets Ellie, a fellow mammoth who was reared by a family of possums and considered herself one of them, everything changes. Ellie is really different from Manny in a lot of ways. She quickly befriends Sid and Diego because she is friendly and easy to get along with. Manny and Ellie are married when he persuades her of her enormous biology.

The core of the later “Ice Age” movies is their family, which eventually expands to include Peaches and her husband Julian. Ellie demonstrates that she is a more laid-back parent than Manny, yet she is just as willing to defend her family in the event of a life-threatening emergency. Sid and Diego are similarly inspired by Manny and Ellie’s love to search for their own soul mates, with somewhat mixed results.



Although Sid the Sloth is the most upbeat character in “Ice Age,” his life was actually terribly terrible before he met Manny and Diego. It has been shown that Sid’s sloth family left him to fend for himself because they found him to be such a bother. And to top it all off, in “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” Sid’s family returns to locate him only to abandon Granny on him before vanishing once more.

Sid’s grandmother, Granny, was an elderly and wobbly sloth who often appeared to be on the verge of passing away. But despite her feeble exterior, Granny is a cunning old lady who is skilled at both verbal and physical beatings with her cane. Precious, a pet that was initially believed to be dead but turned out to be a very much alive whale, is another pet that Granny claimed to have owned.

Granny’s cantankerous demeanour can be difficult to deal with at times, and she frequently puts herself in danger because of her eagerness to walk into dangerous situations. Nevertheless, she gradually developed into an important member of Sid and Manny’s team, and viewers were pleased to see her receive a happily-ever-after when Granny decided to remain in Geotopia as a young sloth.


In many ways, “Ice Age” is the tale of Manny the Mammoth and the unusual connections he forges during the course of his existence. A grouchy and antisocial mammal, Manny was one of the first important characters in “Ice Age” to be presented. He only wants to be left alone to live a solitary life as he is secretly grieving the loss of his wife and children.

Manny takes on a leadership role with great reluctance and aids Sid and Diego in bringing Roshan back to his human tribe across the artic landscape. Along the way, Manny’s antisocial tendencies start to melt away, and by the film’s conclusion, he has joined Sid and Diego in a new group. Later, Manny and Ellie create a new family with their child Peaches.

The character of Manny is comparable to Batman or perhaps Shrek. An ultimately kind-hearted soul that is willing to risk his own life to save others is hidden beneath the unpleasant demeanour of this person due to true suffering brought on by past tragedy. In the “Ice Age” series, Manny’s greatest victory is not over Captain Gutt or Soto the saber-tooth tiger, but rather, allowing himself to be vulnerable once more and opening his heart to love.


Manny was overjoyed to encounter Ellie, a fellow mammoth who lived as a possum after believing himself to be the last of the mammoths for a very long time. After getting hitched, Manny and Ellie had a daughter they named Peaches. Peaches naturally became the centre of the “Ice Age” narrative in later sequels given her ancestry, albeit that was not always a positive thing.

Given her youthful age, it was not surprise that Peaches frequently found herself in the “bratty teenager” stories in the show. In order to appear cool in front of her enormous peers, Peaches ignored her molehog pal Louis and was impatient with her parents. She also wanted more freedom. It doesn’t help that Peaches frequently brings out Manny’s worst tendencies as an overly protective father.

Despite her juvenile actions, Peaches is ultimately a brave and kind being who loves her family and friends and emulates their example by providing for others even at the risk of her own life. Despite having a turbulent childhood, Peaches grows up to be a responsible adult in her own right who marries Julian, another mammoth, so they can raise a family.


The series’ latter episodes became increasingly fantastical as they included asteroids, time travel, and sea pirates. However, the first “Ice Age” was a rather realistic story of survival in the Paleolithic era. In fact, the film opens with a graphic sequence in which a human lady by the name of Nadia struggles to flee from a troop of saber-tooth tigers that are out to devour Roshan, her child.

Nadia uses all of her last power to escape the tigers and leaves her infant in Manny the Mammoth’s care. Manny initially has no interest in working with Roshan. Manny eventually changes, though, because to the infant’s upbeat demeanour and complete lack of fear of wild animals. Roshan is also to blame for convincing Manny, who is irritable, to accompany Sid and Diego on their trip to reunite Roshan with his father.

Roshan’s pranks throughout “Ice Age” give the narrative a distinct sense of humour. Roshan only appeared in the first part of the series, but his influence could be seen in the subsequent films because of the friendship Manny, Diego, and Sid had while caring for the baby. This bond lasted for the rest of their lives.


Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel who is constantly on the verge of a full nervous breakdown, has not yet been mentioned, despite the fact that we have discussed the majority of the primary characters of “Ice Age.”
This is owing to the fact that, although appearing in every “Ice Age” film, Scrat has little to do with the primary characters or plot save than occasionally igniting a significant event due to his incompetence.

Scrat doesn’t care much about what Manny, Side, Diego, or any other franchise character are doing. Scrat’s primary and sole governing love is gathering as many acorns as he can and storing them away. Scrat experiences an astonishing amount of bad luck, such as accidently starting a massive flood or being launched into deep space, which makes this straightforward goal seem interminably hard.

Fans enjoy seeing the crazy squirrel put himself through hell for an acorn, despite the fact that Scrat’s escapades frequently run counter to the timeline of the other “Ice Age” events. Scrat resembles old-school animated comedies in certain aspects, which depended more on physical comedy than language to make viewers laugh. Scrat has established himself as the unofficial mascot of the entire “Ice Age” franchise due to his popularity among fans.


Sid the Sloth is frequently the main initiator and the one who makes things happen, even though the “Ice Age” series mostly centres on Manny. And the reason for that is that Sid lives with a zeal and innocence that Manny and Diego are simply unable to match. In the first “Ice Age,” Sid persuades Manny to assist him in bringing Roshan to his tribe using the same enthusiasm.

In later films, it is Sid’s love for others that frequently compels an irate Manny and Diego to engage in risky situations. Included in this is the instance where Sid adopts what he believes to be abandoned eggs, only to have the dinosaur mother charge in and steal the eggs back. Despite Sid’s clumsiness and general incompetence, Manny and Diego learn to adore him like a brother because of his unwavering commitment to making friends with everyone.

Sid is unquestionably the group’s heart, if Manny and Diego are its brains and muscle, respectively. In addition, Sid is largely to blame for the physical comedy that permeates the entire franchise; everything about him, from his peculiar lisp to his waddling walk, is meant to make people laugh. Sid demonstrates that if you keep your head and heart open to love, you can have a second chance at happiness despite being abandoned by his sloth family before meeting Manny and Diego.


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