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How To Get Every Immunizing Horn Charm In Elden Ring


A Talisman in Elden Ring called the Immunizing Horn Charm raises one’s immunity, which enhances resistance to poison and scarlet rot. When traveling through the rotten wastelands of Caelid or Ainsel River, wearing this talisman can be quite useful for one’s health. Additionally, when facing difficult enemies like Malenia, Blade of Miquella, who has rot-inflicting attacks, the Immunizing Horn Charm will be helpful.

The Giant Ant nest, a corpse-filled cavern in the southwest corner of the Ainsel River, is where the Immunizing Horn Charm Talisman in Elden Ring is located. Tarnished has two options for getting there: he either ride the lift at Ainsel River Well in East Liurnia of the Lakes or teleport to the Ainsel River Main via the Sending Gate in Renna’s Rise. The latter route is closer, so keep that in mind. Once in the subterranean area below, players must navigate their way through a number of Giant Ant tunnels in order to get to the nest containing the Talisman. It is advised that Tarnished pilgrims level up and equip themselves properly before starting their search.

Travel south down the river from the Ainsel River Well Depths to find the Immunizing Horn Charm in Elden Ring. Players have a choice between rushing past the Ant Queen’s lair and passing through the ruins of the Uhl Palace. Next, pass the security personnel at the entrance to Ainsel River Downstream. Keep an eye out for the deformed star hanging above. To obtain the Immunizing Horn Charm, head southeast into the cave and steal the body from behind a Stinger Giant Ant.

Immunizing Horn Charm Locations In Elden Ring

The Immunizing Horn Charm +1 is an ungraded variation of the Talisman that reduces the accumulation of Scarlet Rot/Poison. By eliminating an Ancestral Follower in the Lake of Rot, tarnished explorers can acquire it. The protagonist must first fight General Radahn and finish Ranni’s hidden treasure retrieval before entering this area of the Ainsel River.

Continue on to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace after defeating the Baleful Shadow in Ranni’s questline. In the southeast, the Ancestral Follower can be seen wading through waist-deep liquid rot. Tarnished explorers must therefore make sure they carry enough Scarlet Rot remedies to last for the duration of the battle as well as the roundtrip journey through the lake. As the Talisman will not automatically loot once the Ancestral Follower has been killed, make sure to take the Immunizing Horn Charm +1 from its corpse.

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