Did Disney Revive Intertwined Season 2? Or Is It Cancelled?

A comedy-drama-fantasy-musical television series for children, tweens, and teens from Argentina is called Intertwined; the original title was Entrelazados. The show’s bright and lovable first season was a huge hit with many viewers. Fans have been wondering when Intertwined Season 2 will be released since the first season debuted in 2021. Disney has it renewed?

Disney has renewed Intertwined for another season, as they announced on May 2, 2022. Intertwined Season 2 will be released sometime in 2023. Additionally, it was announced that Intertwined will also have a Season 3, which will arrive in 2024.

Not many details about Season 2 have been made public. To whet our appetites for the new season, we can draw on some elements from Season 1 and other bits of knowledge. Here is everything we currently know about Intertwined Season 2 without further ado.

Did Disney renew Intertwined for Season 2?/

After Intertwined’s November 2021 launch, the show went nearly six months without any news. The show was then revived for a second season, much to the delight of its numerous admirers. On May 2, 2022, a humorous and clever Instagram post including numerous members of the cast of the programme first revealed the news:

And even then, it’s not all! Some reports claim that by June 2022, Disney will have already revealed plans for the show’s third season. The news is fantastic for the show’s followers.

Intertwined Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, Intertwined Season 2 still has no official release date. Fans predicted that the show would very probably debut sometime in late 2022 when they learned that it had been renewed for a second season in May 2022. It would have made sense for the second season to release around the same time as the first season, which debuted in November 2021.

The start of the second season was delayed, thus it will probably air on the platform at some point in early 2023. At least, that’s what the IMDb page for the programme implies.

Having said that, we are unable to predict the release date for Season 3. However, if the time between the first two seasons is any indication, the third season of Intertwined should debut in early to mid-2024.

Intertwined Season 2: Plot

It’s interesting to note that the Season 1 ending wasn’t as ambiguous and unresolved as you might anticipate. It was essentially a nice ending, and everyone believed the programme had come to an end. But given that the programme was ultimately given a second season, it is evident that the writers intend to continue where they left off. What might possibly occur in Season 2?

Well, at this moment, all we can do is conjecture. For instance, Marco might go through time to 2021 to be with Allegra and struggle to decide whether to stay there or return to the 1990s.

Allegra, Caterina, and Coco, meantime, are likely to experience difficulties and obstacles in both their personal lives and musical theatre careers. We’ll have to wait and see what the designers had in mind, but I’d want to learn more about the bracelet itself to understand its history.

Intertwined Season 2: Trailer/

Unfortunately, there is currently no trailer for Intertwined Season 2. But an official statement was shared, which you can see here. As soon as the official trailer is released, we’ll let you know.

Intertwined Season 2: Cast & Crew

We won’t lose characters from season to season because the show is focused on families. While the full list of new cast members for season two is still unknown, we do know who will be returning from season one.

Allegra Sharp is portrayed by Carolina Domenech, and the singing portions are voiced by Zory Kalchev. Caterina Sharp is portrayed by Clara Alonso and Manuela Menendez as the characters from 2021 and 1994, respectively, with the voice of the character being provided by Gilli Messer.

Cindy Robinson provides the voice for Elena Roger as Amelia “Coco” Sharp, while Lucila Gandolfo plays Lucia Sharp. With Ryan Cargill providing the voice, Jose Gimenez Zapiola plays Marco Resco. Greta is also portrayed by Tatiana Glikman (1994) and Paula Morales (2021), with Jessica Rookeward providing the voice for the role.

Additionally, Felix is portrayed by Kevsho with Charles Gonzales providing the voice, while Diego is portrayed by Benjamin Amadeo (2021) and Manuel Ramos (1994). Similar to season one, Barbara Diz will be portrayed by Berenice Gandullo (2021) and Abril Suliansky (1994), and Alan will once more be portrayed by Simon Hempe with Jacob Vigil providing the voice.

Other actors in the cast include Maximo Ruiz as Camilo, Magela Zanotta as Miriam, Fabio Aste as Tomas Diz, Favio Posca as Mike, and Rodrigo Pedreira as Franco.

Jorge Edelstein wrote the script for the programme, and Sergei Grosny served as the primary composer. The director of photography is Santiago Guzman, and the principal editors are Inti Nieto, Julian Garro, and Luciano Sosa. Fernando Barbosa, Leonardo Aranguibel, Cecilia Mendonça, Gabe Bossi, and Pol Bossi are the executive producers.

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