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The Witcher: Is Tissaia Still Part of the Saga?

The fantasy setting of “The Witcher” on Netflix features magic and creatures that have an affect on daily life in the Continent. The protagonist of the tale is Geralt of Rivia, who shares a fate with Yennefer of Vengerberg and Cirilla of Cintra. As they are brought together and torn apart while battling their relentless opponents, their journey undergoes numerous twists and turns. They had to make a lot of compromises and lose a lot of people, including Tissaia de Vries. Tissaia, the rectoress of Aretuza, is Yennefer’s mother-figure and a pillar of reason in the Brotherhood. Her terrible saga comes to a close in the third season. What you need to know about her is as follows. Spoilers follow.

How Does Tissaia Die?

myanna buring tissaia,witcher tissaia actress,is tissaia dead did myanna buring leave the witcher,tissaia the witcher actress

Tissaia only ever aimed to bring about peace on the Continent through her activities. No matter how difficult the task, she always strived to act in everyone’s best interest, whether they were mages or humans. She is also reported to have been love-obsessed, though. Yennefer engaged in numerous acts of disobedience against the Brotherhood, yet Tissaia still supported and loved her as a mother would a daughter. She treated Vilgefortz with the same blindness, and that proved to be her downfall.

When Phillipa and Djisktra declare war on Aretuza, they capture every mage they see as a threat, especially Vilgefortz, who they are aware has been working with Nilfgaard on a plot. Tissaia is so overcome with love and wrath that no matter how hard they try to explain it to her, she cannot see why they must get rid of Vilgefortz. She releases Vilgefortz and causes mayhem among her people because she finds it inconceivable that her lover would betray her.

What Vilgefortz wanted has already occurred. There is no use in continuing the masquerade now that he has been revealed. He admits to Tissaia that he had been exploiting her all along and declares that he is no longer dependent upon her. He permits the elves to enter Aretuza, guaranteeing that it will be completely destroyed. Although Tissaia is extremely shocked by this, the worst is yet to come.

Tissaia feels bad about releasing Vilgefortz because her house has been devastated and the majority of the magicians are dead. It also reveals out that Nilfgaard’s plot to attack the North and conquer the Continent’s first step was to destroy the Brotherhood. As a result, Tissaia caused thousands of lives to be lost by releasing Vilgefortz. Later, when Sarah and the others go to Vilgefortz’s secret laboratory in Redania, they learn that Vilgefortz was the one who was abducting females and subjecting them to horrifying experiments.

She had been dealt a devastating blow by the realisation that he had been doing it all behind her back the entire time. Regarding the girls and all the violence on the Continent, she feels guilty. She kills herself because she is unable to forgive herself for not realising Vilgefortz’s true nature sooner. She cuts her wrists after writing a letter to Yennefer in which she justifies her conduct.

Did MyAnna Buring Leave The Witcher?

myanna buring tissaia,witcher tissaia actress,is tissaia dead did myanna buring leave the witcher,tissaia the witcher actress

The film “The Witcher” is based on the Andrej Sapkowski book series of the same name. In it, Tissaia passes away after Thanedd’s takeover. Even though the TV show is infamous for deviating from the books, it keeps loyal to Tissaia’s character arc and she passes away at roughly the same time. This demonstrates that MyAnna Buring won’t appear frequently in the upcoming seasons.

Buring, who is well-known for her work in a wide range of roles from “Ripper Street” to “The Twilight Saga,” claimed that Tissaia was her favourite character to play. I adore those who have a seemingly harsh demeanour but a warm, pulsating heart. In reality, I’m not at all that strict. Therefore, because it’s as far away from me as it’s possible to get, it’s incredibly exciting to be able to play that, you know, absurd seriousness and that enormous power, she said. If there are any flashback scenes involving Yennefer on the show, Buring might make a comeback, but Tissaia’s role is over for the future timeline.

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