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Is Jackie Justice A Real person? Is ‘Bruised’ Based On A True Story?


Netflix is increasing the number of all-star performances and directing gigs as Oscar season approaches. The most recent was produced by Halle Berry, a filmmaker and actor prodigy who exploited her skills in both to create Bruised. The sports drama, which is up against movies like King Richard and others, has a good chance of winning a few awards this year. But is Bruised based on a true story like King Richard? If so, who was the fighter Berry trying to impersonate? We have solutions.

In Bruised, Jackie Justice, a single mother, makes a significant return to the MMA ring. However, everything seems to happen at once, causing Jackie to lose consciousness and go into a coma. Jackie is unsure of her positi on as her professional fighting career resumes and she is perplexed as to why her young son made the abrupt decision to return.

So, is Bruised an original screenplay or was it based on a genuine story? Let’s look at it.

Is Bruised based on a true story? Is Jackie Justice a real person?

No, Bruised is a work of fiction alone. Halle Berry played the role of Jackie Justice in the latest Netflix film; Jackie Justice is not a real person. She put in several months of training to achieve the feel of an MMA fighter.

Is Bruised based on a novel? What is Bruised based on?

No once more. The screenplay for Bruised was first written by Michelle Rosenfarb in 2017 and is entirely original. Berry opted to make some edits after receiving the script and seeking help from her friend Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas.

When she first received the manuscript, the protagonist was a Catholic woman in her twenties. Berry, on the other hand, wanted to play a middle-aged single Black mother. With the aid of her producers, Berry was able to modify the story to suit her needs as both a director and an actress.

Is there a trailer for Bruised?

Yep! Watch the Bruised trailer by scrolling down right now.

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