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Jason Aldean Video: The Small Town Buzz and Excitement

The Jason Aldean music video “Try That In A Small Town” has provoked fierce debate on a number of forums.

The hugely divisive music video for Jason Aldean’s song “Try That in a Small Town” was consequently taken down from CMT’s network. T

The decision was announced on Monday, demonstrating their prompt responsiveness to the song’s growing controversy.

A CMT representative would not elaborate further on why the video was taken off.

BBR Music Group, Aldean’s record company, has not yet provided a statement on the matter.

The removal of the video was initially reported by Billboard Magazine, who also provided insight into the developments and the network’s position on the issue.

Aldean defends his song amid criticism

Jason Aldean used his social media platform to address the criticism of the song in response to the outrage.

He emphasised that the claims that he released a song advocating lynching and disregarded Black Lives Matter demonstrations were false and harmful.

The singer defended the usage of actual news footage in the music video and stated that the song did not make any reference to race.

The purpose of “Try That in a Small Town” was for Jason Aldean to spread a message of hope about how small towns and communities can come together despite their differences.

He emphasised that this sense of community should transcend political differences as he recalled how his community looked out for its neighbours while he was growing up.

The message behind “Try That in a Small Town”

Aldean talked about some of the controversy’s issues, but he omitted to mention the racially sensitive area where the video was shot.

The hanging of a Black man in the 1920s is famously associated with the courthouse in Colombia, Tennessee.

The video’s use of this element drew even more criticism and questions about racial insensitivity.

The fallout and Country Radio’s response

Although CMT pulled Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town” music video, its effect on country radio is still uncertain.

Over 125 stations added “Try That in a Small Town” to their playlists, giving the song significant attention.

Despite being well-liked, the song and video’s polarising nature can prevent the format from supporting them.

Aldean’s Political stance

It has drawn attention because Jason Aldean is expressing his conservative political views in an increasingly outspoken manner.

His public statements on a number of topics, such as selling children’s anti-Biden clothes and his stance against masks, caused his advertising business to fire him.

The LGBTQ+ community’s perception of his wife’s remarks as transphobic also added to the mounting anger.

Future Prospects for “Try That in a Small Town”

Despite the criticism, “Try That in a Small Town” appeared to have a bright future because several stations had added it to their playlists.

It might not have the same instant impact as past songs like Dan + Shay’s “Save Me the Trouble,” but it has the potential to become quite well-known.


The Jason Aldean music video “Try That in a Small Town” sparked a flurry of debate and backlash.

The fact that it was taken down from CMT is a sign of how delicate the subject and setting of the video were.

The song’s future airplay on country radio is still up in the air, and the singer’s attempt to defend it on social media was received with conflicting reactions.

The incident serves as a reminder of the value of giving delicate topics in the music and entertainment industries careful attention.

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