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Who Is R Kelly’s Daughter/Son Jaya Kelly? Is Jaya A Transgender?

Editor’s Note : This Page Was Updated by Team DCS On 13th-Jan-2023 to add information about Jaya Kelly. In this article we have referred Jaya Kelly as ‘He’ since we are not aware of Jaya’s pronouns.

The middle child of rapper R. Kelly and actress Andrea Lee is known as Jaya Kelly, sometimes known as Jaah Kelly. He became well-known as a result of his famous parents. His father is a singer and composer from the USA.

But were you aware that Jaya was a woman when he was born? After recognising his sexuality, he subsequently came out as a Trans guy in 2014 and changed his name to Jaah. What response did his family have when he came out, then? Did his family approve of his choice?

What about his relationship with his newly found guilty of sex abuse father, aside from that? You may find all the answers to your questions in this article, I suppose. To learn more about his sexuality, his romantic history, and other topics, continue reading below.

Jaya Kelly’s Early Life And Family

Jaah, who was born in 2000, is now 22 years old. His famous parents R. Kelly and mother Andrea Lee welcomed him into the world. He is an American citizen and of the African-American heritage.

Along with his two siblings Robert Kelly, Jr., and Joann Kelly, Jaya was reared by his parents.

jaya kelly instagram,jaya kelly net worth,jaya kelly gender,jaya kelly music,bruce kelly,what did r kelly do to his daughter,theresa kelly,r kelly net worth,joann kelly,r. kelly,jaya kelly transgender

He was born into a prosperous family, to elaborate about his family. Back then, his father R. Kelly, who is now notorious for a number of legal difficulties, was well-known for his work as a singer and songwriter. In addition, he has three times been the Grammy winner. He formerly held the title of one of the best-selling musicians in the entire globe throughout the 1990s.

Also a former back dancer is his mother, Andrea Kelly alias Drea Lee. Before she was married, she was a backup dancer for her ex-act. husband’s Later, she made numerous TV and film appearances.

Jaya Came Out As Transgender At The Age Of 14

When Jaya aka Jaah realised he didn’t enjoy acting like other girls, he was still a very young boy. He was biologically a woman, but he only became aware of this when he was about 6 or 7 years old. Jaah once told a follower in his Ask.FM profile that he didn’t enjoy dressing like a lady or having feminine organs from an early age.

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He ultimately made the decision to undergo surgery and change himself into the person he desired. He revealed to DailyMail. I want surgery and medicines to help me (be) who I was meant to be because I think I’m a boy.

The world was shocked when Jaah announced that he was a trans male. However, following his surgery, Jaya was able to start acting like himself.

What Was His Family’s Reaction To Him Doing Surgery?

Jaah did not encounter many obstacles when he came out about his sexuality, despite the fact that American society is conservative in regards to the LGBTQ+ community. His decision was enthusiastically endorsed by his family and friends. Jaah also always had his mother’s best interests in mind, and she was a devoted mother. He stated:

“You know I love you if you were bi, homosexual, lesbian, you name it and I would still love you so much,” my mother said to me.

Jaah Kelly’s Headshot
jaya kelly instagram,jaya kelly net worth,jaya kelly gender,jaya kelly music,bruce kelly,what did r kelly do to his daughter,theresa kelly,r kelly net worth,joann kelly,r. kelly,jaya kelly transgender

He mentioned how pleased his mum was of him. After thanking his mother, Jaya continued,

I’m grateful to my mother for accepting my transgender identity.

Additionally, he is overjoyed that all of his friends and siblings embrace him for who he is—a man. When his sister compliments him and her young brother, he feels wonderful.

Jaya’s Father Was Abusive Towards His Mother

Kelly, who often hides behind a famous face, has a more nasty persona, according to Jaya Kelly’s mother Drea Kelly, who stated this in an interview with ABC News. In front of the media, Jaah’s mother was a dancer, choreographer, and proud mother of R. Kelly’s children. Drea, however, asserted that she had endured verbal, physical, and psychological abuse away from the camera. For all those years, she has kept her bruise a secret from the public.

jaya kelly instagram,jaya kelly net worth,jaya kelly gender,jaya kelly music,bruce kelly,what did r kelly do to his daughter,theresa kelly,r kelly net worth,joann kelly,r. kelly,jaya kelly transgender

Drea claimed that R. Kelly was a very violent and domineering character who beat her. He used to abuse her by tying rope around her hands and legs. Drea went through all of that while continuing to act normally for the camera. She also admitted that because R. Kelly was so ‘strong’ at the time, she had been too afraid to talk about her predicament before.

The relationship between R. Kelly and Drea Kelly Jaya’s parents was not as positive as it appeared to the public.
The couple, who had first connected in their hometown of Chicago some 24 years prior, appeared to be a picture-perfect union. Drea was suffering so much misery, though, that she came dangerously close to committing herself. Finally, she filed for divorce in 2006.

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Additionally, Drea now promotes domestic abuse awareness, serves as a motivational speaker, and encourages other victims to speak up for themselves.

Jaah’s Father Robert Kelly Is still In Prison

Jonah’s father is well-known for his numerous claims of sex abuse and legal lawsuits. In the 1990s, he was subject to numerous claims. His first legal lawsuit for having a sex with a high school student when he was 24 years old was brought in 1996. Following that, numerous further charges were made, including those of an unlawful marriage in 1994, the publication of evidence of child abuse in 2002, and child molestation allegations (2009).

His supporters as well as the music business disowned him following all the claims. His songs were taken off Apple’s featured music list. Alongside the “Boycott R. Kelly” and “Mute R. Kelly” initiatives, many more famous people took a stance. Despite facing a musical industry boycott, his legal troubles persisted.

Robert was detained on July 11, 2019, on suspicion of sex offences and hindering the justice system. He was then detained again the following day and charged with 18 counts, including sex crimes and obstructing the administration of justice. The charges included allegations of child sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, the creation of child pornography, forced labor, racketeering, kidnapping, and obstruction of justice.

After that, a US District Judge ruled that Robert Kelly should remain in custody at the Metropolitan Detention Center while the jury rendered its decision. He was initially given a 10 year prison term. Later, on June 29, 2022, he was given a 30-year prison term with a life sentence. He continues to be detained in the state prison.

How Is Jaya Kelly’s Relationship With His/her Parents?

We all know that Jaah’s fame came from his well-known parents. He is not, however, as close to his father as his mother is. Robert wasn’t a great husband, but he was a decent father. He made an effort to keep his relationship with his kids positive. However, their relationship broke down when his children learned about their father’s criminal activities.

Speaking of his mother Drea, they appear to be very close. They currently reside together after she raised her children. She has stated in numerous interviews that her children are her entire world and that they are everything to her. In other words, Jaya and his mother are very close.

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Jaya And Her Siblings Were Bullied Because Of Their Father

Jaah and his siblings admitted that because of their father, their friends regularly pick on them. Their friends referred to them as the offspring of criminals. Despite the difficulties they were experiencing as a result of their father, they admitted that it no longer bothered them.

Jaah and his siblings additionally did not give a good response when asked how they felt about their father.

What Is Jaya Kelly Currently Doing?

Jaah is currently concentrating on his musical career while living with his mother. Jaah has somehow inherited his father’s love of singing and rapping despite not being close to him. He has been open about wanting to become a musician as a career.

Is Jaah Dating Anyone As Of 2022?

Jaah is extremely private about his personal life and has not yet made any declarations regarding his romantic partner. Additionally, he doesn’t use his social media accounts very frequently.

He previously stated that he has an interest in a girl. He is not, however, the subject of any dating rumors. The 22-year-old starlet appears to be career-focused and is single at this time.

What Is Jaya Kelly’s Net Worth?

Jaya Kelly has a fairly opulent lifestyle because he was born into a famous family. Jaya’s net worth is unknown because he has only recently begun his career. He does, however, possess some of his parent’s property.

Speaking of his parents’ wealth, his mother Drea Kelly has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her primary source of income comes from her work as a dancer and choreographer. She also earns well as a motivational speaker, which is how she has supported her three children. Similar to Jaya, Jaya’s father had a net worth of about $10 million.


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