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Jehron Davis and Fredrick Redden: The Hunt for Their Whereabouts

‘Real Time Crime: Watch Your Back/Man Down’ on Investigation Discovery details how Natchez police used real-time video to solve a non-fatal shooting incident that occurred in Natchez, Mississippi, in late April 2019. Fredrick Redden, the victim, not only survived the incident but also played a crucial part in aiding law enforcement in locating and apprehending the gunman, Jehron Davis. Here is what we know about the case in case you want to learn more.

Who Are Jehron Davis and Fredrick Redden?

In Adams County, Mississippi’s crime-ridden Natchez neighbourhood, including the Holiday Apartments housing complex, Project N.O.L.A. installed cameras. When noise levels exceeded a specific range, the authorities deployed a combination of stationary and pan-tilt-zoom cameras with audio capability. On April 29, 2019, a video alert was triggered about 5:10 pm, and the operators were able to observe several African-American males fighting furiously in the street before it swiftly became out of control.

As soon as they detected a problem, the N.O.L.A. operators phoned the Natchez police and looped both the played-back and real-time copies of the footage to the dispatchers. The officers saw a male engaged in a verbally abusive back-and-forth argument with several other people in a heated exchange. Gunshots could be heard at one time, and one person walked away from the gathering and towards the road. The cameras also have gunshot detection technology, which means they will automatically look for the location of the weapon’s discharged round.

The cameras panned towards where the suspect was pointing his rifle as soon as bullets were fired and the victim fell to the ground. Before escaping, he was spotted shooting a few more shots. The victim was visible sitting on the road and attempting to stand as the cameras turned back to him. He was ultimately observed lying down as someone approached and made an effort to assist him. First responders came in the interim, securing the site, making sure there were no further shooters, and locating any witnesses.

When E.M.S. realised the injuries might be potentially significant, they attended to the victim, who was later identified as 27-year-old Fredrick Redden, and took him to the Merit Health Natchez Hospital. The responding officers attempted to ask those gathered about the incident in the meanwhile. No one was willing to come forward and discuss the shooting incident, despite the fact that the security film proved that multiple persons at the area had witnessed it. The police realised right away that the video surveillance footage would be their main piece of evidence in catching the criminal.

Pallice Vicks, Fredrick’s mother, learnt that her son had been shot in the back and that the bullet was still trapped in his spine when she got to the hospital. Although the injury appeared to be life-threatening at first, Fredrick soon stabilised and was ready to speak with law enforcement when the medical staff concluded it was not lethal. He provided the police with various aliases, both fictitious and genuine, including Xavier Jenkins, Ravon Cade, and someone he named J-Man. Some of them, like Ravon and Jacq’Laurence Jackson, were recognised by the government as locals who could be easily located.

Where Are Jehron Davis and Fredrick Redden Now?

Ravon was taken in by the police for questioning, but he refused to “be a snitch” and instead ruled out the other suspects, including Xavier, as the gunman. The police realised right away that Jay Bang—Jehron Davis’ street name—was the only person who could have fired the gun. To authenticate him as the gunman, the detectives used footage from Project N.O.L.A. They found the suspect was dressed in grey pants, trousers and a hoodie. The suspect briefly looked towards the camera as he put his revolver in his rucksack, giving the cops a glimpse of his face.

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The detectives again questioned Fredrick, who positively identified Jehron as the gunman even though the split-second visual was insufficient to positively identify Jehron. Fredrick claimed he came across a group of young individuals having a heated debate while trying to snatch a cigarette from someone. He attempted to negotiate and defuse the tension because he knew the majority of them. However, he asserted that Jehron was not prepared to listen to reason, pulled a gun, and opened shot as Fredrick attempted to flee after realising the argument was out of control.

By rewinding the footage and spotting Jehron in the same outfit and close to the crime, the police were able to positively identify him as the shooter. They positively recognised the shooter as Jehron by comparing his face from the surveillance video to one in the police database for previous arrests. Although it was difficult to find him, the police went to his mother’s house, who promised to track down her son and bring him to the station. His name was also added by the police to the National Crime Information Centre database of the FBI.

“That way, any agency that might run into him can run a check on him, and they will find out that he is wanted from our city,” former Natchez police chief Walter Armstrong said. We want the general public to help us find him. He is an extremely risky individual. With a gun, he has already demonstrated his carelessness, and he doesn’t mind using it. Simply put, we are grateful that the victim is still alive and not healing from a gunshot wound to the back at the UMC hospital in Jackson.

The police charged Jehron with severe assault after Jehron’s mother followed her word, showing utter disregard for human life. He was detained, admitted guilt, and was given a seven-year term after his detention. No one else identified by Fredrick or visible in the security film was accused of committing a crime. The shooting’s weapon was never found. After regaining his health after his injury, Frederick, who is now in his early 30s, has remained in Natchez. Since Jehron’s name does not appear on the official prison list, he is likely to have been granted parole.

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