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Getting to Know Jessica Hayes from ‘Tough as Nails’: A Look into Her Journey

As the title suggests, “Tough as Nails” is a competition TV show produced by Phil and Louise Keoghan that follows a group of dedicated people as they undergo a number of difficult activities based on everyday situations that one encounters. The show determines the deserving winner of the competition and the top cash prize by the end of each season by putting each competitor to the test in terms of their endurance, strength, mental fortitude, agility, and resilience. Jessica Hayes is one of the competitors whose abilities to handle various difficulties astonished many spectators. You must be interested in finding out more about her if she happens to be one of your favourites. Here are all the crucial things you might need to know, though!

Jessica Hayes’ Age, Family, and Background

Jessica Olson Hayes was one of the 12 contestants on “Tough as Nails” at the age of 35. She was born in October in the late 1980s. She is an Army Veteran who currently resides in Cedar Park, Texas, and she participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) for a short while. She has developed strong entrepreneurial abilities and a sharp eye for detail through time and with extensive experience, all of which are highly valued in the workplace. Jessica is a tough cookie who doesn’t mind getting her hands filthy when it comes to her work, and she is also renowned for being a bit of a softie.


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She consistently squeezes exercise into her busy schedule since she enjoys doing it and has done since she was in the service. The Olson family’s desire to enlist in the military was initiated by Jessica’s late grandfather Paul Olson, a war veteran, who also motivated her to do so. She also has a close relationship with her father Greg Olson, with whom she still spends a lot of time. In fact, she allegedly asserts that his father is the source of her tenacious and driven character. Jessica also has a devoted sister named Shawna Olson Echebelem, who is a wife, mother, teacher, athlete, and “fitness nerd.”

Jessica Hayes’ Profession

As of this writing, Austin, Texas resident Jessica Hayes has her own business and works as a remodelling contractor for Fine Line Remodelling. The diligent professional not only specialises in kitchens and other residential projects, but also manages the business side of the business and makes sure that all projects stay within a certain budget.

As she enjoys working on tiles and lights, Jessica stays on the job site and ensures that the best supplies are chosen, the best prices are obtained, and the best designing is completed. She not only completes tasks on time but also fosters positive working relationships with her coworkers because she is a good team player.

Jessica Hayes’ Husband and Kids

Jason Hayes and Jessica dated for over ten years, essentially growing up together, before being married in September 2016. The couple, who are currently in their seventh year of marriage and have two darling children as well as three devoted pets, make a stunning family. Since they collaborate on practically every job, they actually operate the business she works for, Fine Line Remodelling. The proud Army Veteran is not afraid to publicly express her love for her husband on social media.

In a post honouring him and their marriage on their fifth wedding anniversary, she said, “Jason…you keep me on my toes and always teach me everything about life and business. You always back me up in my endeavours. You learn patience and good customer service from me. Without your intelligence, diligence, and commitment, our lives would not be possible. You are the best gift in life since life is a gift. You da man, my greatest affection. We only have happiness and success for the couple and their family in mind for the future!

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