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Is Anna Duggar Still Married To Josh? Why Josh Duggar’s Wife Supported Him Through His Sentencing?


The verdict in Josh Duggar’s sentencing is complete. Due to his offences including child sexual abuse material, he will serve 12.5 years in prison. Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s wife, openly defended him throughout the trial and sentencing. According to a recent insider report, Anna is still not thinking about getting a divorce.

Is Anna Duggar still married? Josh Duggar’s wife supported him through his sentencing

Many fans of the Duggar family made assumptions about Anna Duggar’s position when Josh Duggar was first detained. After the evidence that resulted in a guilty verdict, some supporters predicted that she would divorce her spouse. She persisted in claiming his innocence nonetheless. As of May 2022, she was still wed to him, and based on the letter she wrote to Judge Timothy L. Brooks, there is no sign that she will divorce him due to his offences.

She explained all the reasons she loves Josh and thinks he should receive a light prison sentence in the letter, which she wrote to the judge before the judge handed down the punishment.

Anna said, “Joshua and I enjoyed working together at our used car lot in Springdale during our first several years of marriage. “There, I appreciated my husband’s work ethic and his viewpoint that the welfare of others comes before making a quick profit. Joshua would frequently take time out of his day to talk to and listen to different homeless persons who were walking by on the sidewalk. And a lot of our clients turned into our friends.

Anna Duggar will reportedly not consider ‘a new life’ with someone else, an insider says

The verdict against Josh Duggar might give Anna Duggar a new outlook on her family and her future. However, a source claims that Anna is still not thinking about leaving Josh.

There are many honourable, holy men in the church who would value and care for a woman like Anna, but she is not the sort to look for or even consider beginning a new life with another guy, the source told In Touch. There is a great deal of compassion for her.

Some of Anna’s kin encouraged her to divorce Josh, a different source told In Touch prior to the sentence. But it still went against her personal marriage-related convictions. The source also said that divorce was something Anna considered at one point, saying, “Some of her relatives want her to, but it goes against everything in her being.” How was she able to?

Amy Duggar wants her to divorce Josh Duggar

Even after being sentenced, Anna Duggar is not likely to modify her attitude toward Josh Duggar. Amy Duggar, Anna’s cousin, asks her to think about getting a divorce. On May 17, 2022, Amy published an open message to Anna on her Instagram. The letter informs Anna that she should leave and that those who care about her will not attempt to persuade her to defend Josh.

Josh made a decision on how people will remember him, Amy wrote. “By remaining with him and giving him your support, you’re letting him decide for you as well. And even when it currently seems hard to stand up to everything, a mother’s need to defend her children must always overcome her dread.

Amy said, “The only individuals you would upset by leaving are the ones ready to forego your family’s security in order to preserve Josh’s secrets.

How to seek help: For free, private support, text HOME to the Crisis Text Line at 741741 if you or someone you know has experienced sexual abuse.

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