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Meet Justin Ryan Simpson, OJ Simpson’s Son – Here’s What He Does

33-year-old The youngest child of O.J. Simpson is Justin Ryan Simpson. He and his older sister Sydney Brooke Simpson live in St. Petersburg, Florida, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

When Nicole Brown Simpson, the real estate agent’s mother, was violently snatched from him and his elder sister when he was just five years old, a fact that probably haunts him, his sister, and their half-siblings to this day.


After meeting in the late 1970s, Nicole and O.J. welcomed Sydney as their first child in 1985. After three years, Justin came after. Tragically, Sydney and Justin’s mother was murdered in 1994, and their father was accused of committing the crime in a trial that received a lot of attention.

The two kids were traumatised by this, but the rest of the family tried to give them a feeling of normalcy as they grew up. Nicole’s sister Tanya Brown writes about her niece and nephew and how they handled the situation in her memoir, “Finding Peace Amid the Chaos: My Escape from Depression and Suicide.”

Instead of bringing up the weight of the case and their mother’s passing, she claimed she always took effort to ensure that both children had fun when they visited her home. Nicole’s parents attempted to get custody of Sydney and Justin in the late 1990s, but the children’s heartfelt letters to the judges pleading for them to stay with their father seemed to tip the balance in O.J.’s favour.

In her autobiography, Tanya also described how challenging it was to leave the kids off and pick them up at the home of O.J., the man she believed was responsible for her sister’s murder. But she was doing it for Sydney and Justin, as her mother had reminded her.

She claimed that she also found it difficult to accept the intimate relationship between her niece and nephew and O.J. She did, however, come to terms with the fact that they loved their father in the end.


Justin has more siblings besides Sydney. Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, and Marguerite Aaren Simpson, who tragically passed away at the age of one, are his three half-siblings. All three were born to O.J.’s first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley.

Sydney lost her mother when she was nine years old. She is a smart woman in her forties with a sociology degree from Boston University.


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O.J.’s first kid and Justin’s elder sister is Arnelle. She was present for her father’s prosperous football career because she was born in December 1968. Arnelle supposedly had a drinking issue, which strained her relationship with her father.

Jason, who was born in 1970, desires to remain anonymous. There was a hypothesis that Jason was responsible for Nicole’s slaying. Because of Jason’s reported history of assault and substance misuse, private investigator William Dear presented it as a plausible scenario in a book he wrote about it. William’s allegations were never verified, and Jason was never regarded as a suspect.


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Even though Justin is now in his 30s, building a great career for himself wasn’t simple. Growing up with his family’s issue hanging over him, Justin found school difficult because he was frequently brought up in connection with the infamous incident and court cases.

When O.J. was apprehended and found guilty of robbery, his connection to this sinister background became more pronounced. He persisted though, and in 2010 he graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial and small business operations.

The Washington Note reports that Justin has a reported net worth of about $3 million and is currently listed as an agent for the DHM Real Estate Group. He worked as an agent for Coldwell Banker Homes, and according to his profile on the company’s website, he excels at customer service and negotiation.


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These qualities set him apart in his line of business and seem to be working in his favour based on the glowing Facebook evaluations he has received from satisfied customers. Sydney is quite silent on social media, but Justin is quite active.

The siblings seem to get along well, and Justin’s sister lives near by in St. Petersburg. Sydney decided to start her own company, Simpsy LLC, in the real estate industry like her younger brother.


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O.J. Simpson discussed his relationship with his children in 2019 on his own. According to the former NFL player, he does stay in touch with them.

He claimed they don’t talk about the infamous case or their relationship because of it and they have no desire to. The father said that he and his children didn’t need to revisit this troubled background.

The difficult topic of Nicole’s murder is referred to as the “no negative zone” by his family, who instead opt to stay in the present and be optimistic. O.J. asserts that overall, he is content with his life, living in Las Vegas, playing golf nearly every day, and being a healthy, happy man.

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