Kendra Sells Hollywood On Discovery+, Is It Worth Watching?

When The Girls Next Door recorded Kendra Wilkinson’s time living with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion in 2005, she became well-known. She has since been married, divorced, had two children, and appeared on a few other reality shows. Wilkinson recently passed the California real estate exam and is now fully immersed in the “single parent hustle” and prepared to reinvent herself. Kendra Sells Hollywood, which is currently available to view on discovery+, follows Wilkinson’s path to becoming a Los Angeles real estate agent.


The Bottom Line: Kendra Wilkinson is aware of your perceptions of her. Having lived in the Playboy Mansion, married and divorced a football star, and hosted a few reality shows of her own, she has been in the spotlight for more than ten years. About three years after becoming a single mother, Wilkinson feels ready to start over with a different line of work. For the first time in her life, she wants to work because she wants to make her kids proud and get back to earning some real money. Although Wilkinson isn’t embarrassed by her time spent in the Playboy Mansion, she is prepared to move past it. She passed the California real estate exam on her first attempt after months of preparation, and she is eager to get to work. A stylish Bel Air mansion listed for a cool $15.7 million is where Wilkinson meets the Douglas Elliman crew, where her abilities are put to the test.

Despite Wilkinson’s best attempts, the house tour is a bit of a disaster, and she feels like she wasted this significant opportunity. A call from Ernie Carswell, the team’s leader, who was genuinely displeased with her performance earlier that day, surprises her as she heads to her closest friend Jessica’s place to commiserate over a glass of wine after this sad day. He informs her that after an 8-week trial period during which he will personally mentor her, they have decided to either keep her on the team or send her on her own. Initially, what? to visit the office with information on potential new properties. Even if Wilkinson’s real estate experience didn’t start off as she had hoped, it won’t be dull.

What TV series will it make you think of? Kimberly Sells Fans of previous glamorous real estate shows like Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing will probably enjoy Hollywood, even though Kendra has a far more embarrassing real estate agent origin story than those shows.

Our Opinion: Kendra Sells Hollywood, a small show with a surprisingly big heart, pleasantly pleased me. Since Wilkinson has always been the most endearing Playboy, this change for her makes perfect sense. She is completely open about her past, her low points, and her ardent love for her kids. In contrast, Kendra Sells Hollywood feels utterly Kendra, allowing her to speak her truth and never making fun of her. Kendra Sells Hollywood easily might have been yawn-inducing reality fodder to add to the pile. Since she puts her heart on the line here, Kendra Sells Hollywood works so beautifully even though so many others might make her the punchline. It’s not the most creative or interesting new real estate series available, but it has the impression of being the most real-world, small-scale, and authentic of the lot.

Kimberly Sells Hollywood may be charming, but it doesn’t imply there won’t be any drama in the future. There will undoubtedly be some confrontations during the season as a result of the Douglas Elliman team’s large eye rolls and mistrust toward Wilkinson because what would a reality programme be without some petty goodness? Despite everything, it still seems like we’re learning more about Wilkinson than the platinum hair and spray tan we’ve been seeing for so long. Kendra may not have sold Hollywood by the end of the pilot, but she has undoubtedly sold a few viewers.

Sex and Skin: There are hints of Kendra’s time spent in the Playboy Mansion, but overall, things remain rather subdued.

As she laments that her history might prevent her from being successful in her current work, Kendra wipes away her tears.

The most pilot-like line is, “If you can’t take pressure, this is not the proper business.” It feels rather on-the-nose for introducing us to this environment and Wilkinson’s fears about it, but this sort of thing is par for the course in reality TV.

It’s time to STREAM IT. A unexpectedly endearing small show, Kendra Sells Hollywood takes us on an emotional journey with its heroine and gives us a rare look at what it takes to succeed as a real estate salesperson.

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