10 Noteworthy Things You Didn’t Know About Kimmy Gibbler From Full House

One of the most contentious characters on the Full House set is Kimmy Gibbler, who is portrayed by Andrea Taylor as D.J. Tanner’s closest friend and confidante. She is affable, eccentric, and a fantastic friend, and she never ceases to wow audiences with her ability to strike the perfect mix between comedic antics and genuine loyalty and attention.

Since Kimmy appears on set at the push of a button and entertains viewers with her quirky observations, viewers of the show may question how she fits into the larger scheme of things. Here are ten interesting facts about Kimmy Gibbler from Full House:

D.J. Keeps Her On The Straight & Narrow (Almost)

D.J. Tanner, a friend, assists in taming Kimmy’s excitement and rebellious tendencies. Kimmy’s outrageous behaviour has been restrained by D.J. several times.

For instance, D.J. assisted in bringing her home when she became extremely intoxicated at a party in one episode.

She Battles To Keep Jobs

Kimmy has a natural tendency toward disobedience and is frequently depicted as doing so. This hasn’t always worked out well for her. She worked beside D.J. in one of her longest-held jobs for a short period of time at a movie theatre.

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Another factor that works against Kimmy when she’s trying to hold down a job is her apparent natural propensity for rude outbursts. While her underlying sincerity will be obvious to audiences, it is frequently overshadowed by her abrasive, nasty emotions.

She Comes From A Large Family

Despite the fact that Kimmy appears to be lost in the world and without allegiance to any group of people, including her family, she actually has a sizable family. She has a younger brother and three sisters, according to the storyline of the show. Viewers accept her as she is and see her as an extension of the Tanner family. Her parents and family are still somewhat of a mystery, and her home life is a backstage story.

She Comes Up With Inventive Nicknames

The fact that Kimmy treats them so casually may be viewed as impolite by some Tanner family members, which is likely one of the reasons why they don’t like her. She can be blatantly combative and obstinate, telling things just as she sees them. She also has a propensity to refer to people by their nicknames, something they aren’t always fond of.

Because of his fixation with his hair and frequent hairdo changes, she refers to Jesse as “Hairboy.” She also refers to Mr. Tanner as “Mr T.”

She Has Known The Tanners For A Long Time

According to the legend, Kimmy and D.J. Tanner first became friends in preschool. They didn’t become close until they were about nine years old, though. Whether this occurred when she and her family originally moved in next door to the Tanners is unknown. Kimmy is as much a part of the Tanner family as any piece of furniture because she has known them for a very long time. She is an obvious presence in their life.

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She Is Not Loved By Everyone

Not everyone in the Tanner family necessarily loves D.J. Tanner. She irritates everyone, but notably Stephanie Tanner.

Additionally, Uncle Jesse is not afraid to publicly declare how he feels about her. She is viewed as obnoxious and a little over the top by several of the characters.

She Is Steeped In Controversy

Kimmy enjoys stirring up controversy. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she is contentious. She just naturally is this manner, and she appears to like and thrive on it.

She attempts to marry her lover Duane in one episode. Kimmy, who is way too young to ever consider such a move, seems willing to go for it and isn’t bothered by the looks of surprise on everyone’s faces.

She Is The Tanner’s Neighbor

Kimmy frequently shows up uninvited and unexpectedly at the Tanners’ home. She knows this because the family’s San Francisco home is right next door to hers.

She frequently drops by their house without warning, giving their routine a comic edge. No matter how annoying she might be, the Tanners would undoubtedly miss her if she were absent.





She Moves A Lot

Kimmy and her family move around a fair often, she admits. She admitted that this occurs around every five years. Maybe this is what’s driving her rebellious behaviour. This constant relocation of her family from one neighbourhood to another may also be the cause of Kimmy’s frequent appearance of being lost and unattached to anything that would limit her individuality and sense of liberty.


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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

It appears that Kimmy hails from a peculiar family. When D.J. inquires about Kimmy’s plans for the weekend in one episode, Kimmy replies that she is going to kill rats with her “pop.” Not what you’d expect an adolescent to do on the weekend, but Kimmy is anything but typical.


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