Klaus From The Vampire Diaries To The Originals – His Journey And Character Growth

The Original Big Bad, Klaus Mikaelson, left a lasting influence on both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. During season 2 of TVD, the 1,000-year-old vampire travelled to Mystic Falls to torment Elena and her companions. Klaus grew increasingly powerful after releasing his werewolf bloodline from the limits of a magical curse, but soon found himself fighting opponents with even more potent supernatural talents.

For Klaus, the path to atonement wasn’t easy as he battled his inner demons and his desire for power over New Orleans. Significant events that played a crucial role in his transformation from villain to martyr include the birth of his daughter and his connection with Caroline.


Absorbing The Hollow

In seasons 4 and 5, Klaus continues the Original hybrid’s redemption story by making additional sacrifices for Hope. To save Hope’s life, the Mikaelsons each absorb a piece of the Hollow, dooming them to an eternity apart. When the terrible force again approaches Klaus’ daughter in season 5, he uses all of its power to protect her.

Towards the finale of The Originals, Klaus’ journey was consumed by his battle with the Hollow. The Hollow, a witch of unmatched strength, proved to be a challenge even for Klaus and the Mikaelsons to overcome.

Breaking The Curse

Immediately after landing in Mystic Falls, Klaus got to work on a 2,000-year goal to lift his mother’s curse. The Original uses Elena’s blood to release his werewolf nature in the heartbreaking sacrifice ritual that takes the life of her aunt Jenna in season 2’s “The Sun Also Rises.”

In addition to the sought-after moonstone, Klaus uses a witch, werewolf, vampire, the Petrova lookalike, and other characters to break the magical constraints on his powers. He develops into the first hybrid in history, making the Salvatores face an even more fearsome adversary.

Defeated At Last

For the Mystic Falls gang, Klaus appeared to be an unbeatable foe in seasons 2 and 3. The hybrid is finally defeated in “Before Sunset” as he tries to steal Elena’s blood and flee from the improved Original Alaric.

Klaus is restrained by Stefan and Damon as Bonnie completes a potent spell to stop the hybrid’s heart. Although his parched captivity does not last long, Klaus finally receives his due.

Hello To New Orleans

In The Originals, Klaus’ quest starts with his visit to New Orleans. He is troubled by the changes in the French Quarter and envious of Marcel’s new position of power. He decides to reclaim his stolen kingdom back from his apprentice out of envy.

This Vampire Diaries spin-first off’s season is focused on control over New Orleans. The Original family is at the centre of a brutal conflict between witches, werewolves, and vampires for control of the city.

Klaus Comes To Town

Klaus had a nasty reputation before he even got to Mystic Falls. Early in season 2, The Original hybrid made its first appearance before challenging Bonnie in a titanic struggle while inhabiting Alaric Saltzman’s body.

The “Klaus” episode marked the first time Klaus made a physical appearance. He wasted little time in posing as Elena Gilbert and her companions in order to become one of the most important Big Bads on the show.

Klaus Dies With Elijah

In the series finale “When The Saints Go Marching In,” Klaus’ narrative comes full circle. The hybrid bids Hope and his family a heartfelt farewell before dying beside his brother Elijah, bringing his journey toward atonement to a close.

It was appropriate to end the Mikaelson family’s saga with Klaus and Elijah since they were the first to emerge in the narrative. The passing of Klaus and several other significant narrative developments in his path throughout The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are moving moments.

Relationship With Caroline

When Klaus fell in love with Caroline, the public saw Klaus take the first steps toward redemption. When the blonde vampire is bitten by a werewolf, Klaus intervenes to save her life. Season 4 ends with Klaus bidding them farewell and departing for New Orleans as the two dance around their affections for one another.

However, “Graduation” wasn’t the last time spectators saw Klaroline before they said farewell. The couple gives into their connection in “500 Years Of Solitude” from season 5, and they later appeared as guests on The Originals and The Vampire Diaries, respectively.

Sacrificing Himself For His Family

Season 3 of The Originals features Klaus making a selfless effort to safeguard his family. Freya locks the Mikaelson children within the Chambre de Chasse and connects them to Klaus in an effort to preserve their lives. The hybrid is tried for a long list of offences until Marcel sentences him to a punishment worse than death.

In order to prevent his mentor from seeing his daughter, Marcel stabs him with Papa Tunde’s blade and imprisons him for five years. In the end, Klaus manages to get away with Freya’s assistance before rejoining his family.

The Birth Of Hope

The hybrid’s story underwent a change after the birth of Klaus and Hayley’s daughter, Hope, which caused him to progressively accept his redemption arc. Sadly, typical Mikaelson drama surrounding Hope’s birth. The Harvest witches attempt to sacrifice the newborn infant when she is defenceless and before her family intervenes to save her.

Klaus and Hayley are compelled to send their daughter away with Rebekah in order to protect her from the rival supernatural groups in New Orleans. Fortunately, the father-daughter team gets back together in season 2.

The Mikaelson Family Reunites

In season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus’ actions literally come back to haunt him. The Mikaelson family reunites in “Bringing Out The Dead” after spending generations imprisoned in coffins. Although Klaus’ siblings are not at all pleased to see him, their mother Esther turns out to be the real danger.

The next episode, “Dangerous Liaisons,” features a celebration ball where The Originals come together. Esther asks Elena for assistance in eliminating her zombie children, further destroying the Mikaelsons.

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