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20+ Kooku Web Series | Kooku Videos & Kooku Movies


Kooku is a Web Series and Web Movies Streaming Platform that allows our clients to subscribe to a premium membership and watch a variety of Web Series and Web Movies. Free short films, Kooku web series, and audio stories/dramas are available to watch. One of the most prominent pornographic content OTT services is Kooku, which has received a lot of attention. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar are all more popular than Kooku. For a few days, Kooku is offering story-based web series, posing a threat to other OTT platforms. This is the newest entertainment destination that will get your heart racing. You can watch the best drama, comedy, romance, and more on the KOOKU App for Android and online at www.kooku.app. Kooku is certain that you will like Kooku’s one-of-a-kind short films and web series.
Weekend binges have just gotten a whole lot better! KOOKU is the newest entertainment destination, designed to get your pulse pumping. On the KOOKU App for Android and online at www kooku com , you can watch the greatest of drama, comedy, romance, and more. We are confident that you will enjoy our original Short Films and Web Series programming. The best part is that you may try it out before making a purchase!

Here are some of the most popular Kooku web series available on the app

The Gift

Is it possible that a happy marriage of a few years reveals the shocking reality about life? The Gift is a captivating narrative about a couple who discover the truth about one other after a few years of marriage. These passionate perspectives will turn your world inside out. Arita Paul, Pooja Kashyap, Yogesh, and Chandan Jha star in the web series Gift, directed by A.S.


Humraaz is a Kooku web series about two couples who want a change in their lives and come up with the concept of switching wives. Two young couples, Rohit, Rekha, Mukul, and Soni, meet by chance in a resort and begin to mingle their history with their present lives. Romance and sensuality are at an all-time high. Rekha has regained her sense of completeness and is overjoyed.

Suno Sahebji

The plot revolves around a Grandfather, a lady servant, a grandson, and other members of the family. Suno Sahebji: Following the success of Suno Sasurji, Suno Devarji, Suno Jetahalal, and other popular episodes, Kooku is back with another program in the same genre, ‘Suno Sahebji,’ a new web series that premiered on Kooku on February 14, 2021.

Photo Shoot

AMong all the web series on the Kooku app, this one can be totally skipped. Kooku is an OTT platform established in India that constantly releases new web series based on stories. Now, the Kooku app has unveiled the trailer for the next web series Phoot Shoot, which will premiere on February 8, 2021.


The plot of this Kooku web series centres around a couple who are in love. The lover decides to put the relationship to the test. Something unexpected happens in the interim, and things take a new direction. Is it possible for the pair to accept each other and love one other indefinitely?

Nayi Naveli

Ranjit Jha, Shanaya Ans, and others star in Nayi naveli, which was released on their app in January 2021. The story of this web series could not be revealed via the Kooku app. Because there is very little information available on the internet, you must view it for yourself and make your decision.


Chitthi is a four-part online series about Ravi Asthana, who receives a CHITTHI from his past, which he receives after 25 years, and how it shudders his entire existence. He becomes trapped in a web of moral-ethical and family values the more he attempts to conceal his past, compelling him to make a decision that would destroy everything he has worked for. Yashpal Sharma, Shafaq Naaz, Shalini Kapoor, Abha Parmar, Shanaya Sharma, and Ravi Bhatia star in the show. Anshuman Pratap Singh is the director of Chitthi.

Love Letter

The story centres around a little boy’s life. When he is unable to distinguish between love and friendship, he becomes completely stuck. As the girl takes on him, his affections cost him a lot. Will he be able to resolve their differences or will he have to pay a high price for their miscommunication?

You Me and My Padosan

The story follows the life of a man who is in love with several women but does not take love seriously. When a girl becomes pregnant, things turn upside down, and another girl opposes him staying as his housemate. You, Me, and My Padosan is a fun and exciting game.


People are entertained just by hearing the name Kooku. For those who are unfamiliar, the Kooku website or Kooku App is a popular video streaming platform that is open to the public. People are increasingly looking for shows on the internet, and Kooku was able to announce itself to them in less than a minute. On October 18th, the much-anticipated Kooku drama and love web series BubblePur Part 6 will air. Recently, the Kooku app launched few episodes of BubblePur, which are currently streaming and amusing Indian fans. Bubblepur is a blend of naivety, bumbling, romanticism, and hilarity. A village where no one is aware of what is going on outside. The overall pleasure level jumps to the next level with the entrance of three buddies in the community. Asrani, Hemant Pande, Ananat Jog, Pradeep Kabra, Yuraj Pathak, Afreen Shaikh, Kalpana Saini, Kumar Chetan Raj, Neha Mondal, Bahnu Thakur, Puja Joshi, Karan Singh, Dinesh Kairar, and Swapnil star in Part 6 of Kooku’s Bubble Pur.

Aao Kare Gutur Gu

Kooku’s latest web series, Aao Kare Gutur Gu, is set to premiere on August 29th, 2021! The Kooku app’s Aao Kare Gutur Gu web series is another another Indian Hindi internet number content. The official debut date for the net store is August 29th, 2021. The trailer is already available to view on their official website as well as their Kooku app. Within the online series, we can observe Inderjeet Kaur as the lead part. Aao Kare Gutur Gu is a new romantic daring comedy web series on Kooku that is available on their app.

Humara Pyaar Chamakar

The plot of Kooku’s latest web series revolves around a married couple and an astrologer. There is a couple that recently moved into a new house, and they have been arguing with each other a lot since they moved in, while their neighbors in the countryside appear to be happy, and both neighbors visit each other and are sad. Mian Biwi inquires, “How are you two still happy after marriage?” She then meets Lady Astrologer, who advises her on certain cures. But when the same lady astrologer delivers them money the next day, it will be quite intriguing to know what the whole affair is all about. You’ll have to watch the web series on Kooku to find out. app on August 23, 2021


Paglet is a hilarious yet spicy story about a young woman named Vaishali who listens to her husband’s every word. When Vaishali begins to believe her husband’s theory of physical need and love, all hell breaks loose. Extremely amusing, but oozing with sensuality. Prashant Kumar, Juhi Chatterji, Sameer, Sonia Singh Rajput, Chetan, Imran, Rocky Singh Rajput, and Ronak star in Paglet, which is directed by Jeet.


This time, Kooku is confronted with an incredibly unusual story, which, as is customary, is accompanied with enthralling dramatical web presentations. This highly anticipated and anticipated web series is poised to premiere on the most popular OTT platform. Yes, we’re talking about the latest episode of the Kooku app’s web series “The Last Show,” which is based on true events. The audience is enthralled and eagerly awaits the conclusion of the series. Nonetheless, the series will premiere on July 4th. It is available to run online and can be found on the Kooku App and their official website.

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With its amazing web series, Kooku app has already created a buzz among its followers, and audiences are eagerly anticipating the release of its next web series. This part’s genre includes drama and romance, and it’s pretty thrilling to watch, just like the rest of the web series. As we saw in the trailer, the tale revolves around a land owner who is involved in some unethical activities.
Pooja Kashyap and others are among the cast members of Kooku’s new online series Vasooli. Kooku was unable to reveal any information about the cast. We’ll post an update here as soon as Kooku confirms it.


Hezal, a nymphomaniac, has a sad but sensual story to tell. Regardless of her good intentions, she is unable to control her kinky sentiments, and it is a hot and steamy moment for all those who are in close proximity to her. It’ll be interesting to watch how Hazel manages to stay on top of her illness, which has earned her the title of NYMPH. For this show, the Kooku app added a new cast. Love Prit Kaur, Soniya, Salman, Ajay, Shahrukh, and Deepak are among the cast members. These aren’t well-known characters. Ravi Sharma is the show’s director.


We’re all aware that, more than their cast, their incredible tales have a significant impact on whether a film or web series succeeds or fails. That is what the new Kooku is concerned about. They are continually striving to provide next-level comfort to their next online series. This may also be seen in its most recent Web series, Socketwali. The owner of the eCommerce website Socketwali.com is at the center of the narrative. The scenario is eerily similar to both husband and wife having extramarital affairs. To learn more, go to the Kooku app and view the whole web series Socketwali.

Chicken Curry

: The plot centers on a newlywed couple whose husband begins to deceive her blind wife (Ankita Dave). Things change, and Ankita Dave discovers the truth. So never betray the person who adores you. When a relationship ends, the following stage is vengeance. Ankita Dave, Neelam Bhanushali, and Athar Siddiqui play the key characters in this series. I.A.K. is the director of this production.

Rani Ka Raja

Kooku, a popular OTT platform, has quickly taken over the market. Over the previous few years, the Kooku team has cultivated a dedicated following and has been meeting their ‘entertainment’ needs on a regular basis. Following suit, the platform is preparing to release a new web series titled ‘Rani Ke Raja,’ starring Rani Chatterji, Rajesh Sharma, Sudha Chandran, Shruti Ulfat, Priyal Gor, and Arun Bakshi. Azaad Bharti directed Abhishek Bajaj in the lead role.

Hum Apke Fan Hai

The primary actress will be Arita Paul. She is a top actress who has worked on a number of OTT platforms and continues to work on bold and romantic web series. Mohit, Suhana Khan, Yogesh Bedi, Aryan, and Tushar are among the other notable cast members. A.S. is the director of this web series.
You’ll need to join up for Kooku’s subscription to watch Hum Apke Fan Hai WEB SERIES and some other popular shows. You can learn more about Kooku’s subscription plans by visiting their official website.


After having a job, Paakhi relocates to Mumbai and finds herself a flat where she lives alone. However, strange things begin to happen in the flat. She tries to figure out what is causing these strange occurrences. Paakhi believes she is now protected because the remedy she discovers is highly sensual. But there’s a surprise in store for her.

Sauteli Saheli

Sauteli Saheli began streaming on March 28th, 2021, one day before Holi. Due to the new tale and the extended holiday season, Kooku hopes that this web series will receive a lot of attention.  The narrative of Sauteli Saheli is as follows: Interesting story about two wives of their husband – Bablu – who did not want to go along with their spouse but ended up having a hot love affair with each other.

Lolita PG house

Lolita is a lonely woman whose husband has abandoned her, and she is forced to start a PG in order to pay her bank EMIs and loans. However, being a single woman in business is difficult. Lolita exploits her gorgeous charms and curvy figure to captivate all people that come to bother her in order to succeed.

Khule Aasman Ke Niche

Ritu, a sensuous rural girl, can only get complete enjoyment in the open Sarso ka Khet, with the wind blowing across her body and passers-by observing her in an intimate deed. Ritu’s circumstances changes after her marriage to Vinod, who lives in another city. Her marriage is in jeopardy because to her delusions. Vinod, on the other hand, makes every effort to save his marital life at all costs.

How is the over all experience of the Kooku app?

One has to feel bad for the so called actors working for these series, not only the opportunities are terrible, the direction lacks any kind of skill and the storyline feels like written on the spot, just to create dialogue around sex scenes.

One of the worst thing about the app experience is that you have to go back to the menu to play the next episode, there is no option to jump to next episode in the video player. The episodes are too short to form any kind of connection with the story or the characters. It would be too quick to dismiss Kooku app though, as they have managed to rope in some good actors like Asrani, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Rakesh Sharma among others. But they need to revamp the whole content and create some good series, other wise they might not even come close to apps and websites likes FlizUllu and Alt Balaji.

How to use the Kooku App?
You must first download Kooku app from the Google Play Store in order to use it. This program, once installed, allows you to view a selection of online series. Many web series are free, but the most popular ones are paid. You will have to pay for such, but not for the older web series, which are available for free. So, the main benefit of utilizing this program to watch web series is that many of them are available for free, and if you want to watch the most recent and popular web series, you can do so by paying a small fee.

How can I get Kooku gold?
If you absolutely have to watch what kind of content Kooku is serving, you can make an easy payment of INR 63, via Paytm and binge watch all the Web series in one go. That being said, even such a small amount of money seems like a waste, not to mention the time you’ll waste in hope for some good raunchy sex videos on Kooku app.

How many web series I can watch on Kooku app?
The Kooku app has currently made available 50+ original series, but none of them truly qualifies as a web series. The run time of so called seasons is less than the length of a movie.

How do I watch Bubblepur Web Series?
Bubblepur is by far the longest web series on Kooku app. You can watch a few free episodes on their app or their website. But, if you want full access to all the episodes of Bubblepur, you need to buy a paid subscription and download Kooku Gold app from their website.

Is Kooku an adult platform?
Kooku is definetly an adult platform. In fact, you need to give your consent before watching every episode on the Kooku Gold app.

Is Kooku a good app?
If sex scenes float your boat, there’s one for you in every 10 minutes in almost all the web series on Kooku. While it might look like a good deal, the scenes are shot with such sheer awkwardness that it feels like watching cousins having sex. The content on the Kooku Gold app is so less that you can binge watch all the web series on Kooku within 3 days.

Is Kooku App legal in India?
It is legal. The content on Kooku app is not as explicit as you’d think. Honestly, even YouTube has less censored scenes than Kooku app. What’s funny is that they make you install a separate app apk, as if they are serving some uncensored content on Kooku Gold app.

Which is the best app for web series?
As far as the in-app experience is considered, no one even comes close to NEtflix, but if you are looking for specific content then it depends. Ullu App and Kooku app for adult. For Indian web series, we recommend Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Zee5 and Netflix.

How can I watch Kooku subscription for free?
You can opt for watching single episodes of some series on the Kooku app or on their website. But you want full access to all the 50+ web series on Kooku, you need a paid subscription.

Kooku YouTube Channel
KOOKU Original has its own YouTube channel, known as KOOKU. Trailers for the next Kooku web series may be found there. By clicking the subscribe button, you confirm your subscription to the Kooku web series. To visit the channel, go here.

Where to download the Kooku web series?
One of the most prominent pornographic content OTT services is Kooku, which has received a lot of attention. Downloads of the Kooku web series can be found on several pirated websites. We do, however, urge our visitors to stay away from pirated websites. It is possible to see original content from original websites.

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