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“Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend” by Lionsgate tells the extraordinary true tale of Ferruccio Lamborghini, who built a name for himself by developing a line of cars that are still adored and admired by auto aficionados. The movie opens with Ferruccio as a young soldier who has just returned from serving in the Second World War. When he returns home, he makes choices that other people might view as overly hazardous, and this alters the path of his life. He gets questioned at every point, but he still succeeds. But the movie closes on a depressing note, leaving us to speculate about his future. What ultimately happened to Ferruccio? Let’s investigate. Spoilers follow.

Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend Plot Synopsis

After serving in the military, a young Ferruccio makes the decision to abandon his family’s farming operation. He worked in the military as a mechanic before deciding to transition to farming’s technological side and starting a company that produces less expensive, more effective tractors. In order to launch his firm, he risks everything, even the property owned by his father. Although everyone cautions him to proceed with a little more caution, he goes all out to realise his dream, and his business succeeds.

Years later, Ferruccio is a wealthy guy with a sizable collection of high-end automobiles. He is not happy with any of them, especially the Ferraris because they all appear to have clutch issues. He gets insulted when he brings it up with Enzo Ferrari. This drives Ferruccio to design his own automobile, which inspires him to create the now-famous Lamborghini company. In the midst of all of this, his pursuit of perfection turns into an obsession, and he drifts away from his own family. In the end, his son questions whether it was worthwhile to keep his loved ones at a distance.

Lamborghini Ending: Did Ferruccio Sell Lamborghini?

When Ferruccio Lamborghini leaves his little town behind to become a prosperous businessman, his life is completely transformed. Although there are occasionally difficulties, none of them are failures. His ability to learn from his mistakes and move on with a fresh perspective has helped him achieve even more. He experiences numerous obstacles at the end, despite how swiftly he rose to the top. And it appears that Ferruccio was unable to devise a solution to these issues.

The nation experiences an economic and oil crisis in the early 1970s. Workers had been striking throughout Italy, but Ferruccio thought that because he looked out for his staff, they wouldn’t ever go on strike in his favour. But when things go wrong, the employees unite against him as Annita had predicted. The movie skips over the specifics of what happened to Ferruccio’s company after that, but in actuality, he was forced to sell it and permanently leave the auto industry.

Although the film mostly centres on Lamborghini automobiles, Ferruccio’s tractor company was where trouble first began. When the aforementioned countries began experiencing their own political and economic unrest, several of its export orders were cancelled. Ferruccio’s firm was weakened by the cancellation of their orders, and it eventually gave way as the oil crisis grew worse. Ferruccio attempted to reach an understanding with his staff, but the business w as unable to continue due to losses on numerous fronts.

Eventually, Ferruccio was compelled to sell 51 percent of his business to Georges-Henri Rossetti of Switzerland. Nevertheless, he continued to produce new cars despite having 49% of the market. However, by 1974, nothing had changed, and Ferruccio had also grown weary of pursuing a futile battle. By this point, he had already created the Lamborghini Miura, which did end up as one of the most beautiful automobiles in the entire world, if not the most beautiful. Ferruccio decided to sell his remaining part to René Leimer after realising that all the problems he had imagined for himself had been solved.

After that, he relocated to an estate in Umbria where he built a vineyard and returned to his farming background, which led him into the winemaking industry. He entirely gave up the desires that had once driven him and remained true to this till the end. By beginning with a glimpse of a vineyard and finishing with a shot of Ferruccio taking care of his farm, the movie recognises this.

Was Ferruccio Racing Enzo a Dream?

Ferruccio’s journey is faithfully followed throughout the movie, yet there is one scene that, despite its banality, lends his hardships a more profound meaning. An elderly Ferruccio is competing against Enzo Ferrari in this scene. Their race is mentioned in passing throughout the movie, and it appears to be close. Ferruccio and Enzo eventually return to the starting line, though. Ferruccio waits behind as Enzo drives out, gazing into the distance. Why does this matter?

Ferruccio always had lofty goals and the motivation to pursue them. Enzo Ferrari became his main rival because he desired to be the best automobile manufacturer in the world. Ferruccio and Matteo don’t even cross the finish line when they first show their automobile for the race. Enzo is the winner. While Ferruccio, among other things, enters the tractor manufacturing business, Ferrari builds a prestigious brand name for himself. Even Ferruccio is impressed by the quality of his autos.

When Enzo criticises Ferruccio, what had once been admiration for a fellow car aficionado transforms into an all-out competition. Ferruccio had proposed a partnership, but Enzo claims he is only a simple farmer with no expertise in automobiles. The dream sequence of the race between them symbolises this, as it is at this point that Ferruccio actively enters the automobile manufacturing industry. As Lamborghini’s cars gain popularity over time, we observe Ferruccio displacing Enzo on the racetrack.

The market grows tense just when Ferruccio thinks he has the upper hand, forcing him to eventually give up his business totally. By this point, Tonino, his son, has become distant and he has also divorced Annita. Ferruccio has achieved his goals and accumulated significant riches, but his ties with his family have worsened to the point where he begins to question whether it was the right decision to devote his life to automobiles and ignore his family.

Ferruccio doesn’t even try to participate in the race when he and Enzo find themselves back at the starting line in the end. Lamborghini gets left behind while Ferrari moves forward. This scene portrays Ferruccio’s loss of his business during the recession. In contrast to him, Enzo Ferrari was able to survive the crisis, and as soon as things calmed down, he was back in operation. Ferruccio had to stop working altogether in the company.

Lack of racing interest on Ferruccio’s part Enzo once more demonstrates his lack of interest in the auto industry. After quitting the race, he is now concentrating on other projects and, more importantly, his family. Although it is not depicted in the movie, Ferruccio remarried at the age of 58, right before he sold the stock in his business. He had a daughter, and one can only hope that he would treat his family with more love and care and live happily with them this time.

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