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The Laura Day Murderer: Examining the Case and Seeking Justice

Since 2013, the killer of Laura Day has been in the spotlight for her horrible act. She was convicted of capital murder in 2012 for the death of her stepson, Taylor Syring.

The case was discussed on ABC’s 20/20 in June 2022, and Laura Day has continued to claim her innocence, as was once again underlined.

Let’s examine the tragic death of Taylor Syring and the circumstances that resulted in Day’s conviction.

Taylor Syring’s Death

Day picked up Taylor from school on October 5, 2012, saying they were going to the beach.

Day claims that while they were at the beach, she had a small diversion and when she turned around, Taylor was gone. She said that Taylor had drowned and hurried him to the hospital out of distress.

However, additional research showed that Taylor’s death was not an accident, raising doubts about Laura Day.

Laura Day murderer background

The past of Laura Day increased scepticism over her involvement in Taylor’s demise.

Authorities learned that Day had previously been found guilty of second-degree murder after checking her criminal record.

She shot her 21-year-old boyfriend when she was 17 after he dumped her. She then made an attempt at suicide.

Even though she had only served six years before being released, she was still connected to Taylor in another sad episode.

Day’s Relationship with Taylor Syring

Day had only been married to Taylor’s father for two months at the time of the incident, and Taylor was Day’s stepson.

Following David Syring’s divorce from his ex-wife Kelly, who was Taylor’s biological mother, Taylor would spend every weekend with Day and his father.

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They were residents of Corpus Christi, Texas, where the tragic occurrence took place.

Day’s Actions during Taylor’s Death

It was discovered that Day removed his life jacket before Taylor drowned because he was developing a rash.

Day claimed that as long as Taylor demonstrated that he was comfortable, she allowed him to swim and play in the shallow water without a life jacket.

However, despite having certification, Day is accused of failing to administer CPR when Taylor reappeared in the water.

Authorities also discovered that Day had previously been convicted of murder. Day was therefore accused of murder in the first degree, endangering children, and harming a child.

Day’s Conviction and Where She is Now

Laura Day was tried in 2013 for her role in a murder case that resulted in the death penalty. The court found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison without the chance of release.

She continues to serve her prison sentence in the Christina Melton Crain Unit in Gatesville, Texas, for the serious offence she committed.

Day’s conviction caused her to divorce her ex-husband David, and the circumstances caused tension in their marriage.

Day has been imprisoned, but she has been able to contact with the outside world through a pen pal boyfriend, giving her company and comfort while she is there.

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