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Love Island Season 4 USA: Where Are They Now? Who’s Still Together?

Attractive singles meet up in a remote villa without any outside contact in the hopes of finding true love. The drama of envy is combined with the romance of dating and the heartache of parting in “Love Island USA.” The contestants on the reality TV programme must form relationships with one another in order to live until the very end. However, chaos also enters the picture when emotional issues are involved. Like its predecessors, season 4 of “Love Island USA” had a variety of intriguing contestants, including Timmy Pandolfi, Zeta Morrison, and Sydney Paight. We have all the information you need right here, so if you’re also interested in finding out which couples are still together, look no further!

Where are Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi Now?

Despite the powerful chemistry that had been created by their shared interests, the couple nevertheless felt impelled to look into other potential relationships. The pair eventually got back together and won the title and award of “Love Island USA” after realising that the spark they shared was unparalleled. After leaving the programme, the couple also started talking about marriage.


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Ultimately, their happiness was fleeting, and the couple split up a few months after first meeting. Zeta broke the news of their split on Murad Merali’s podcast. Zeta and Timmy found they had little in common after leaving the villa, blaming their split on misunderstandings and lack of candour.


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Where are Sydney Paight and Isaiah Campbell Now?

There were few occasions when Sydney wasn’t hurt by Isaiah’s actions because of their turbulent breakups and faulty judgement. Things also heated up when he returned with Phoebe Siegel from Casa Amor. Many people believed that this wave of betrayal and misery would continue after the season, but the truth turned out to be otherwise.


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In the end, the couple has proven the general public wrong and still maintains faith in one another as partners. The reality stars live in other places, yet they still go to one another frequently to socialise and catch up. Naturally, the struggles and hardships that made their time on the show challenging ultimately turned out to be rewarding. Additionally, both of the individuals are succeeding in their jobs as models and online personalities.

Where are Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray Now?

The unwavering love between Deb and Jesse had propelled the couple to third place in the season on their way to a lasting relationship. They carried vows and an open heart to see through major decisions as they exited the villa hand in hand. Deb and Jesse noticed that the physical distance would make it difficult for them to connect when the cameras honed in on them. Jesse even relocated from Texas to California to resolve the problem in the hopes that the proximity would ultimately prove beneficial.


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But in spite of their best attempts, events transpired differently from what the pair had first planned. Deb announced their separation on her Instagram story in November 2022 and added that despite their break, they still support one another as friends. Along with their romance, the pair are both successful in their occupations. Deb has a huge following on TikTok and Instagram and is now a Cameo maker. Similar to how Jesse continues to pursue new career opportunities while maintaining his notoriety from his time on the reality show.


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Where are Jeff Christian and Nadjha Day Now?

Jeff and Nadjha struggled throughout the entire show. The pair encountered a number of challenges, including looking at new interests and reuniting with other islanders following Casa Amor. Even when they were able to get beyond these difficulties, Phoebe Siegel and Chad Robinson’s elimination from the competition made Jeff lose his cool. Nadjha was equally offended by his response, so she made the difficult decision to end their relationship, and they eventually left the villa just before the series finale.


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While a reconciliation between the two looked impossible, things quickly changed after Nadjha shared an Instagram selfie of herself and Jeff kissing. Although they briefly got back together, the pair ultimately decided to part ways permanently. Nadjha and Jeff are currently Fashion Nova ambassadors, and they use their Instagram following to display their skills and look for new opportunities.

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