Love Island UK Season 7: Couples That Are Still Together & Couples Who Broke Up!

Love Island UK Season 7 has came to an end after 49 gruelling weeks, with Millie Court and Liam Reardon being crowned grand champions. Checking in after the competition to see which couples have stayed together is one of the most exciting features of a show that actually challenges candidates to find true love. When the cameras are turned off, the majority of couples part ways, yet some still still married today.

Now that Season 7 has ended and it has been less than a month, it is interesting to observe how many relationships have endured and which ones have failed.

Brett & Priya: No Longer Together

It was never going to be easy for Brett Staniland and Priya Gopaldas to establish a deep connection in just 58 days, given how they entered the villa on day 45 of the famous reality dating series. As a result, when asked to pick the least compatible couple, the islanders rejected them.

The fact that the two are no longer together after leaving the villa also comes as no real surprise. Priya publicly criticised Brett for being uninteresting while criticising his food preferences, demonstrating a general lack of chemistry. The two agreed to stop their relationship even though they were still close friends outside of the villa.

Chloe & Toby: Still Together

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran were another delightful couple that viewers continued to cheer for throughout season 7. Cute and strong, they overcame a difficult start to forge one of the most heartfelt romances on the show. They ultimately came in second place.

After their time on Love Island, Chloe and Toby’s relationship has developed further, much like Millie and Liam’s has. The two are frequently together, as evidenced by their recent participation at the National TV Awards, where the well-known Love Island competitors were decked up to the nines.

Faye & Teddy: Still Together

Liberty and Jake’s opposites in many respects were Faye and Teddy. The two managed to mend their relationship despite being the most abrasive pair in the villa and seemed to have no hope of a future together, especially after Faye left Teddy to be with Sam for a week. The two made a brave bid for third place.

The fact that Faye and Teddy are still together after 40 days of dating in the villa may be even more shocking. This has turned their on-screen romance into a wholesome after-show relationship. Teddy recently spent time with Faye’s family as well, demonstrating that things are more serious than ever.

Hugo & Amy: No Longer Together

first-day entry One of the most difficult and divisive participants in season 7 was Hugo Hammond. He had relationships with Sharon, Chloe, Sharon, and Chloe before finding Amy Day, who seemed to be in a committed relationship. However, the writing was on the wall when he described his time with Amy as “tragic” when she was standing next to him.

Hugo and Amy have not only stayed estranged since their time on the show, but their heated exchanges have grown more heated as they continue to trash one another online. Hugo was referred to as “fake” and described as merely a “green card to enter the villa” by Amy in the Love Island Reunion episode.

Kaz & Tyler: Still Together

Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank were a truly fantastic fit who demonstrated the epitome of maturity and stability during their time in the villa, making them one of the most alluring and simple to support for Love Island couples. Fans cheered the duo on as they finished a respectable fourth.

It’s wonderful to announce that the pair has not only remained together but has also strengthened their relationship. Fans all across the world are happy for Kaz and Tyler’s long-term happiness because they have officially become boyfriend-girlfriend after leaving the show.

Liberty & Jake: No Longer Together


When Jake and Liberty, the longest-lasting pair in the villa, decided to peacefully split and withdraw from the competition four days before the season finale, it was one of the biggest surprises and heartbreaking disappointments of the whole seventh season. It seemed as though the two, who have been together since the beginning and have since advanced to a formal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, were bound for the wedding aisle.

Unfortunately, the two decided to end their relationship after leaving the programme, and they haven’t changed their minds since leaving the villa. Although they are still cordial today, Jake and Liberty had to accept the painful reality that their relationship was not a long-term match made in heaven.

Lucinda & Aaron: No Longer Together

Brad McLelland, Lucinda Strafford’s love partner, nominated himself to be kicked off the island, leaving her with limited options. Aaron Francis and Hope were a match made in heaven, but their lack of compatibility resulted in both of them being fired.

Aaron and Lucinda have not pursued a romantic with each other since leaving the villa. According to Daily Mail, Lucinda “Sadly, neither of us actually found true love in the villa. I feel like I can turn to him for anything because we are such good friends. The objective of the game is to discover I actually did want to…I made incredible pals there.”

Mary & Aaron: No Longer Together

As a relatively late villa entrance, Mary Bedford had trouble connecting with Toby and Sam, but she appeared to be doing well with Aaron Simpson. Unfortunately, they barely had a week to commit to each other when they were abruptly ejected from the villa.

Following their departure from the villa, Mary and Aaron parted ways, with the former implying that the latter is merely a close friend. Mary stated on the Love Island Reunion programme that they were just too busy right now to pursue a meaningful relationship.

Millie & Liam: Still Together

Millie and Liam deservedly took first place because they were the most resilient and endearing couple, working together from day 14 until day 58. Liam’s decision to follow his heart and return to Millie in the villa after the traumatic Casa Amor event strengthened their relationship.

It is a delight to announce that Millie and Liam have managed to spend time together practically every day despite the social constraints imposed by the global epidemic. They are not only still alive and well.







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