Machete Kills: All Cast Members & The Characters They Played

The Machete Kills cast and character list can be seen below. Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids series served as Machete’s debut before he went on to star in his own self-titled film and its 2013 prequel Machete Kills. Making the character’s road to the big screen a little more complicated, the idea for a Machete film really originated with the 2007 double feature Grindhouse, co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

For Grindhouse, Tarantino oversaw Deathproof while Rodriguez oversaw Planet Terror. Other directors, including Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie, contributed trailers for fictitious horror films. With Machete, Rodriguez added something of his own. Danny Trejo used it to exact revenge on those who set him up. Perhaps the most praised aspect of Grindhouse was the Machete preview, and a few years later Rodriguez produced a full-length film using the same stock footage. Machete Kills was the second instalment of a planned trilogy, and the film was a success.

Machete Kills actually got a bit ahead of itself by playing a false trailer for the third film, titled Machete Kills Again… In Space, before the second film even starts. Plans for a second entry were abandoned after Machete Kills’ box office failure. The cast and characters of Machete Kills are listed below.

Danny Trejo as Machete Cortez

Star The protagonist of Machete Kills is Danny Trejo from My Life Of Crime. In the sequel, he is seen seeking revenge for the death of his colleague and being ordered by the President to put an end to a revolutionary, which only makes the narrative more absurd. Trejo has an impressive 400 credits, which include Heat, Breaking Bad, and many other shows.

Demián Bichir as Marcos Mendez

In Machete Kills, Demián Bichir steals the stage as Mendez, a revolutionary with multiple personalities. However, there is more to Mendez’s story than first appears, as he is being controlled by other entities. The Hateful Eight and Godzilla vs. Kong are just a couple of the significant films that Bichir has worked on.

Mel Gibson as Voz

The real bad guy in Machete Kills is Mel Gibson’s Voz, a cunning businessman with a plot straight out of Moonraker to wipe off humanity and establish a new society in space. The Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, in addition to helming films like Braveheart, are among Gibson’s best acting credentials.

Walton Goggins / Cuba Gooding Jr. / Lady Gaga / Antonio Banderas as El Chameleón

El Chameleon, a shape-shifting assassin sent for the title character, is one of the most distinctive characters in Machete Kills. Four different actors take turns playing El Chameleón in the film, beginning with Walton Goggins (Sons Of Anarchy), then Cuba Gooding Jr. (Jerry Maguire), Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born), and Antonio Bandaras (Desperado).

Michelle Rodriguez as Luz

Michelle Rodriguez’s Luz, the leader of an organisation run by illegal immigrants dubbed The Network, is another veteran member of the Machete Kills cast and character roster. She assists Machete when his most recent mission fails and takes part in the decisive battle. In the Fast And The Furious films and other blockbusters like Avatar, Rodriguez is best recognised for her role as Letty.


Machete Kills Supporting Cast & Characters


Amber Heard as “Miss San Antonio”

Amber Heard (Aquaman) was cast in Machete Kills as Machete’s missionary, who eventually turns out to be working with Voz. Additionally, she turns Luz Rodriguez against her.

Carlos Estévez as President Rathcock

For Machete Kills, Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men) opted to use his birth name Carlos Estévez. In the action sequel, he plays the President, who dispatches Machete on a mission to look into Mendez.

Jessica Alba as Sartana Rivera

Jessica Alba reprises her role as the original Machete despite not being included among the cast or characters in Machete Kills. She appears in the movie’s opening sequence as Machete’s partner Sartana, who is eventually killed by Voz, but sadly it’s just a cameo.

Machete Kills Cameos

In terms of cameo roles, the cast and character roster for Machete Kills is fairly extensive. Among them are Vanessa Hudgens as Cereza, Madame Desdemona’s daughter, Tom Savini as the assassin Osiris, and Alexa Vega as KillJoy. Elon Musk makes a brief appearance as a racist sheriff played by William Sadler who attracts Machete’s fury.

Sofía Vergara as Madame Desdemona

The character Madame Desdemona, known for her Gatling gun bra, is played by Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara. The madam of a bordello, Desdemona, seeks retribution from Machete for killing her daughter.

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