90 Day Fiancé: Ben Rathbun Says Mahogany’s Apartment Wasn’t An Airbnb

Months after viewers of the reality television series 90 Day Fiancé claimed Mahogany Roca had displayed a phoney home there: Ben Rathbun disclosed the details before the 90 Days. After seeing his naked images, 52-year-old Michigan resident Ben’s friend request from Peruvian Mahogany led to their meeting. When Ben made his television debut on TLC three months after falling in love with Mahogany, whom he believed to be 24 years old, he had yet to video chat with her. Mahogany was a catfish, according to Ben’s family and friends, because every photo of her was heavily manipulated.

Nevertheless, Ben insisted Mahogany was real and even went to visit her in her birthplace of San Bartolo. Mahogany ghosted Ben at the airport, but Ben kept messaging her, which made fans uneasy. Fans were shocked to see that Mahogany didn’t resemble the model at all when she eventually consented to meet Ben. Additionally, Mahogany was hesitant to date Ben and wanted him to get to know her parents, so she hosted a gathering at her house. Mahogany gave Ben a tour of her little flat, complete with bunk beds, travel brochures, and even a surfboard, but there was nothing to suggest she lived there, further complicating the situation. Mahogany often lived with her parents, according to what Ben understood, so the fact that she was suddenly residing in a pricey condo—which was obviously not her home—raised the former pastor’s suspicions even more.

While fans expected explanations during the Tell-All, Mahogany’s residence remained as mysterious as she was. Ben has since dispelled whatever questions viewers of 90 Day Fiancé had regarding Mahogany’s “home,” though. In an interview with comedian, podcaster, and TV host Sarah Fraser for The Sarah Fraser Show, Ben acknowledged in a preview clip that the property was still a “rent by the month” rental even though it wasn’t an Airbnb as some fans had assumed. Ben added that Mahogany never utilised the $1,000 he gave her as a loan on the property in an effort to defend her. Ben claims that since there aren’t many tourists, everything is relatively cheap during Peru’s winter, which corresponds to the American summer. Ben and Mahogany were also filming for the show at that time. Ben mentioned that there are many vacant apartments available for rent at low rates. She leases out a flat, which is hers, Ben said, “you know, seasonally.”

Mahogany only intended to be there for six or seven months, so she didn’t feel the need to relocate anything or decorate the space. Mahogany, a cast member of 90 Day Fiancé, leaves her apartment and returns to live with her parents in their home for the summer in Peru. Ben continued, “So she just so happened to be residing there. He talked about how people thought Mahogany wasn’t living at her apartment and was simply there “for the week or something.” Ben reassured the audience that it was Mahogany’s home after all, and that she still maintained it by renting it out in the off-season.

Fans were certain Mahogany was a con artist and that everyone around her, including her parents, were fake when they visited her residence on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Over time, however, they came to understand that Mahogany is simply a 22-year-old who enjoys using filters on social media and was being cautious about disclosing her real age and address to an older man online. Moreover, some people questioned whether Mahogany was avoiding showing her actual home on camera because it would be shown to everyone in the world via a reality show. Some even commended Mahogany for prioritising her safety. The mystery surrounding 90 Day Fiancé star Mahogany’s apartment has now been cleared up, leaving only the remaining issue of whether or not she and Ben are still together.

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