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10 Adult Movies For People Obsessed With Malayalam Sex Movies


According to reports, the Malayalam film industry is India’s fourth largest. Malayalam adult films began in the mid-twenties under the moniker Shakeela flicks. Despite the fact that adult content isn’t particularly popular, a few brave films have been tremendous successes. This demonstrates that sensual genres are growing appeal and attention among the general public. The Malayalam entertainment industry is working to improve the technical quality of Malayalam hot movies by incorporating aspects of alluring, ingenious storylines. Although the film industry does not have the celebrity of Bollywood’s iconic khans, it does have some incredible, empowering, and engrossing stories to tell.

“Mollywood” is regarded for producing some of the best adult entertainment in the world today. Malayalam Adult Films are steadily improving, and people from all across the country are flocking to see them. Here is a list of the top 10 Malayalam Adult Movies that will undoubtedly turn up the heat for you.


Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Directed by: Santosh Sivan
Cast: Riya Sen, Kavya Madhvan, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manoj K. Jayan, Kalabhavan Mani, Biju Menon, Cochin Haneefa, Revathi, Neumudi Venu, Kalasala Babu, Maniyanpilla Raju and others
Released year: 2005

This Malayalam hot movie is remembered for its plot of a man named “Ananthan” who lives in the ancestral hamlet of Shivapuram. His mother informs him that his family is descended from powerful sorcerers who are tasked with guarding Nagamanikyam ( a gemstone on ophidian). She does tell him, however, that the diamond is being guarded by snakes at some unknown location involving a little snake named Kunjootan.
After a few years, Ananthan sets out on a mission to restore Shivakavu in his village and fulfill his mother’s final wish. On his mission, he fell in love with his cousin Bhadra and had difficulty choosing between his love and becoming a goddess in the self-serving ceremony.
Despite the efforts of several bad magicians to obstruct his path and cause havoc with their evil deeds, he succeeds in his quest. He also reunites with his love, but without his eyes, since he had given it to a buddy named Chemban. This clip is based on a well-known picture, popular Kathakali (a dance form), and some incredible martial arts moves. The film was also made in a variety of other languages, including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English.

Kumbalangi Nights

Genre: Romance, Drama
Directed by: Madhu C. Narayanan
Cast: Fahadh Fasil, Shane Nigam, Soubin Shabir, Sreenath Basi and others

The plot of the movie revolves around the lives of four brothers, Saji, Bonny, Bobby, and Franky, who live in a small, decrepit house built near Kumbalangi village’s dumping area. Following the death of her father, the mother embarks on a trip to fulfill a religious goal, abandoning all of her sons in the process.
Each brother has an own personality. Saji is constantly enraged and clashes with his younger brother Bobby; Franky is embarrassed around Saji and Bobby but has a good relationship with Bonny, who doesn’t speak much.
Each of them has a jumbled up life. While Saji, who is the cause of his friend’s murder, defends his friend’s family as guilty, Bonny defends an American tourist who has been ejected from her hotel. Franky appreciates having two women in the house because it demonstrates the various colours of a true family. Some publications consider this film to be the best Malayalam film of all time.


Genre: Drama
Directed by: Sibi Malayil
Cast: Mohanlal, Murali, Nedumudi Venu, Sukumari
Released year: 1989

Dasharatham is a story about a man named “Rajiv Menon” who is extremely wealthy but has no purpose in life other than to become drunk. While his business is being observed by his manager, “Karamana Janardanan Nair,” he decides to waste his money and possessions on drink. Similarly, when one of his married pals enters with his wife and children, his perception of him living a luxurious life shifts. However, he develops an emotional attachment to one of his friend’s children. He decides to have a child soon after, but he refuses to adopt or marry a woman. Following the counsel of a friend, he decides to artificial surrogacy and becomes emotionally involved with the process. However, the mother later refuses to give him the child. So, what will Rajiv do in this situation? Continue reading to learn more about it.


Genre: Drama, Romance
Directed by: Anil Kumar
Cast: Sweta Menon, Aparna Nair, Manoj K. Jayan, Bala, Anil Murali, Seena G Nair
Released year: 2011

Kayam is a narrative about a fisherman named “Choonda,” who is also the leader of a Kabaddi team, and a villager named Thamara. She was sick of the torture and went to her village with Choonda after her mother was raped and killed. Another member of the kabaddi squad, “Sasikuttan,” discovers that he and Choonda are long-lost brothers. In other words, if you’re searching for something in the adult category to binge-watch, Kayam is a good choice.

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100-Degree Celsius

Genre: Romance
Directed by: Rakesh Gopan
Cast: Meghana Raj, Shweta Menon, Bhama, Ananya, Mithun Ramesh, Haritha Pakod, Sethu and others
Released year: 2014

“Nila”,” Nancy”,” Ganga”, and “Revathy Nambiar” are four ladies with varied jobs and love lives in 100-degree celsius. All of these women are dealing with various issues.
Nancy switches to another faith, but her mother-in-law behaves as a vamp in her life; Revathy engages in failed romances, including physical assault by the lover; Ganga is in love with a guy, but her friends do not back her. Each of these ladies wants to be accepted by their husbands, and the movie depicts their efforts. Furthermore, this classic, which is deemed popular in the Malayalam Hot movies list, contains some bold and sensuous scenes to spice things up.


Genre: Drama, Romance
Directed by: Lenin Rajendran
Cast: Karthika Nair, Santosh Sivan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Mallika Kapoor, Nithya Menen, Laxmi Lahari, Saiju Kurup and others
Released year: 2010

The painting “Urvashi Pururavas” is featured in the narration of this one of the best Malayalam adult films. The story revolves around a man named “Raja Ravi Verma.” He’s on a quest to paint a last flourish. His picture depicts the “Pururavas,” a well-known King who fell in love with the lovely Goddess “Urvashi,” who imposes various terms and conditions on the king before marrying him.
However, soon she disappears after realizing her contract has been breached. Ravi fell in love with a model named “Sugandha Bai” during her work journey, but their love story eventually shows glimpses of Urvashi and Pururavas. They are entwined in a profound love relationship that is becoming increasingly difficult to overcome. This film has been nominated for an international film festival in Kerala, India, and is one of the top Malayalam hot movies. It has been awarded the FIPRESCI title.


Genre: Romance, Drama
Directed by: Suresh Unnithan
Cast: Iniya, Lakshmi Lahari, Lena, Lal, Sukumari, Kalasala Babu, K.P.A.C Lalitha and others
Released year: 2013

The story of Ayaal centres around a guy named “Gurudasan,” who is quite a foreteller in the community, and they believe he possesses Godhood. When he got along with the landlord’s wife, however, fate had other plans for him. Despite his two marriages, he got along with another woman, but no one took it into account when it came to his sanity and Godsmanship practices.
This, one of the best Malayalam Adult Films, depicts the various shades of love and the challenges that come with it. It also demonstrates how to decipher the meaning of love in order to discover the essence of ligature, which is sometimes more bred in the bones than love. If you want to know the answer, go see the movie right now.


Genre: Drama
Directed by: T.K. Rajeev Kumar
Cast: Shweta Menon, Sreejith Vijay, Guinness Pakru
Released year: 2011

The plot of this film is based on the novel “Rathinievedam,” authored by P. Padmarajan, and it is a remake of the 1978 film of the same name. Aside from that, this film is on one of the best Malayalam sex movies lists, and it stars two characters: a male named “Pappu” and a lady named “Rathi.” The story revolves around Pappu, who lives in a village and is waiting for his school results in order to enroll in college.
He can’t help but be drawn to the lady in his neighborhood, who has been like a sister to him since childhood, despite his sexual impulses taking over his head. Rathi eventually assists Pappu in overcoming his perplexity and begins an intimate relationship with him. The family members were completely unaware that an intimate relationship was involved. As a result, when Rathi was bitten by a snake one night, there was no one to help her, and Pappu was hesitant to notify anybody because he didn’t want their connection to be revealed. Furthermore, the adult Malayalam films continue with Rathi’s death, after which Pappu resumed his normal life and finished his studies.


Genre: Drama, Music
Directed by: Bharathana
Cast: Suparna Anand, Sanjay Mitra, Nedumudi Venu, Babu Antony, Geetha and others

Vaishali is situated during the classic old-time period, when King Andrew Queens were present. This masterpiece, regarded as one of the best Malayalam adult films, tells the story of a King named ” Lomapadan,” who was unable to appease the Brahmin pandits. In retaliation, the pandits curse the kingdom “Angarajyam,” wishing to keep the kingdom from receiving any rain for years, causing them all to suffer from drought.
Lomapadn eventually chooses to seek treatment from his Rajguru after twelve years of suffering. He predicts that if great Vibhandakan’s little son, “Rishyashringa,” performs a rite, the rain will fall severely. He also insisted on sending one girl to seduce him so that he could bring him back because he had never seen such women before.
Furthermore, the king appoints Vishali, a community dancing girl who is unquestionably successful in her role. Following Rishyashringa’s completion of the rituals, rain poured down across the kingdom. Vishali and he, on the other hand, blossomed in love. To learn more about the love angle, Vyshali seduction, and kingdom politics, watch the hot Malayalam movies.


Genre: Romance
Directed by: K.S. Sethumadhavan
Cast: Laxmi, Sukumari, Adoor Bhasi, M.G Soman, Sujatha, Mohan and others
Released year: 1974 and 2012

Chattakkari is a well-known Malayalam adult film that is available in two formats. One is a remake based on Pamman’s novel, while the other is the original. The 1974 version had a sensuous beauty, whereas the 2012 version features a fiery bold diva. Both of these films belong to the ice melting and erotic genre, which is quite difficult to resist. However, the genre is not suitable for children.
“Julie,” an Anglo-Indian girl, and her best friend, “Usha,” a member of the orthodox Hindu Warrier family, are both essential to the plot. Julie met her friend’s brother, “Sasi,” at Usha’s house. Julie and Sasi fall in love, and Julie becomes pregnant as a result of their relationship.
After her father’s death, she gives birth to a baby boy in a rural area where her Aunt and mother had moved after her father’s death. The situation has now been handled with Sasi’s parents. By binge-watching this famous adult Malayalam film, you’ll learn what happened to them.

So those were some of the Malayalam hot movie binge-watching lists with intriguing and enticing storylines. We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best pornographic Malayalam movies. Watch these wonderful hot Malayalam movies to kill your boredom. Continue to visit our page for more entertainment-related articles.

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