The Easiest Way To Beat Malekith, The Black Blade In Elden Ring

Players of “Elden Ring” can be guaranteed that the name will halt them in their tracks multiple times as they travel through the Lands Between. The game offers one mind-blowing moment after another, whether it’s a never-ending battle against a formidable foe or the discovery of what’s really within an eerie huge egg. Of course, the lethal bosses are some of the most obvious challenges in a FromSoftware game, and while many of these cunning bouts are fully optional, some of the worst fights are not.

Many gamers have felt this way about Maliketh, the Black Blade. There are few things more disheartening to a player than continuously failing a boss fight with no hope in sight. There is hardly any time to respond as the monster opponent strikes quickly and violently. However, there are a few approaches that players may use to assist tip the scales in their favour. When used in concert, these strategies may even make killing the Rune of Death guardian a piece of cake. The simplest method for defeating Maliketh, the Black Blade from “Elden Ring,” is provided here.

Carian Retaliation And Mimic Tear trivialize Maliketh

The Carian Retaliation Ash of War is the first skill that players should learn. Pidia, the Carian Servant, sells Carian Retaliation, which can be applied to small and medium shields. When wielding the Ash of War, players can summon three glintblade sword projectiles that will automatically seek out adjacent enemies if a magic projectile is parried (like the Glintblade Phalanx sorcery). The fact that damage scales off of a player’s shield makes this attack particularly lethal because it enables even those without magical aptitude to deal enormous amounts of damage after investing some resources in improving their preferred shield. Additionally, Carian Retaliation interacts with the projectile produced by the early-game item Spirit Calling Bell, allowing players to call forth powerful glintblade missiles at will for a little FP cost.

Using the Mimic Tear Ashes Spirit Summon is the second strategy that will undoubtedly aid players in their battles with Maliketh. Without the summon, players can identify the potent alternative by using Gaming with Abyss’ helpful guidance. Mimic Tear costs readily recoverable HP rather than FP to summon an ally, in contrast to other Spirit Ashes. It is simple to make sure the Mimic Tear arrives on the battlefield armed with strong armour and perhaps even a weapon that causes status effects because the Mimic Tear mimics the exact loadout a player has when called.

Mimic Tear keeps Maliketh busy while Carian Retaliation deals massive damage

When these two methods are combined, the once-terrifying Maliketh, the Black Blade, hardly exceeds minor annoyance, as M-M-Alexander demonstrated in a video posted to YouTube. In order to bring forth the Spirit Ash, M-M-Alexander first summons their Mimic Tear partner and utilises a flask of Crimson Tears to restore their health. From there, M-M-Alexander moves away to use Carian Retaliation to summon some swords while the Mimic Tear gets to work distracting the boss.

The YouTuber quickly dispatches Maliketh’s first phase by using the pillars as cover and just moving in close enough to set off the automatic magical blade strike. However, the second phase, which is more aggressive and hazardous, barely causes him any more trouble. The key to M-M-plan Alexander’s is to keep a safe distance because the Mimic Tear deflects the majority of Maliketh’s blows and exposes the target to Carian Retaliation’s additional damage. The boss was defeated by the content creator in under two minutes, but other players might be able to do so even faster using this strategy.

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