The Reason Behind Why Mandy Milkovich Was Recast In Season 2 Of Shameless

In the film Shameless, what happened to Mandy Milkovich? Mandy Milkovich, a notorious South Side hell-raiser, played a key role in the first few seasons, but after season 1, Emma Greenwell replaced Jane Levy as the new actress in the part. Here’s a look back at one of the highly regarded Showtime comedy-first drama’s significant casting changes, Levy’s absence from the season 2 cast of Shameless, which is now over after 11 seasons.

The Milkovich family was portrayed in Shameless from the start as a sinister variation of the Gallaghers. Both large South Side families struggled to stay out of trouble, but the Milkoviches were much more violent and depraved, and they were rightfully hated by everyone in their area. Therefore, when he maintained a covert relationship with Mickey Milkovich in the first season of Shameless while rebuffing Mandy Milkovich’s advances, Ian Gallagher put himself in a perilous position.

Jane Levy played the part of Mandy in that specific plot. Levy’s tenure on the programme, though, was quite brief when you consider how long Shameless ran on television. What transpired to Mandy Milkovich, then? The Mandy Milkovich season 1 actress Levy was one of the first well-known actors to leave the show despite the character continuing to have a sizable role through the end of season 5. The Showtime series saw a lot of cast exits over the course of its time on the air, including Fiona Gallagher herself (played in Shameless by Emmy Rossum). Levy, however, was given another job before to the second season of Shameless, and she was unable to decline it.

Why Jane Levy Stopped Playing Mandy Milkovich On Shameless

Why Jane Levy Terminated Her Role as Mandy Milkovich Cast Levy eventually departed Shameless for more favourable conditions, taking the lead role of Tessa Altman in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. In a 2012 interview with Backstage, actress Levy discussed how keen she had been to get the role in Suburgatory “I try to let go of things and not get attached to them. However, this was my first one, and it was exciting. I lost my mind when I realised it was actually going to happen.” Although Suburgatory only lasted three seasons in the end, Jane Levy’s first main role served as a significant launching pad for her TV and film careers. She later earned the lead part in the musical NBC series Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, which was cancelled after two seasons but was revived by The Roku Channel for a two-hour film. She has since gone on to star in the horror films Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe.

What Happened To Mandy Milkovich After Shameless Season 1?

On Shameless, though, what happened to Mandy Milkovich? In seasons 2 through 5 of the programme, Emma Greenwell took up the part and returned for a brief time in season 6. Mandy had a crush on Ian, but after learning he was gay, their relationship evolved into a strong friendship. She had a passionate relationship with Lip Gallagher, the oldest Gallagher brother, but their breakup was nasty, entailing a love triangle and a hit-and-run. Greenwell, like Levy, finally had her own motivation for leaving Shameless in order to pursue other acting chances, beginning with a regular part in the Hulu series The Path. In the conclusion of Mandy Milkovich’s story in Shameless, the escort killed a client out of self-defense after he tried to strangle her. Mandy briefly ran across Lip again while Ian assisted her in disposing of the body, but the two remained silent. Mandy’s whereabouts after then are unknown, and in season 10, she skipped Mickey and Ian’s nuptials.

Jane Levy vs. Emma Greenwell: Which Shameless Actress Played Mandy Best?

It’s difficult to compare the approaches to the character taken by Levy and Greenwell. Many other TV characters have experienced similar fates as Mandy Milkovich throughout the years, and recasting can make or break a show; even in Shameless, Allison Janney was replaced with Joan Cusack following the first episode. But Mandy’s character was undoubtedly not damaged by the casting. It’s difficult to say who portrayed Mandy “better,” but Greenwell’s rendition provided a darker perspective that helped steer Mandy’s storyline in an intriguing path during the remaining seasons she participated in. Given the similarities in appearance between Levy and Greenwell and the planned direction of the character, Mandy’s recasting in Shameless ultimately benefits the programme rather than detracting from it.

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