Explained: Why Didn’t HBO Cast Margot Robbie As Harley Quinn In The New Series?

For Harley Quinn and her numerous fans, the previous several years have been an exciting ride. One of the most well-known DC comics characters, Harley’s popularity has grown to the point where she is not only quite likely to knock on your door on trick-or-treat night, but has also established herself as a star of both the big and small screens. Additionally, Harley continues to bring in a lot of money for DC in the comic book industry, routinely appearing in her own series and occasionally making appearances elsewhere.

What is the best aspect of the lucrative Harley market? There are many other variations available for anyone who wishes to watch Dr. Harleen Quinzel in action. The DCEU’s electrifying portrayal of Margot Robbie and the R-rated antihero played by Kaley Cuoco in DC’s animated “Harley Quinn” are two of the most notable examples. Cuoco’s show premiered in 2019, but given how the two overlap, speculations have always circulated that the animated series was originally written with Robbie in mind. Robbie took up the role in 2016. However, is that really the case?

It turns out that showrunner Justin Halpern did speak with Margot Robbie when he was first planning Harley’s most recent animated run, but not for the reason you may imagine.

A tale of two Harley’s

It’s no secret that Robbie loves the Clown Princess of Crime, so it only made sense that she would be interested in the new story that was being written. In his conversation with The GWW, Halpern said:

“Margot was fascinated about what we were doing and we had a few chats with her, but she was mostly interested because they were also working on Birds of Prey at the same time. So we met with her, pitched her a couple episodes and our overall storyline, and that was pretty much it. She was incredibly considerate and lovely. Margot merely wanted to be informed; it wasn’t as if she had said no and we had then gone to Kaley.”
Robbie was merely watching out for her close friend Harley and determining whether Harley’s imminent big-screen emancipation would conflict with what is planned for the series. The actress desired that each of the two tales could stand on its own.

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“I recall Margot asking Geoff Johns in a meeting, “Is this similar to what we’re doing?” Trust me, the tonality of this is way, far different from what you’re doing, Geoff said, and that was the end of it. And I have to assume that he was correct. Although I haven’t seen BoP, I imagine it’s not quite as obviously humorous as our programme.” ‘

Harley vs. Harley

The two editions, which both feature the same character, definitely have some things in common. One similarity between both is that both feature hyenas as indoor pets that may be cuddled. But more significantly, each Harley is working to shed their image as the Joker’s hopelessly smitten girlfriend and forge their own path as supervillains with other badasses from Gotham City.

The mischief they get into, the adventures they take, and the friends they bring along all make a difference.

In 2022, the third season of “Harley Quinn” is anticipated to air.

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