The Super Mario Movie: Things Every Fan Would Love To See In The Live-action Movie

It’s unbelievable that a Super Mario Bros. movie won’t be released until 2023 given the Super Mario videogame franchise’s enormous global success (excluding the terrible 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros that had surprisingly little connection to the Mario games).

When certain dubious casting decisions were made public, the anticipation for the impending animated picture was substantially diminished. That is not to argue that fans are alarmed by the entire cast. Chris Pratt as Mario is arguably the most bizarre choice the company could have made, compared to Anya-Taylor Joy as Princess Peach and Jack Black as Bowser. Fans have some great suggestions for how directors Aaron Hovarth and Michael Jelenic can approach this, so there is still hope that this movie will do the franchise credit.

Developed Characters

Although Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi (Charlie Day), and the other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom are all well-known figures present in all facets of pop culture, little is known about them individually. Plumbers Mario and Luigi are. Princess Peach and Mario have fallen in love. Both Mario and Luigi have amazing facial hair.

But there isn’t much more to say than these three points. A movie gives viewers the ability to see fully realised characters, enabling us to understand Mario’s motivations beyond simply saving Peach and chasing Bowser away. Do Mario and Luigi have any sibling rivalry? Do things between Mario and Peach ever seem to be straightforward? Hopefully, when Super Mario Bros hits theatres in 2023, we’ll find out the answers to these and other questions.

Don’t Forget About Yoshi

Yoshi has been one of Mario’s most dependable pals since since Super Mario World, which debuted him in 1990. Since then, the boot-wearing dino has established himself as a cornerstone of the videogame brand, making appearances in nearly every Mario Kart and Mario Party game as well as serving as the protagonist of a number of titles, including Yoshi’s Crafted World.

His exclusion from the cast list is only confused by all of this. Why can’t Yoshi accompany Mario on his escapades if Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and even Cranky Kong (Fred Armisen) can? Of course, this doesn’t mean Yoshi won’t appear in the movie; he may just be a silent one. Illumination, we do want you to know that if Yoshi doesn’t appear, we will riot.

End With A Memorable Boss Fight

Over the years, Mario and his arch-enemy Bowser have engaged in a number of dramatic showdowns, so it’s crucial that the movie succeeds in giving us one of Mario’s most memorable showdowns. The options are truly limitless. Over the years, Mario and Bowser have engaged in battle in almost every conceivable setting (including space), and they have each used a variety of power-ups and secret techniques to defeat their foe.

This scene in the movie needs to be hectic, creative, quick-paced, and above all, visually stunning. Super Mario Odyssey, the most recent Mario game, had amazing graphics, so the big-screen version shouldn’t settle for anything less. A film about arguably the most well-known video game character of all time should be special, so maybe the film’s postponement till 2023 will allow the creative team the extra time they need to make this picture special.

Goomba Stomping

It’s safe to assume that if you had a childhood on Earth, you played one or more Mario games. If so, you are aware of how entertaining it is to stomp on a Goomba and squash it into nothingness. Bowser will surely be the major antagonist of the movie (as he should), but to slow down Mario, he’ll need an army of disposable minions, and who better to slow Mario down than an army of obstinate Goombas?

We’d love to see Chris Pratt’s American-accented portrayal of the character square up against some of Mario’s other enduring foes, such as Shy Guys, Chain Chomps, Piranha Plants, and Koopa Troopas, in addition to Goombas.

Keeping The Plot Simple

The identical error was made by both John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins in the first Super Mario Bros movie and more recently in Detective Pikachu. They chose to complicate things rather than develop a carefully thought-out yet straightforward plot that correctly captures the straightforwardness of the games they are based on. As a result, the run times were lengthy, filled with complicated story aspects, and weighed down by ancillary characters. Super Mario Bros has to stay away from this pitfall and enjoy the games’ simple storyline.

Mario, a regular plumber, jumps into action to attempt to save Princess Peach after Bowser abducts her. That’s not to say that Mario can’t explore interesting, new places on his quest or that the characters shouldn’t be given more depth, but let’s keep things simple. After all, just like the games, the movie must to be suitable for the entire family.

Make Princess Peach More Than Just A Damsel In Distress

Anya Taylor-Joy is everything but a damsel in distress, as we can see from her performance in the horrific Viking epic The Northman and her acting career thus far. We’re hoping that this mentality permeates the upcoming animated movie and that Princess Peach serves as more than just a plot element.

Princess Peach might be able to utilise her intelligence to distract Bowser and leave Mario hints. Alternatively, she might be a secretly trained kickboxer who is able to fight Bowser head-on. For any young girls who could be watching the movie, it would be good to view her as more than simply a woman who has to be saved, whatever they decide to empower her.

Stay True To The Franchise

It would be very difficult to incorporate every one of the Mario games’ iconic locations, items, villains, and power-ups in a single movie. Despite this, we still want to see enough to satisfy our nerdy curiosity, and some elements of the series must be present.

Warp pipes are the green pipes that allow Mario go from one location to another. We’re referring to question boxes that contain mushrooms that enlarge and strengthen Mario. We’re talking about coins that he might save up to purchase a new hat or a pair of expensive shoes for himself. The idea is that because we link Mario with these things, it is impossible to envisage a Mario movie in which the plumber doesn’t discover a flower that magically transforms him into a flying bee-man or a fireball-throwing machine. It just cannot be negotiated.

The Mushroom Kingdom

First and foremost, moviegoers want to see The Mushroom Kingdom—home Mario’s country—on the big screen. The Mushroom Kingdom is visually stunning, containing Peach’s enormous and opulent castle as well as pleasant, helpful Toads. Because there isn’t a lot of established canon for the setting, The Mushroom Kingdom gives the filmmakers a tremendous deal of creative flexibility.

We are aware that it includes Mario’s house, Peach’s castle, Toad Town, and frequently Bowser’s castle as well, but other than that, the creators are given free reign. Mario may have his job cut out for him when he makes an appearance on the big screen the following year given that previous Mario games have featured underwater levels, desert environments, and occasionally even worlds made of clouds.







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