10 Not-so-Obvious Details Fans Missed About Marnie From Pokémon Sword & Shield

Along with Hop and Bede, Marnie is one of the antagonists in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Marnie fits into a distinct category than the former, who is the kind adversary, and the latter, who is the obnoxious and pompous one. She isn’t exactly kind to the player, but neither is she nasty. She is dignified but stoic, and aside from when she is engaged in combat, she mainly keeps to herself.

Marnie immediately rose to the top of the fan favourites list as a result of her distinctive and complete personality. She excels at Dark-type Pokémon and puts up a good fight throughout the games. She still retains a certain air of mystery, and her fans still don’t know a lot about her.

A Friend For Life

Morpeko is Marnie’s first Pokémon, and the two of them have a very close bond. In the Pokémon anime, Morpeko is seen grinning while relaxing on some grass. She keeps it outside of its Pokéball, showing that, like Ash and his Pikachu, she views it more as a companion than a Pokémon.

When Marnie was five years old, her brother Piers gave her Morpeko as a present. Marnie became more outgoing and cheery as a result of the Pokémon. Marnie used to be cautious and “a bit of a crybaby” before meeting Morpeko.

Always Pursuing Self-Growth

During the post-game of Sword & Shield, Marnie raises the corners of her mouth in front of Morpeko.
The player encounters Marnie briefly at Motostoke City’s Budew Drop Inn during the post-game, just before she departs for Spikemuth to assume her duties as the new Gym Leader.

She is actively practising her smile while in one of the rooms with her Morpeko. She accomplishes this by raising the corners of her lips, but it doesn’t seem to help. She is humiliated and flees when she sees the player. It’s a sweet moment that demonstrates her potential or willingness to go further.

Her Pokémon Team

Max Raid Pokemon sword and shield battle against a Gigantamax Grimmsnarl Marnie keeps all of her Pokémon in Dusk Balls. She manages a Dark-type team, however she is only ever given five Pokémon, never six. Morpeko is only her best in the early battles despite being her closest friend and original Pokémon.

When competing in the Champion tournaments, Grimmsnarl, who learns the potent Fairy-type move Spirit Break, becomes her go-to Pokémon. In contrast to her brother, who won’t Dynamax, she Gigantamaxes it.

Her Reasons For Wanting To Become Champion

Each character has a different motivation for wanting to defeat Galar’s Champion Leon. Hop wants to uphold his brother’s trust, Bede wants to please Chairman Rose, and the player wants to surpass all previous records by being the best.

The least self-serving of all the motives is probably Marnie’s. Her goal is to rebuild Spikemuth, her hometown. Although the run-down city doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, it would have been more known throughout Galar if it had been the Champion’s hometown.

In The Anime

Despite making a few brief appearances throughout the animation for Pokémon: Twilight Wings, Marnie plays a rather mute and little role. She occasionally makes an appearance in the background, but in the one-off episode “The Gathering of Stars,” where Leon invites her to take part in the Galarian Star Tournament, she assumes a little more important position. The final episode of Twilight Wing is “The Gathering of Stars.”

She hasn’t yet made her anime debut in the main series, but it should happen soon.

In The Manga

Marnie makes her debut in front of the Galar Mine in the manga adaptation of the Pokémon Adventures. She joins forces with Hop and the Gloria from the manga after being prevented from entering owing to a giant boulder blocking the gate. Together, their Pokémon assault the boulder and decimate it.

Later, Marnie appears at Turffield Stadium and challenges Milo to a duel. Later it is discovered that Hop and Gloria also triumphed alongside her.

In The TCG

Marnie is a Supporter Card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game that was first released during the English Sword & Shield series. Later, it was made available in the Sword & Shield expansion as both a Full Art card and a Secret card.

Both players are given the opportunity to shuffle their hands and place them at the bottom of their cards. The user then draws five additional cards, compared to the opponent’s four.

Set In Her Ways

Marnie’s expression has rarely changed while the events of the games have progressed. She doesn’t budge from her austere, almost heartless manner even while engaged in combat with her close to the plot’s climax. Evidently, even when she is incredibly upset, she won’t change her expression.

Marnie has a darker side in keeping with her love of the Dark-type. It’s challenging for someone to regain her favour if they slip out of it. She is adept at holding grudges because if something riles her up, she will become very upset and stay that way for a very long period.

Spikemuth, A Rocking Town

Spikemuth, which is where she was raised, is the second-smallest town in Galar. There are just 29 people living there, most of them are Team Yell grunts. It is the sole leg of the Gym Challenge that lacks a legitimate gym or a power spot that permits Dynamax.

Spikemuth does have a distinctive quality. It is home to the sole Dark-type-focused Gym in the whole Pokémon universe, which is exactly what fans have been asking for since the type was first introduced in Generation II.

Unique In Every Way

Marnie and her Pokémon team from the Twilight Wings anime Marnie surely has a unique and complicated personality hidden behind her distant demeanour. Even if a trend is well-established, she dislikes following it. The most compelling evidence is the fact that she is the only person who, when questioned, does not use the Trainer class “Gym Leader” after becoming a Gym Leader.

She wears a uniform with the number 960 on it when participating in the Gym Challenge. It can be read as a pun in Japanese that either means “hardship” or “black.” She perfectly embodies both phrases.

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