Couples From Married At First Sight Season 11 That Are Still Together (And The Ones That Broke Up)

Married At First Sight’s first season premiered in 2014, and now, eight years later, the show is in the middle of its fourteenth season. Fans are currently debating the destiny of the five couples from this season as the 14th season’s decision days get near.

Fans frequently ponder what happened to previous matches, though, given the sheer number of seasons that have shown. About two years have passed since the end of Season 11, allowing the couples from Louisiana plenty of time to see if their marriages work out or not. Even now, certain partnerships are still considered fan favourites, with devoted followers striving to stay up to date on their love lives.

Amelia Fatski And Bennet Kirschner

As their connection and attraction to one another were evident from the first episode, Amanda and Bennet soon established themselves as one of the best and fan favourite couples on Married At First Sight. The two had just had a passing acquaintance before being partnered on the show, therefore it was somewhat of an unusual pairing for the programme. Once decision day arrived, the couple opted to stay married, and because of their prior relationship, fans had faith in their long-term relationship.

Amanda And Bennet Are No Longer Together

Fans had high hopes for these two, but roughly a year after the end of their season, they discreetly filed for divorce. They hardly ever spoke about their separation in public, but according to court records obtained by E! News, the couple filed for divorce in the fall of 2021. Sadly, despite the instant connection the two shared, they are not together.

Amani Smith And Woody Randall

All throughout the season, Amani and Woody had viewers in tears because they seemed to be a match made in heaven. The two literally took the show’s panel to tears as they spoke of their love for one another on decision day, making the easy choice to prolong their relationship. Amani immediately gushed at how much love Woody provided his family.

However, it wasn’t guaranteed that they would stay together; some seemingly compatible couples did go through a divorce in the future.

Amani And Woody Are Still Together

Amani and Woody are yet another couple married on television who are still together, building on Karen and Miles’ success. Their relationship is still going strong today. It truly comes as no surprise because the two were obviously in love from the beginning. Additionally, Miles just shared a video of the two enjoying live music together on Instagram, where they continue to share photos and videos of their relationship. The two are still together and are as as strong as ever.

Christina Croce And Henry Rodriguez

Marriage of Henry Christina On decision day in At First Sight, Christina and Henry joined Olivia and Brett as a couple that decided to call it quits because their union was just not working out. Even though their love relationship did not work out, it was more polite than Liv and Brett because they did wish each other the best and kept the possibility of friendship open.

Christina And Henry Are No Longer Together

Since the end of the season, nothing has changed with these two. Both of them have moved on to see other people and are still apart. Henry occasionally looked uneasy about sharing such private moments with a camera crew, which did the couple no favours in terms of their relationship’s development. The two are still apart as of right now.

Karen Landry And Miles Williams

Miles Fans were left wondering what would occur on decision day when Karen and Miles, from the television show Married At First Sight, were paired together. They undoubtedly experienced many highs, but they also encountered some lows because they did occasionally dispute. This is to be expected when a newlywed couple tries to make a marriage work, and on decision day they eventually chose to maintain their partnership. However, several people had doubts about their long-term prospects.

Karen And Miles Are Still Together

These two romantics have remained married for years, disproving the sceptics. Their continued union made guaranteed that season 11 would not have the same outcome as season 13, in which no couples remained wed. The two frequently post adorable pictures of themselves together on Instagram. Most recently, they shared a picture of themselves enjoying a music festival in North Carolina. The fact that the two are still together shows how strong their love still is.

Olivia Cornu And Brett Lindsey

In a season that is usually regarded as one of the best for the programme, Olivia and Brett were maybe the single casting misstep. The two frequently disagreed on significant issues since Olivia found it difficult to reach agreements with Brett and Brett disliked commitment. They ultimately made the decision to break up on decision day, but there is always a chance that they might get back together after the show, much like other other couples in the past.

Olivia And Brett Are No Longer Together

Despite Brett’s Instagram being filled with pictures of him and his new boo, Olivia and Brett are no longer together according to Married At First Sight Brett Olivia.

The relationship seemed doomed from the start, with Brett asking Olivia’s sister whether she was single as one of the first things he ever said to her in person, so it really isn’t shocking. Despite this, the two are still not in a relationship.



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