Couples From Married At First Sight Season 12 That Are Still Together (And The Ones That Broke Up)

Married at first sight is on to it’s Season 15 and many viewers are wondering if the couples will stay together off-screen. The reality of relationships between couples and how they depict it on camera are frequently two different things, and not all married couples from previous seasons have had their marriage continue until the end of the season.

The popular dating program’s 12th season ended almost two years ago, making it easier to predict which relationships will last a lifetime. It also serves as a possible preview of whether the season 14 cast will stick together.

Briana And Vincent Are Still Together

The couple’s reality TV-documented relationship did, in fact, have a happily ever after conclusion, lasting for many years. Their Instagram accounts provide as proof that they are still a couple. In August 2021, Briana wrote a lovely post commemorating the couple’s one anniversary. Vincent’s name appears in her bio, followed by a heart and ring. Fans wanted at least one of these relationships to succeed, and Briana and Vincent are still together as a result of their efforts.

Briana Myles And Vincent Morales

Briana and Myles were the last of the three couples that decided to stick together on decision day, and they had plans to conceive a family and buy a condo. Even though they experienced their fair share of turmoil while the programme was showing, they did demonstrate promise in their ability to stay together after it ended, hoping to become one of the few instances of a reality TV marriage that does so.

Clara And Ryan Are Not Still Together

Unfortunately, after taking a break from the spotlight, the couple eventually told People that they had reached a stage in their marriage when they felt it would be best to part ways.

The two also stated that there was no animosity between them and that they wanted to continue being friends, but they are not currently together romantically.

Clara Berghaus And Ryan Oubré

Clara and Ryan were another couple who decided to stay together after decision day, much like Virginia and Erik did. The fact that the two did hold divergent opinions and experiences regarding romance and relationships made this only a slight surprise. When Ryan finally confessed his feelings for her during the reunion, it gave supporters hope that their relationship may succeed when he had never felt at ease.

Haley And Jacob Are Not Still Together

Nothing has changed about their status since the season ended broadcasting. They are still apart, and Jacob seems to be missing in action because he hasn’t made any public statements or posted anything on social media since the end of the show. On Instagram, Haley does appear to be having the time of her life. However, none of her posts mention Jacob, making it clear that their relationship is finished. The two are still apart as of right now.

Haley Harris And Jacob Harter

Anyone who watched this season knows what will happen to Haley and Jacob; after all, they were the only pair in which both partners declined to continue their marriage on decision day. Before the decision day ever arrived, their relationship was basically over due to communication problems. Paige and Chris made their decision final by deciding to end their relationship on decision day, but there is always a potential that other couples may decide to get back together.

Paige And Chris Are Not Still Together

In spite of this, the two have formally broken up since the episode. Paige in particular gave Chris what seemed like an endless number of chances to make it work, but eventually the two did hit a breaking point that led to the end of their relationship. Given that they are no longer officially dating, these two will go down in show history as having had one of the shortest marriages ever.

Paige Banks And Chris Williams

One of the most turbulent couples ever featured on Married At First Sight, Paige and Chris’s union saw numerous splits and reconciliations, including one that took place after decision day. Chris decided to keep their marriage going, but Paige said no.

However, they were able to mend their relationship after that day and briefly resumed dating following the season. Fans weren’t precisely sure what happened to them after the season was done.

Virginia And Eric Are Not Still Together

The couple eventually chose to file for divorce, becoming a reality marriage that was married on television but did not last, as they later revealed to E! News. According to their statement, they have been dating since the end of the show in an effort to make things work, but sadly it did not. Even though they had decided to obtain a divorce, they left room for hope by adding, “We aren’t closing the doors on a possible future together.” The two are currently apart even though they left the door open.

Virginia Coombs And Erik Lake

Virginia When it came time for decision day, Virginia and Erik were one of the couples who both agreed to stay married and make an effort to keep their relationship strong. Erik Married At First Sight

Although their vastly different personalities and lifestyles did cause some conflicts, both of them admitted during the finale that they wanted to make it work. They both agreed to keep their marriage intact and made plans to move in together and spend more time together away from the cameras.

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