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Melinda Willis Layton: A Deep Dive into Her Life and Accomplishments

In the Australian television reality series “Married at First Sight,” which airs on Nine Network, couples who are random acquaintances are matched as a social experiment to see how well they get along. Melinda Willis, the 32-year-old CEO and creator of Feather Sisters from Queensland, and Layton Mills, the 35-year-old CEO and founder of CannPal Animal Therapeutics from New South Wales, were matched together in season 10.

Melinda and Layton, who were both self-proclaimed alphas, were looking for a partner who shared their commitment to excellence in their careers, as well as their strong work ethics. The specialists anticipated that they would click, and they did. The extremely ambitious pair did, however, occasionally battle over priorities and personalities. Was Melinda and Layton able to maintain their relationship in spite of their extremely busy lives and demanding job commitments, as the season had come to an end?

Melinda And Layton Had a Hard Time Trying To Bond

Melinda and Layton, whose entire existence was focused on their jobs, completed a few last-minute tasks before eventually making their way to the wedding venue—a stunning yacht. Even before he had met his future bride, Layton gained favour with the bride’s relatives and family the moment he paid Melinda’s mother a compliment. Melinda, on the other hand, was not as taken aback by him right away. She didn’t respond well to his attempts to accommodate her, perceiving him as conceited, phoney, and overly slick. But after hearing Layton’s moving speech, she conceded that she had drawn her conclusion too hastily. The couple began making small measures towards healing their relationship over their honeymoon.

melinda willis layton mills,melinda willis layton,melinda willis and layton still together

But Melinda and Layton’s true difficulty emerged during the Partner Swap Challenge. Both had different opinions on the work, and whereas Melinda was fine with trying, Layton was furious. Layton moved into his own flat after finishing the assignment because of the eventual misunderstandings and fissures between the two. After a furious argument, both of them understood why they were at odds. Things weren’t completely normal for the couple even when they moved into their apartment the following day, and the subject was brought up once more at the sixth Dinner Party.

They got into such a heated debate between them that Melinda eventually fled the dinner when Layton questioned her morality for accepting the assignment. Ultimately, the argument caused Melinda to become visibly upset and admit to the experts that she was second-guessing her choice. However, in spite of everything, none of them was prepared to end the relationship during the Final Commitment Ceremony. Melinda eventually declared her love to him during the Final Dinner Party, as the couple’s downhill spiral continued. It appeared as though she was giving up after weeks of getting nothing in return as she tried to get Layton to express his sentiments.

But Layton ultimately prevailed in the struggle of the intellect and emotions at the Final Vows. “I am falling in love with you, and it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all,” he continued, plunging all of his courage into his statement. “Layton, in case you’re still confused with how I feel about you, let me make it clear I love you, and I want us to be together,” exclaimed an ecstatic Melinda, mirroring his feelings. With that, the couple’s improbable fairytale came to an end, and they were prepared to confront their shared destiny.

Melinda and Layton Decided To Move On, Separately

Melinda and Layton Made the Decision to Move On, Separately In October 2023, Melinda and Layton, the couple who defied all obstacles to be together, announced their separation. The former couple declared their intention to “take some time apart” a few weeks after celebrating their first anniversary. Their supporters were shocked to learn of the breakup, especially as Layton had recently moved from Sydney to Brisbane to be nearer to Melinda. There are rumours that the two eventually drifted apart due to their busy work schedules and distance from one another.


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Melinda ended their relationship in July 2023 and has since decided to devote all of her attention to Melly’s Beauty Parlour, her parlour, and her health and beauty business. In October 2023, she was sighted among fellow “MAFS” brides Tahnee Cook and Alyssa Barmonde at the “B*tchCon” in Sydney. Despite being very active on social media, the stunning, no-nonsense diva doesn’t post any updates on her personal life.


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Layton has been concentrating on his company and Nature’s Charm, a company he owns with vegan women. Along with spending a lot of time honing his craft, he has been hanging out with his lovely Maltese puppy, Shitzhu Franko. Like Melinda, Layton is active on social media, but he prefers to keep his private life private and hidden from prying eyes.

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