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Where Is Mermaid Sparkles Now? The Mysterious Journey of Brittany Sparkles

‘MerPeople’ on Netflix is a fascinating reality programme that looks at the mermaid world. By capturing what their typical day might look like, it gives us a sneak view into the lives of several mermaid enthusiasts, tail creators, and performance artists. The show also depicts how a multimillion dollar industry relies on a fairytale fantasy and includes daily problems that the mermaid society faces.

We learn more about Brittany Sparkle, a native of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, as the programme features interviews with various prominent members of the mermaid society. Brittany, who prefers to go by Mermaid Sparkles, noted that for a considerable amount of time, living in Arkansas made her feel like a landlocked mermaid. She also struggled to keep a day job because the pay for the mermaid jobs was insufficient. Now that the cameras are hidden, let’s investigate and learn where Brittany is right now.

Who Is Brittany Sparkles?

Brittany, who was raised in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, had a fascination for mermaids at a young age like most women do. She emphasised how much she enjoyed mermaid tales and how her parents had taught her about the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park in Florida, where one could see real mermaids. Even though these tales inspired Brittany to become a mermaid, she was unaware that it was even feasible until she discovered the mermaiding community. The native of Arkansas was astounded to discover that there were like-minded people who performed in the water while costumed as mermaids.

mermaid sparkles now arkansas,mermaid sparkles now florida,mermaid scales no makeup,*mermaid sparkles now,mermaid sparkles

The town even had its own pageants and gatherings, which fascinated Brittany. Mermaiding is a difficult performance art, nevertheless, as it calls both exceptional swimming and underwater abilities. Additionally, it necessitates hours of practise, and the mermaids frequently deal with serious physical conditions including sinusitis and hypothermia. Brittany was able to overcome the first difficulties, but she soon ran into financial difficulties because the mermaid tails needed for the performances cost thousands of dollars.

She even went through the audition process for the Circus Siren Pod, an exclusive group of mermaid performers, but was ultimately turned down. However, Brittany stayed true to her cause and refused to give up. She even acquired a couple mermaid tails and started enhancing her act. But after Brittany started working as a professional mermaid, she discovered how difficult it was to locate lucrative engagements. She actually had to hunt for a day job to support herself, however it was quite difficult to work a second shift after exhausting mermaid practise.

She even started working in the entertainment sector in the interim, appearing in a number of projects like “The Boo,” “Dark Night,” and “Shady White.” Brittany eventually managed to accumulate the funds to go to Morgana Alba’s mermaid conventions, where she took a chance and again applied for the Circus Siren Pod. This time, Morgana was astounded by Brittany’s growth and extended an invitation for her to join the group onstage in Las Vegas. Brittany was subsequently asked to join the Circus Siren Pod permanently, and the mermaid, who had previously felt stuck in Arkansas, had a promising future ahead of her.

Where Is Brittany Sparkles Now?

Brittany talked about how difficult it was to live as a mermaid in Arkansas when she was on the show, and she was determined to make things easier for anyone who wished to follow in her footsteps. As a result, Brittany, who proclaims herself the first mermaid entertainer in Arkansas, established her own business, Moonstone Mermaid LLC, through which she plans mermaid-themed gatherings, events, and performances throughout Central Arkansas. Readers will also be pleased to learn that Brittany was named Miss Mermaid Arkansas in 2019.

Brittany currently still calls Eureka Springs, Arkansas home and frequently appears with the Circus Siren Pod. She currently performs at numerous events across the country in addition to running Moonstone Mermaid LLC, and in 2023 she won Miss Mermaid Arkansas for the second time. It is truly amazing to see Brittany’s dedication and accomplishments, and we wish her well in all of her future endeavours.

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