Meet Riley Keough, Michael Jackson’s Step-daughter – Where Is She Now?

Riley Keough is more than just an actor in indie movies. Being the granddaughter of none other than the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, and Priscilla Presley, she possesses legendary superstar bloodlines. According to People, Lisa Marie Presley, the singer’s daughter, is her mother. Of course, having an A-list family for a family meant that she was surrounded by celebrities throughout her life. Danny Keough had two unusual men as her step-fathers after her mother remarried after divorcing him in 1994 after six years of marriage, according to The US Sun.

One was none other than Nicolas Cage, the Oscar winner for “Leaving Las Vegas” and the inspiration for a thousand memes. Cage and Lisa Marie were only wed for a short time. According to InStyle, the couple’s marriage in August 2002 lasted just 107 days before Cage requested a divorce. According to The Express, Cage had a long-standing infatuation with all things Elvis and had a crush on the King’s only daughter. What the “History of Swear Words” actor was like as a stepfather, we can only speculate!

The other well-known stepfather was none other than Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. According to The US Sun, Lisa Marie wed the “Thriller” icon in 1994, just 20 days after her divorce from her first husband was approved. According to The Express, the couple’s marriage barely lasted 18 months, but it begs the question of whether Keough and the “Beat It” hitmaker got along.

Riley Keough became fast friends with step-father Michael Jackson

Riley Keough, a Golden Globe contender and an Elvis Presley descendant, isn’t afraid to confess that her former stepfather Michael Jackson was very generous with the gifts. She admitted to the host of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” in 2017 that she had a distinct sense of both the King of Rock n’ Roll and the King of Pop. She stated, “I didn’t know Elvis, but I did know Michael,” alluding to the fact that her grandfather passed away before she was even born.

“[Jackson] would] bring me plenty of toys and things I wanted,” she continued, mentioning how he once bought her a “Beauty and the Beast” watch while they were at Disneyland. The singer’s time with her beloved pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, who she once brought to school, was arguably the best gift, though “He was excellent. There were a couple other chimpanzees that I can recall, one of whom pulled on my house’s curtains before joining me at school once, which was very neat.”

They had access to Jackson’s renowned Neverland estate in the Santa Ynez valley, so they didn’t need need to go to Disneyland, according to The LA Times. In 2017, Keough recalled in an interview with T Magazine from The New York Times “Toys, animals, and children could be found everywhere. It was like spending the whole day at Disneyland.”

Priscilla Presley had reservations about Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Michael Jackson

Riley Keough may have enjoyed her time with Michael Jackson, the “Bad” chart-topper, at Disneyland and Neverland, but her mother Lisa Marie Presley, who wed Jackson from 1994 to 1996, has revealed that their marriage was more tumultuous and dramatic. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2010, a year after Jackson’s death, Presley revealed that the singer of “Man In The Mirror” had actually felt quite threatened by the presence of Danny Keough, Presley’s ex-husband and Keough’s father. She explained to Winfrey, who famously conducted an interview with Jackson at Neverland in 1993, that when Danny would leave when we went on vacation, Michael would become upset. “And after a few weeks, he’d vanish, and I couldn’t find him.”

“Lisa was aware that I didn’t approve of her marriage to Michael Jackson. We had disagreements over it because I had previously married a person of that iconic status, and in a strange way, perhaps history was repeating itself “In 2012, Priscilla spoke with The Guardian.

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