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20 Mind-blowing Movies That’ll Transport You To Another World | Unique Movies


People frequently fantasize about life in the future or alternate versions of the present, conjuring up fantastic possibilities. Bright Side has chosen a few excellent science fiction films that we believe actually open a portal into another universe!

12 Monkeys

A great science fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity has been practically wiped out by a horrible, incurable illness. But all is not lost; if someone travels back in time and assists scientists in averting the calamity, everyone can be saved.

Cloud Atlas

Reincarnation has always been an element of being human, according to this filmmaker. All of the characters in the film have lived multiple lives spanning many centuries. They live, die, and live again in a never-ending sequence as their appearances change owing to aging and shifting lifepaths, each new life being a continuation of the preceding. Faces and epochs shift, but goals and fates remain constant. As this epic story unfolds before our eyes, the past, present, and future collide.

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District 9

Are aliens allies or enemies? Are your neighbors friendly or aggressive invaders? The film depicts an alternate present-day reality in which Earth has been transformed into a safe haven for extraterrestrial refugees. The international community establishes a makeshift camp to host the newcomers, but the situation quickly spirals out of control.

Edge of Tomorrow

It’s “Groundhog Day” all over again, but this time with extraterrestrial invaders! Major William Cage dies in a brutal battle with extraterrestrials, only to resurrect and rejoin the living. Once again. William keeps replaying his final battle in the hopes of overcoming the aliens.


Imagine a world where sentiments are forbidden. The film depicts a world where it is illegal to smile, listen to music, scream at a noisy neighbor, or simply enjoy life. People are also required to take an emotion-blocking medicine as a precaution. On the surface, the system works: transgressors are apprehended and prosecuted by the enforcers. But what if you’re a law enforcement officer who has lost faith in the system?


A utopian future civilization in which each new birth is meticulously pre-programmed in a laboratory. The protagonist of the film, on the other hand, had the misfortune of being born out of love. He inherited several characteristics that are seen as major disadvantages: emotionality, vulnerability to passions, and a proclivity to pursue one’s aspirations. He must hide the fact that he was labeled “unsuitable” at birth in order to become a respected citizen.


A critically acclaimed science fiction thriller about Dr. Ryan Stone, who is taking her first trip into space. Suddenly, the ship is destroyed in a tragic catastrophe, leaving Ryan and her commander alone in space with no prospect of rescue.


A touching, hilarious, and delicate film about falling in love…with an operating system! But it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Of course, you wouldn’t fall in love with a machine that responds to preprogrammed algorithms. But what if a machine purports to know you better than anyone else?


Do you want to learn about unexplored outer space travel, a voyage to another galaxy, the theory of relativity in action, and the mysteries of black holes? Then you absolutely must see this film! This film deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The stunning images really immerse you in the plot, allowing you to identify with the characters.


People discover the technique of dream manipulation in this film, and dreams become linked to reality. Such invasions have a significant impact on a person’s waking existence. The protagonist of the film is used to exploring the labyrinths of other people’s dreams and painstakingly extracting secrets from their subconscious. His extraordinary ability transforms him into a master spy and fugitive, causing him to lose all he values. To reclaim his life, he must pull off an impossible heist.

I Origins

The concept of human reincarnation is explored in this science fiction film. A molecular biologist investigates iris patterns to see if the soul or consciousness of a loved one who has passed away can be brought back.

In Time

This film depicts a fascinating future society in which there is no sickness or old age, and human life can be extended indefinitely. However, there is a catch: each new day must be purchased separately. This law has formed the foundation of a massive system that divides people into two classes: those who can afford to pay and those who cannot. Is it possible for people from these disparate backgrounds to band together to combat inequality?


What are the chances of meeting an extraterrestrial? A mysterious, dark-glasses-wearing psychiatric patient claims to have come from another planet and offers some very convincing arguments to back up his claim.

Mad Max: Fury Road

A planet that has become a desert… A lone wolf attempting to navigate chaos and lawlessness… The film depicts a civilization that has long since abandoned morals. People struggle for fuel, which is the only thing that gives them hope for the future. These are the new, harsh game regulations. The ultimate prize is simply to survive.


Astronaut Sam has only a robot named Gerty to keep him company as his lonely shift on the Moon enters its third year. Then, out of nowhere, someone who looks eerily similar to Sam appears! Is the visitor genuine? Is he only a hallucination of Sam’s lonely mind, or is he something more?

Minority Report

Incredible scientific discoveries lead to the establishment of a police force in 2054 that employs an experimental computer program to predict crime before it occurs. Isn’t this a really good system? Before it accuses you of a crime you haven’t committed, reconsider!

Source Code

Source Code is a computer application that gives you first-person access to the last 8 minutes of someone’s life, allowing you to figure out how they died. It can’t stop the tragedy from happening, but it can help find the guilty. Soldier Colter Stevens is charged with reliving a train bombing event over and over until he locate the device and the terrorist.


The Sun is life for everyone on the earth. What would happen if it was extinguished in the blink of an eye? I believe the answer is self-evident: everything must come to an end! Humanity faces such a predicament in Sunshine. Humans on Earth devise a complex plan to bring the sun back to life in order to rescue it.

The Martian

Robinson Crusoe, a futuristic Robinson Crusoe, finds himself stuck somewhere other than a desolate island. This film’s protagonist must deal with being alone on Mars. This is a gripping story of human survival in a world where life is impossible to imagine. This film is not without humour, despite the fact that it is tense and thought-provoking. Perhaps the key to overcoming dismal situations is humor?

The Matrix

What is the reality of the world we live in? Do we really exist, or are we just a part of the Matrix? This Wachowski Brothers work rapidly became a cult favorite and influenced CGI in other films for years to come. It also spawned a slew of comic books, video games, and anime adaptations, as well as two blockbuster sequels. However, trying to explain what the Matrix is is worthless; you must see it for yourself!

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