Money Heist Season 5 Ending Explained: How The End Reflects The Humanity Of The Characters!

The burglary is over. Money Heist, one of Netflix’s most well-liked series, has officially ended. This band of criminals who have become adopted family members and have a fondness for Robin Hood iconography want to escape alive one last time while wearing Dali masks. A show devoted to lengthy voiceovers, voiced by rsula Corberó (Snake Eyes) as their very own Tokyo, philosophising the very basis of morals and ethics, seems to be appropriate for ending on a symbolic note. A television show starring Lvaro Morte as the ethically dubious protagonist “El Profesor” (or The Professor), which aims to analyse the same social structures in Spain (Wheel of Time). It also includes a comprehensive discussion of how our society views money and greed.

Not entirely, but never was it about the gold or the money. Since the beginning of this series, The Professor has taken on all moral uncertainty. Even near the conclusion of the series, it doesn’t veer off too much. In order to ensure Colonel Tamayo, played by Fernando Cayo (Sky High), would become Spain’s hero by averting a long-lasting economic disaster once word of the stolen gold reserve spreads, causing a market meltdown, The Professor strikes a deal with Colonel Tamayo. In this arrangement, each theft participant receives a new start—a new life. However, Tamayo remembers The Professor’s closing monologue for a long time. Lastly, if you will, a lesson.

Why does it matter—or not matter—that the genuine gold doesn’t return to the chamber in this instance? Because The Professor is aware that “money” is a fabrication in and of itself. A relationship one has with it. somewhat like getting married. A contract is signed by both parties, but there is no real physical connection. The Professor informs Tamayo that since the connection has already been made, nobody needs to be aware that the gold is fake. He is counting on the existing institutions to save both Tamayo’s reputation and his entire squad. There is a small jerk in the neck’s back. A little alarm clock. It also calls back the initial robbery of this series, where they printed as much money as they wanted, infinite sums of paper money. Value is ultimately determined by who receives what and how much.

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While all of this envelops the whole series, the series finale also serves as a powerful reminder that human connections are more real than money or paper. One of the more unexpected alliance changes involves The Professor and Najwa Nimri’s portrayal of ex-police inspector Alicia Sierra (Locked Up). What did it take to make her give up everything she held dear? The Professor’s unceasing desire to assist and support those in need. After assisting Alicia in giving birth to her daughter, there is a change in their dynamic that he notices in himself. The Professor, who had previously been hostile, now understands that Alicia is simply a bereaved wife being used as a scapegoat by the same government she promised to defend. only another component of the system.

The conclusion more closely resembles the humanity of these folks than the plot. This final arrangement is the most amazing of all the last-minute arrangements The Professor appears to conjure up. The series ends with Alicia shaking hands with Raquel Murrillo, a disgraced former inspector, who is portrayed by Itziar Ituo (The End of the Night). The two were once at war with one another. As they both exhale in relief at being given a second opportunity at life, two merge into one in solidarity and understanding.

The rest of the team is flown away to unspecified destinations while the tonnes of hold is on its way to a remote site in Portugal, embedded in the walls of a moving house. They moved away to new, uncharted lives where robbery and theft were no longer a part of their daily existence. As they cheer inside the chopper and figuratively fly off into the sunset, there is only love and pleasure.

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