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25 Most Beautiful Kpop Idols of 2022 | Most Loved Kpop Idols Chosen By Fans


Here we have brought a list of 25 fan-chosen most beautiful kpop idols of 2022! Female South Korean artists always have been the center of attention for their ethereal looks and stunning physique. Whereas some fans admire those beauties, the others get envious of them. After all, who can even compete with those heavenly visuals we find in the Kpop industry? It doesn’t matter which generation the group belongs to; the members’ visuals can never be limited to time. Some idols have been admired by millions of fans for years, such as IU, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, TWICE’s Tzuyu, and many more!

Recently, kpop fans were asked to vote for idols they believe are the most beautiful idols currently active in the kpop industry. The poll had over 25,000 votes and had to choose from over 50 idols. It must not have been easy to select from such a large number. Nevertheless, the result is posted. Therefore, here we have prepared the list of 25 top-voted most beautiful kpop idols of 2022 chosen by fans only! Take a look and see where your beloved beauty rank in the poll!

(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon

For the sixteenth place on the list of fan-chosen beautiful kpop idols of 2022, we have (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon. Cho Miyeon is the visual, main vocalist, and eldest member of the kpop girl group (G)I-DLE. You would find yourself getting captivated by her ethereal beauty, be it on the stage or off the stage. Hence, it’s difficult to choose between her powerful stage personality that would make your knees weak and the off-camera sweet, charming lady that would steal hearts with her beautiful smile!


Kim Jennie was born on 16 January 1996 and is the lead vocalist and main rapper of one of the popular kpop groups, BLACKPINK. She has taken the twenty-fourth place in the poll! Jennie’s natural beauty with her small yet well-toned figure makes her stand out from the crowd. Be it a charismatic rapper or a sweet off-camera girl, Jennie could make anyone’s heart skip a beat. After all, who can ignore her rosy lips, tiny nose, and the mixture of delicate but sharp stage presence?


BLACKPINK’s Jisoo ranks second place on the list of fan-chosen most beautiful female kpop idols of 2022! Kim Jisoo was born on 3 January 1995. She is the official visual and the lead vocalist of the famous kpop girl group BLACKPINK. With her recent acting debut, Jisoo has stolen millions of hearts. Her perfect Korean Standard beauty with the unmatchable tender aura makes her visual more eye-catching!

Choi Yena

The soloist, Choi Yena, has secured the eighth rank in the poll. Choi Yena was born on 29 September 1999. She is a former member of IZ*ONE. However, currently, she is working as a solo singer and rapper. Choi Yena is known for her powerful as well as gorgeous qualities. Her little nose with the perfect shape lips goes well with the shining black orbs. Therefore, it’s not surprising that fans admire Choi Yena for her heavenly visual!


A soloist from MNH Entertainment, Chungha, has made it on the list! Kim Chan Mi (English Name- Annie Kim), also known by her stage name Chungha, was born on 9 February 1996. Chungha is a soloist, a South Korean singer, dancer, and choreographer who was a member of the kpop group I.O.I. She shines brightest on the stage due to her intense stage character and outstanding beauty. However, her natural look with a gentle smile radiates more on her face making her feel like the softest breeze of spring!

EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon

In the nineteenth position, we have EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon. Kim Si Hyun, well known by her stage name Sihyeon, was born on 5 August 1999. Sihyeon is the leader, vocalist, dancer, and visual of EVERYGLOW. Often fans find Bae Suzy’s looks in her alluring beauty. Her soft aura and graceful stands make her everyone’s dream crush. No wonder fans have given her nicknames such as Positive Queen and Flower Sihyun. After all, no flower can match her divine beauty!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

The twenty-third rank in the poll is taken by Girls’ Generation’s versatile beauty Taeyeon! Kim Taeyeon was born on 9 March 1989. She is the leader, dancer, and vocalist of ‘The Nation’s Girl Group,’ ‘Girls’ Generation,’ also known as ‘SNSD.’ Taeyeon is also part of subunits TaeTiSeo, OhiGGG, SM The Ballad. The leader has already been the center of attention because of her diamond-shaped face line, wolfy eyes, beautiful nose, and plumpy cherry lips. Not to forget her hard to ignore intense gaze that could pierce one’s soul!


The South Korean solo ist, IU, has topped the list of the most beautiful kpop idols! Lee Ji Eun, well-known by her stage name IU, was born on 16 May 1993. She is a soloist and actress who has stolen millions of hearts. Be it her charismatic look or soothing elegance, IU would make anyone envious because of her heavenly visual. Her shining dark orbs, tiny nose, and heart-thumping warmest smile make millions of fans gaga over her enchanting beauty! Hence, it’s not even a surprise that she tops the poll!

ITZY’s Ryujin

The twenty-fifth position on the list of fan-chosen most beautiful kpop idols of 2022 is taken by ITZY’s Ryujin. Shin Ryujin (English Name- Joanne) was born on 12 February 2019. Ryujin is the main rapper, the center, and sub-vocalist of the kpop girl group ITZY. She possesses sharp features due to her kitten eyes but a small and pointy face. Not only her ethereal beauty but also her enchanting stage persona can make anyone her fans!

ITZY’s Yuna

Another member of ITZY Shin Yuna has taken place among the most beautiful kpop idols of 2022! She was born on 9 December 2003 and is the lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual, and maknae of the group ITZY. Recently, Yuna has caught fans’ attention with her thin waist. With a perfect physique, ITZY’s Yuna looks gorgeous. Her pale skin and tiny but bambi eyes are the cherries on the cake. Not to forget, her breathtaking smile makes her visual 10x flawless!

LOONA’s Heejin

One more member from LOONA has taken a place in the poll! Jeon Hee Jin is a visual, vocalist, dancer, rapper, and center of the group LOONA. Fans often call her rabbit due to her bambi eyes, tiny physique, and thin lips. Therefore, when she smiles, fans’ can’t help but swoon over her adorable feature. However, her gorgeous visual is as captivating as her powerful stage persona!

LOONA’s JinSoul

Jeong Jin Sol was born on 13 June 1997. She is widely known by her stage name JinSoul and is a vocalist, rapper, and dancer of the kpop girl group LOONA. JinSoul is also a member of the group’s second sub-unit called LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE. Be it black hair or blonde hair, JinSoul’s astonishing visual makes her stand out from the crowd. Her pale skin, dark orbs, and cutest lips can give anyone a heart attack. Therefore, it’s no wonder JinSoul has ranked eighteenth on the list of most beautiful kpop idols of 2022!


MAMAMOO’s leader Solar has made it on the fifth rank of the fan-chosen beautiful kpop idols of 2022! Kim Yong Sun, better known by her stage name Solar, was born on 21 February 1991. She is the leader, vocalist, and dancer of the famous girl group MAMAMOO. Many times fans admire her powerful stage persona that demands respect and cheers as soon as she stands on the stage. However, her sharp eyes and brightest smile can lighten the heaviest darkness in the world!


The tenth position on the beautiful kpop idols list is secured by OH MY GIRL’s YooA! Yoo Si Ah, better known by her stage name YooA, was born on 17 September 1995. Yoo Si Ah is a former member of the project groups Girls Next Door and Sunny Girls. Later, she became a member, vocalist, and dancer of the famous kpop group OH MY GIRL. YooA is often admired for her small face with chubby cheeks that would make you pinch them. However, her thick cherry lips and bambi eyes turn her gorgeous visual 10x better!

Red Velvet’s Irene

Another member of Red Velvet, Irene, has made it on the list by securing the third rank! Bae Joo Hyun, better known by her stage name Irene, is the leader, rapper, and vocalist of Red Velvet. Irene’s mature elegant look is what everyone wishes for. She has bloomed a beautiful delicate flower. Her graceful stand with breathtaking beauty makes it hard for anyone to ignore her magnificence, thus making her stand out from the crowd.

Red Velvet’s Joy

With her ethereal beauty, Red Velvet’s Joy has secured the fourth position in the poll! Park Soo Young, also known by her stage name Joy, was born on 3 September 1996. Joy is a vocalist and dancer of the famous group Red Velvet. From the beginning, she used to be the center of attention because of her soft smile, plumpy lips, and sparkling eyes. Not to forget, Joy becomes a completely different person when she stands on the stage, showing off her charismatic side, which fans love so much!


Here comes a cat-eyes STAYC’s Isa on the twenty-second rank on the list of beautiful idols! Lee Chae Young, also known by her stage name Isa, was born on 23 January 2002. Isa is a vocalist and dancer of the kpop group STAYC. Her charming personality with the sharpy cat-ish eyes and beautiful thin smile can make anyone’s knees weak. However, the world would turn pinkish, full of flowers after witnessing her brightest closed-eye laugh, which is like serotonin for her fans!

STAYC’s Yoon

Another member of STAYC, Yoon, has taken place on the most beautiful kpop idols list of 2022. Shim Ja Yoon, also goes by her stage name Yoon, was born on 14 April 2004. She is a dancer and vocalist of STAYC. Yoon’s oval face shape, big sparkling eyes, and perfect plumpy lips turn her into a barbie doll. The hairband down on her forehead and piercing gaze makes her more ethereal than she already is.

TWICE’s Momo

Here comes TWICE’s momo ranking fifteen in the poll! Hirai Momo was born on 9 November 1996 and is a Japanese singer and dancer actively working in South Korea. Momo is the main dancer, vocalist, sub-rapper as well as the third oldest member of the popular kpop girl group TWICE. From the beginning until now, fans have always been captured by Momo’s doe eyes, charming and adorable features that would make you adore her more. Also, her precious smile is like the icing on the cake!

TWICE’s Sana

Here is the third member from TWICE, Sana, who has made it to the poll’s ranking sixth place! Minatozaki Sana was born on 29 December 1996. She is a vocalist of TWICE and a member of TWICE Japan Line along with Momo and Mina. High cheeks, bunny smile, and big round eyes turn everyone into Sana’s fans. However, her playful but caring nature makes fans cherish her more!

TWICE’s Tzuyu

ere comes maknae of TWICE, Tzuyu, on the list of fan-chosen beautiful kpop idols of 2022! Chou Zi Yu, also known by her stage name Tzuyu, was born on 14 June 1999. A Taiwanese singer Tzuyu is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual of TWICE. Numerous times she has been praised for her exquisite visual, captivating dimple, and dark spheres. Furthermore, her graceful but adorable stage presence makes fans gaga over Tzuyu as soon as she stands on the stage!

Weekly’s Jihan

Another member from Weekly, Jihan, had come on the most beautiful kpop female idols. Han Ji Hyo, also best known by her stage name Jihan, was born on 12 July 2004. Jihan is one of the lead vocalists, visuals, and the lead dancers of Weekly. Her sweet persona and die-to-hard dimple can make anyone swoon over her. Her petite physique perfectly matches her cute smile and doe-lie eyes, making her a fan favorite!

Weekly’s Soojin

Lee Soo Jin was born on 12 December 2001. Soojin is the leader, main dancer, sub vocalist, visual, and the center of the kpop girl group Weekly. She is also very good at rapping and often performs as a sub-rapper. Opposite to her powerful leadership personality, Soojin’s off-stage beauty is very soothing. Her sweet smile and soft but squishy cheeks make her more adorable than she already is. Therefore with fans’ love, Weekly’s Soojin has taken ninth place in the poll!

Weki Meki’s Doyeon

The thirteenth position in the poll is taken by Weki Meki’s Doyeon. Kim Do Yeon was born on 4 December 1999. She is a model as well as the lead vocalist, dancer, visual, and center of the kpop girl group Weki Meki. Doyeon’s beauty seems like the first snow of the year. It would make you shiver in chilly, leaving you blushing due to coldness, but you can’t help but fall in love with the beauty of the softest white stars falling from the sky! The gentle gaze and captivating smile suit flawlessly Doyeon’s powerful yet delicate stage personality!

WJSN’s Bona

WJSN’s Bona ranks twelve in the poll for most beautiful kpop idols in the industry. Kim Je Yeon, also well-known by her stage name Bona, was born on 19 August 1995. She is a vocalist and dancer of the group WJSN also known as Cosmic Girls. Bona has been praised and adored for her simple yet elegant look. Her soft graces, pretty nose, captivating black orbs, and cherry lips can skip anyone’s heartbeat. No wonder she is often referred to as the girl’s crush!

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