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15 Most Powerful Marvel Multiverse Characters


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a multiverse, and with it, some formidable Marvel characters. While Spider-Man: Far From Home teased it, it turned out to be a misdirection, and the film simply teased audiences with something that didn’t happen. With Loki, everything altered, and the multiverse is now a serious threat to the Marvel Universe.

One need only look at the comics to see how harmful the multiverse is to the world at large. In addition to the hazards of these parallel Earths, many of which are post-apocalyptic wastes, there are immensely powerful heroes and villains that live there, many of whom are far more powerful than heroes on Earth.

While Loki was the one who first introduced the universe to the MCU, it was Spider-Man: No Way Home that broke the notion wide open. Nothing in the MCU will ever be the same when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness demonstrates how terrible and vast that world truly is.

With that in mind, there are a slew of multiverse figures who may make their way into the MCU and make things difficult for Earth’s – and the galaxy’s – heroes. When it comes to comics, the multiverse contains not only variant characters, but also unique beings that are the most powerful Marvel characters the MCU has ever seen.

Adam Warlock – Earth-19141

Adam Warlock was also teased in the MCU when a cocoon emerged in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post-credit scene. Adam is already a powerful character in the Marvel Universe of Earth-616. In the comics, Adam was the one who helped defeat Thanos in Infinity War, demonstrating his real might. The version from Earth-19141 was even more strong.
He assumed the role of the Living Tribunal in that world, which is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Adam became one of the most powerful Marvel characters in the cosmos as the open true being tasked with maintaining order in the universe. Only his humanity saved him from becoming the most powerful Marvel character.

Bishop – Earth-1191

Bishop has been a member of the X-Men for a long time, but before that he was a traveler from another world. Bishop came from a world where, 80 years later, the mutant messiah Hope Summers slaughtered a million humans and forced all mutants into internment camps.

Bishop went back in time to assassinate Hope Summers, but the X-Men were willing to go to any length to save her. He eventually abandoned his mission and joined the X-Men after becoming stranded on Earth. Because of his ability to absorb energy and use it with any weapon he wields, he is a more powerful Marvel character than Wolverine.

Black Winter – The Multiverse

Black Winter first appeared in the comic book Thor, and he was so powerful that he scared Galactus. Galactus approached Thor and explained that Black Winter was planning to destroy the entire cosmos and that he needed help defeating him. Black Winter, on the other hand, simply desired Galactus. Thor had to stop Galactus by killing him and using his power.

It came out that Black Winter was not from a specific timeframe, but rather was part of the multiverse itself, and had existed before this reality was created. His strength primarily destroys anything it touches quickly, although as Thor demonstrated, he can be thwarted.

Emperor Doom – Earth-15513

Emperor Doom did something that no one other has done before. He conquered the entire world and ascended to the position of God. This occurred following a catastrophe known as The Incursion, in which all of the multiverse’s Earths collided and annihilated one another. Earth-616 and Earth-1610 collided in a Marvel multiverse war, resulting in the extinction of humanity.

Earth-15513 was born at a certain point in time. Earth’s heroes and villains appeared in various shapes. Doctor Doom was the commanding officer, with Doctor Strange and Susan Storm serving as his right-hand men. He possessed the ability to alter reality, making him one of Marvel’s most powerful figures.

Hyperion – Earth-TRN852

Marvel introduced Hyperion as its answer to Superman in the Squadron Supreme, their version of the Justice League, and he’s been a hero for a long time. In Heroes Reborn, Mephisto assisted Phil Coulson in recreating the Marvel Universe and creating Earth-TRNB52 in the year 2020.

Hyperion was already one of the most powerful Marvel cosmic characters as a form of Superman. Gladiator and the Shi’ar educated him in this world. On Earth, he founded the Squadron Supreme and destroyed every evil on the planet, including Galactus and the Hulk. As one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, he was far too powerful.

Kang – Earth-6311

MCU fans are going to learn more about Kang the Conqueror. Kang is said to be a form of He Who Remains from Loki, and the character should appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. In the comics, there are various versions of Kang, including a teen version who joined the Young Avengers.

The Kang from Earth-6311, on the other hand, was the most powerful form. He was a man who ruled in the future and conquered Earth. He did, however, want to make certain that he would constantly be in this position. Kang used one of his most powerful comic talents to travel across time to the past, armed with futuristic technology, in order to conquer all Earths. The Avengers could seldom defeat him and could only slow him down, making him one of Marvel’s most powerful characters.

Korvac – Earth-691

Korvac is the most powerful character in the Marvel universe. Michael Korvac is a computer technician who was born on Earth-691. When an alien race attempted to attack Earth, he betrayed the world and assisted them in the annihilation of humanity. He continued to work for them, but as punishment, they tortured him and transformed him into a cyborg, which gave him the power to kill his tormentors.

He obtained more strength after stealing power from the Grandmaster and ended up traveling to Earth-616. He showed himself to be one of the most powerful beings on the planet. He gained the Cosmic Power, which allowed him to manipulate matter and destroy entire universes. He even killed The Avengers before resurrecting them. He was unbeatable, and he only lost when he gave up his objectives.

Maestro – Earth-9200

Maestro is one of Marvel’s most powerful Hulks, having survived a nuclear holocaust. Earth was destroyed in a nuclear battle in this narrative, and M.O.D.O.K. kidnapped Hulk and put him in suspended animation, where he fantasized of living a perfect existence. When he awoke, he witnessed what had transpired and chose to become Earth’s new ruler.

To assume this position, he killed Hercules. He also murdered members of The Pantheon as well as anyone else who stood in his path. There was no one who could stop him, and it was Hulk from Earth-616 who duped him by sending him back in time during the explosion to stop him.

Miles Morales – Earth-1610

Miles Morales may not appear to be one of the most powerful Marvel characters to emerge from the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s Earth-1610, but he is. When the two Earths met, he joined the Marvel Universe and began working with this world’s Spider-Man as well as the super team The Champions.

Miles Morales is more powerful than Peter Parker, as comic book aficionados know. He has the same fundamental abilities as Peter, except he can improve his Venom Blasts, whereas Peter cannot. He’s also demonstrated to be resilient to pain and driven to never give up, making him one of Earth’s most formidable young heroes.

Morlun – Earth-001

Morlun is one of the most powerful Marvel characters in the universe. His home was Earth-001, and his family had survived for ages by consuming various animal totem avatars. This was most prominent in the comics when Morlun and his Inheritors began slaying Spider-heroes from all around the cosmos.

Morlun’s power is nearly limitless, although there are evident boundaries. He gets weaker when he doesn’t eat for a while. Morlun has been defeated by Spider-Man from Earth-616 on several occasions, and at another time, Spider-heroes from several Earths teamed up to defeat Morlun and his family.

Nighthawk – Earth-TRN852

Over the last few years, Nighthawk has established himself as one of Marvel Comics’ most dangerous multiverse characters. He was from Earth-TRN852, which was Mephisto’s Heroes Reborn world for a resurrected and malevolent Agent Coulson. Nighthawk has proven to be more resilient than Hyperion, who was the most powerful character in that planet.

While Hyperion is a Superman clone, Nighthawk is a Batman clone, and his intelligence, planning, and cunning gave him someone with the ability to turn the world back to the way he remembers it. Fortunately, while this made him one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, he is also quite intelligent, and it appears that the only way to stop him was to persuade him that he was mistaken.

Rachel Summers – Earth-811

Hope Summers was dubbed the Mutant Messiah and was responsible for the deaths of millions. When it comes to pure power, though, it is a different Summers who reigns supreme. Rachel Summers is from Earth=811, the Earth from “Days of Future Past.” The Sentinels tracked for and destroyed all mutants and humans on this planet.

Rachel was the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey on that Earth, and because to her parents’ genetics, she was more powerful than most heroes. With the Phoenix Force, telepathy, telekinesis, temporal manipulation, and the Phoenix Force, she became nearly invincible.

Shuma-Gorath – The Multiverse

Shuma-Gorath was teased in the Disney+ streaming series What If…? Captain Carter sliced off tentacles that could only have come from Shuma-Gorath as she was fighting aliens after passing through a multiverse portal. The creature looks to be returning in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Shuma-Gorath is unique in the comics because there are no alternate versions and only one that exists across the multiverse. The monster is also omnipotent and immortal, and is regarded as the greatest of the Old Ones. Shuma-Gorath is also said to be capable of annihilating entire galaxies in ob instant.

Weapon Omega (Wolverine) – Earth-295

The Wolverine from Earth-295, often known as the Age of Apocalypse, is Weapon Omega. Originally, Apocalypse was the major antagonist, who drove Earth to its knees and established a world where mutants who did not support him fought to save humanity who despised them.

After Apocalypse died, a new force came up to take his place, and Wolverine as Weapon Omega was cruelly chosen. This Logan gave himself to the Celestials to save humanity, but when he returned, his psyche had been shattered to the point where he served as Apocalypse’s heir and attempted to destroy humanity. His abilities are comparable to Wolverine in this universe, including his weakness for Jean Grey.

X-Man – Earth-295

Nathaniel Grey was from the Age of Apocalypse, and he and Rachel Summers shared a characteristic. He had ties to Scott Summers and Jean Grey, although he wasn’t a blood relative. Instead, Mister Sinister made Nate as a clone using Scott and Jean’s genetic DNA.

As a clone, he grew into a formidable hero with nearly limitless abilities at times. He matured swiftly and found a powerful mentor in Forge. He was the most powerful psychic in history and was developed to be the Earth’s most powerful mutant. He also possessed telepathy and telekinesis, as well as the ability to alter reality, making him one of the most powerful Marvel characters.

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