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20 Most Powerful Vampires In Twilight | Is Bella The Strongest Vampire?


Although the first Twilight film was released over a decade ago, the brand still enjoys a large following. It’s easy to forget the heights of Twilight mania, given how long it’s been since the last Breaking Dawn film was released in 2012. It was nearly impossible to open a magazine or turn on the news in the late 2000s, particularly between 2008 and 2010, without it being addressed in some form.

Looking back over the books and movies provides for a rating of the franchise’s most powerful vampires, from weakest to greatest. Physical strength, other powers (such as the capacity to read minds), and political power are all considered while determining this rating. It’s also crucial to consider how long each character lived and which characters died at the hands of another character.

Twilight’s popularity may not be as high as it was in 2008, but it still exists. Fans would eagerly argue about the suitability of love partners, the best music utilized in the franchise, and which characters deserve to have their tales filled out. Fans will most certainly want to revisit the four films to see which vampires are the most powerful in a world populated by all kinds of supernatural skills.


Alec is one of the Volturi’s highest-ranking members, however characters who aren’t aware of this wouldn’t guess it at first. He appears to be a young child of twelve or thirteen years old, like his twin sister Jane. (For the movies, their characters were aged up.) In truth, both are ancient and are two of the law-enforcing coven’s primary attacking weapons.

Alec’s tremendous gift allows him to take down any vampire, regardless of size or other mental powers. He has the ability to completely deprive whomever he concentrates on of all senses. His gift, unlike that of some of the other vampires here, may effect numerous people at the same time. It appears to be a mist that slowly approaches individuals and cannot be avoided. He, like some of the other vampires with especially extraordinary powers, demonstrated his strength while still human, attracting attention early on. The Volturi hired him and Jane specifically because of their powers. When their talents are combined, they have helped the Volturi kill scores of other vampires at once. Alec is one of the most powerful vampires in the world due to his position within the Volturi and his particular abilities.

Alice Cullen

Although many people have undoubtedly forgotten about Riley, Alice Cullen is a fan favorite. Alice is Edward’s adoptive sister, and she rapidly becomes Bella’s best friend. Despite the fact that Carlisle is responsible for bringing the Cullen clan together, Alice discovered the Cullen clan on her own thanks to her gift. Alice’s key personality attribute is her ability to glimpse into the future.

Her talent is useful on several occasions during the series, but it is rather restricted. She can’t see the future in its entirety; she can only see the consequences of particular decisions made by others. Her visions change when individuals make decisions, and she can’t see their future if they make a spur-of-the-moment decision. She can’t envision futures involving werewolves, which irritates her to no end.

Her power is minimal, but she compensates with her greatest asset: her compassionate and loving character. When she works together, she can do incredible feats, such as saving Renesmee’s life by tracking down one of the world’s few other vampire/human hybrids. Despite how impressive she is, she still falls short of some of the other vampires in the series.


Even though Meyer granted Bella some significant advantages, there are still people who are far more powerful than she. Aro, the Volturi’s leader, easily gets the second place. Aro is an ancient Greek who was born in 1300 BC. In his mid-twenties, he was altered and swiftly joined forces with the equally old Marcus, subsequently recruiting Caius to form the Volturi’s early ranks. Aro has already proven that he is not to be trifled with by remaining “alive” for nearly a thousand years. (Even if the manner he was portrayed in the movies didn’t always convey this message.)

Aro, like Edward, has the ability to read people’s minds, however his does so in a different way. Edward can hear the thoughts of everyone in his vicinity at any time, but just what they’re thinking right now. Aro can only read the minds of those he is currently touching, but if he touches your hand, he can read all of your previous thoughts. This has enabled him to gain enough knowledge of humans to control them, serve as a judge in cases where vampires have breached the law, and devise new ways to maintain his authority.

Bella Swan Cullen

Human Bella may have been the weakest character at the start of the book, but as a wish-fulfillment embodied, she becomes the strongest once she is transformed into a vampire. Fans accept it despite the fact that it makes no logic. Bella was famous as a human because she was immune to the vampires’ telepathic talents. Jane was enraged by her since her psychic torture failed, and Edward was captivated by her because he couldn’t read her mind. No one knew why she was so exceptional.

Bella’s psychic shield was transformed into a psychic shield when she became a vampire, which she can extend over other people with some effort. When she uses her shield, anybody inside its radius is immune to the psychic affects of other vampires. Jane and Alec’s powers, while well-known in the vampire world, are made useless, and Marcus is unable to locate her. Bella’s defensive strength is one of the most potent of all because so many vampires in the Twilight universe are exceptionally powerful because of their psychic powers, and because her power renders all of them null and void. Who’d have thought it?


Even though the other vampires in the series are all powerful, there can only be one who can defeat them all. Despite the fact that he only appears in Breaking Dawn, Benjamin proves to be the most powerful vampire in the series. Benjamin is a vampire from the Egyptian coven who has traveled to Forks to witness Renesmee’s half-human, half-vampire existence. He was born in Cairo in the late eighteenth century and shown extraordinary abilities from an early age.

As a result, he became a fantastic street performer, attracting the attention of the vampire Amun. Amun desired a powerful vampire for his coven, so he kidnapped Benjamin and converted him. Benjamin is the only vampire known to be able to manipulate the natural elements of earth, water, air, and fire, therefore this proved to be a wise selection.

All of the other vampires’ skills are telepathic, but Benjamin’s can truly impact the physical world. In the novel, the audience doesn’t get to witness his powers in action very often, but in the movie’s depiction of the final battle, the audience sees him utilize his powers to open a rift in the ground that leads to the magma below. He’s easily the most powerful person in the planet.

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle, the Cullen patriarch, might as well have compassion as a superpower. Carlisle retains a great deal of humanity, unlike many of the other vampires introduced in the series. He wants to help people and live with them without interfering with their way of life as a doctor.

He may not be as powerful as the Volturi, but he commands the respect of many vampires. The numerous covens from the franchise’s later chapters arrive to lend support to his family – and to satisfy their own curiosity. It’s tough to gain respect from those in positions of power, but Carlisle succeeds because he’s genuinely nice.


The next vampire is one of the Volturi’s most dreaded members. Demetri can follow people using their minds rather than the physical trails they leave behind. He can track anyone in the world as long as he has previously encountered them physically. It’s impossible to hide from him, and since he’s a Volturi member, it’s impossible for vampires to hide from the Volturi as well. The Volturi were so desperate for his abilities that they “replaced” their former tracker with Demetri. Because vampires’ psychic talents have no impact on Bella as a human or a vampire, she is the only known figure who can block Demetri’s power.

Demetri became a Volturi member because to Chelsea’s emotional manipulation, which is comparable to Jasper’s. When he’s not tracking, he prefers to blend into the background and is more often seen than heard. He’s first presented in New Moon as the member who was intended to kill Edward if he’d exposed himself to humanity, but he ends up playing games with Edward and Bella while Aro and Jane are busy.

Edward Cullen

Fans are familiar with Edward Cullen’s story: he was born at the turn of the twentieth century, was changed by Carlisle in 1918 during a Spanish influenza outbreak, and became a melancholy vampire who spent eternity in high school until he met Bella Swan. Edward’s power is so well-known that it is revealed in the first Twilight novel.

He has the ability to read people’s minds, which comes effortlessly to him. Unlike some of the other vampires, Edward appears to constantly be able to hear the thoughts of everyone around him — with the exception of Bella’s, of course. He’s physically strong in addition to his mental powers, which provide him an advantage in most situations. Edward was responsible for the deaths of both Victoria and James, and Aro admires both his physical and mental abilities.

Emmett Cullen

Unlike his siblings, Emmett is rarely involved in the Twilight franchise’s drama. Instead, he appears and disappears for comic relief or so that the other characters can benefit from his strength.

He may not be powerful in vampire circles or possess any special talents, but he is far more powerful than the typical vampire. Vampires are known for their strength and endurance. However, it is stated several times in the books and films that Emmett’s physical strength is higher than the rest of his coven.


Heidi isn’t a particularly powerful vampire. The Volturi, on the other hand, would not have nearly as much power without her.
Heidi is the one who has been bringing individuals into the Volturi’s clutches. She serves as their front-desk receptionist, yet she appears friendly and persuasive until she isn’t. Heidi may not be well-known to the general public, and she may not participate in the series’ vampire battles, but she is an important member of the Volturi power structure. They’d have a terrible time feeding and keeping their secrecy if she didn’t bring them humans.


Only Alice Cullen and Bella Swan have managed to get away from James once he’s made up his mind about them. James is an extraordinarily gifted and sadistic tracker who serves as the major adversary of Twilight. For him, simply tracking his victims isn’t enough. He enjoys messing with them and prolonging the procedure in order to have as much “fun” as possible with each unfortunate victim. He’s the vampire that non-Twilight fans adored when taken to the movie by their pals… until Edward tore him apart and burned him.

After latching onto someone’s smell, James can locate them down via a heightened sixth sense. He didn’t merely seek humans for food like some other trackers. He hunted other vampires for amusement because humans were typically too easy. Another member of James’ coven, Laurent, describes him as the most brilliant and deadly tracker he’s ever seen. James is physically stronger than the rest of the Cullen clan since he takes human blood rather than animal blood, offering an additional threat. He is eventually overcome and killed by Edward and the rest of the Cullens, setting the stage for the events of Eclipse.


The Volturi’s attack strategy includes Alec’s twin sister. She, like her brother, can kill any vampire she chooses merely by looking at them, regardless of size or age. Jane’s power is more aggressive: she has the ability to inflict awful, crippling pain on anybody she chooses to focus her power on. She can essentially cast the Cruciatus Curse from Harry Potter.

Her skill comes from her most recent human experience. She and Alec were accused of being witches as youngsters and were dragged to be burned at the stake. Even though she had some psychic powers before to being converted — which is why she was accused of witchcraft — her transformation into a vampire further enhanced them. She can now give whomever she wants the same scorching sensation. Her ability is psychological rather than physical, so once she relaxes, the pain goes away totally with no unwanted side effects. Her power, unlike Alec’s, instills fear in anybody who hears about her. Jane’s dread alone is enough to keep many people in line, as is the fact that she appears to derive a strange pleasure from torturing others.

Jasper Hale

Even though Jasper Hale is one of the primary characters in the Twilight saga, he is sometimes overlooked. He’s Alice’s partner and Edward’s adopted brother. Because they’re the only ones who can pass for biological siblings, Jasper and Rosalie share the last name Hale. (Though the Cullens appear to be siblings, their backstories reveal that they were all adopted by the young doctor and his wife.)

Jasper is notable mostly for his one-of-a-kind skill. He has the ability to control the emotions of others around him. He can calm down someone who is about to hurl a punch if the situation becomes too heated. If he wants to persuade someone to trust the Cullens, he can make them feel safe. This is an extremely useful ability to have, and one that he has used numerous times throughout his vampire career. It’s hardly a leap to argue that if he hadn’t had that ace in his pocket, he probably wouldn’t have made it to see Bella.

His ability to influence emotions is excellent, but his willpower could need some improvement (as the audience sees in New Moon). Also, this ability is unlikely to save him from some of the series’ other vampires.


The thinly veiled religious allegory in Breaking Dawn, widely known as the subplot in which the Cullen family must find a large number of vampires to “bear testimony” to the truth that Renesmee is not an immortal kid, introduced a large number of new vampires to the audience. Fans will finally see members of the Denali coven, including Kate, who Carlisle mentioned in the previous three chapters of the narrative. Kate is a “vegetarian,” like the Cullens, and is one of the original Denali coven sisters. She is, however, without a doubt, one of the best fighters among them.

She was born in medieval Slovakia and received martial arts training from her tribe while still a human. She’s even more terrifying as a vampire. She has the ability to create an electric charge that will shock anyone who touches her without her permission. She uses her talent to help Bella figure out her shield with Zafrina. While there isn’t a war in the book, Kate is prepared to fight. Fans will witness her use her power against some of the Volturi’s most senior members in the film, as well as assisting the Cullens in protecting Renesmee while grieving the loss of her sister. That is both physical and emotional fortitude. Do not undervalue Kate.


After Edward fails to claim his own life in Italy and is nearly destroyed, the audience meets Marcus in New Moon. Marcus is a member of the Volturi, a strong coven of vampires who are virtually nobility. They are in charge of upholding the vampire world’s regulations, such as not turning children into vampires or letting human food know that vampires exist.

Marcus’ power isn’t as great as some of the other Volturi members’, but it still helps them deal with law-breaking vampires. Relationships have power and strength for him. This seems less like a particular ability and more like someone who simply observes human emotion, but the audience can take it in stride.

Marcus’ status within the Volturi is more important than his ability to determine if someone is dating or simply pals. He is one of the Volturi’s three commanders, and vampires all around the world fear and respect him. He’s even known among humans as “Saint Marcus,” who is credited with driving out all of Volterra’s vampires. His political clout and age (he is old) compensate for his particular ability’s lack of utility.

Renesmee Cullen

Even though Renesmee is only half-vampire, her uniqueness earns her a place in this list. Renesmee is Bella and Edward’s half-vampire, half-human child, also known as the youngster in Breaking Dawn with incredibly disturbing CGI. Renesmee is a vampire/human hybrid that is insanely intelligent, has vampire-like skin, and ages quickly — at least until she’s seven years old, when she’ll stop aging and look to be seventeen. (Don’t give it too much thought.)

Renesmee has the capacity to transfer her thoughts to others while touching their skin. She can also break through others’ mental barriers, making her the polar opposite of both of her parents. Every vampire who encounters her — and there are a lot of them in the pages of Breaking Dawn — is blown away by her. Despite the fact that the audience only sees her as a child, Meyer appears to be indicating that when she grows up, she will be the most powerful member of the Cullen clan, if not the most powerful.

Riley Biers

In Eclipse, Riley was Victoria’s right-hand guy. He was in charge of tracking down loners and troublesome children and bringing them to Victoria to be turned into vampires. He’s also in charge of the infants, as Victoria appears to be preoccupied. Riley is clearly head over heels in love with Victoria, who is still smitten by the wicked James. Victoria, on the other hand, has no problem manipulating his emotions for her own benefit and will let him believe whatever he wants as long as he continues to work for her.

Even for a vampire, he’s physically robust and regarded as muscular. He can even lead an army of newborns with very little opposition from the ranks. That proves that if he had been left to his own devices, he would have lived much longer. Riley’s life ended prematurely after being deceived by Victoria during the last battle, despite his physical strength. He also has no special abilities.

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Hale’s history is undoubtedly one of the most sad of the entire Cullen family. Rosalie was attacked right before her wedding and turned into a vampire, taking revenge on her attackers before adopting a “vegetarian” existence.

She doesn’t have any special abilities in the franchise, but her passionately protective personality makes her a tough opponent. Rosalie does not want Bella to be a part of their family, but when she becomes pregnant, Rosalie is the one who stands between her and everyone else who disagrees with her decisions. Rosalie is almost fearless, fiercely devoted, and constantly prepared to fight, which makes her powerful despite her inability to read minds or control the elements.


Victoria becomes the enemy of both New Moon and Eclipse after the Cullens take her mate James’ life. She makes it her mission to kill Bella in retaliation for James’ death, so she can hurt the Cullens in the same manner they hurt her. Victoria doesn’t appear to have any special powers at first glance, but her true strength is her ability to self-preserve. She always manages to stay alive, whether she’s being hunted by an entire pack of gigantic werewolves or a family with a vampire who can literally see versions of the future. That is impressive in and of itself.

In Eclipse, Victoria also raises and leads her own army of newborns to fight the Cullens, giving her even more power. Because the newborns haven’t fully grasped their new “lives” as vampires and are only familiar with Victoria’s methods, they remain by her side out of both loyalty and terror. If Victoria hadn’t allowed her emotions get the best of her during her battle with Edward in Eclipse, she would have definitely outlasted everyone in the series. It was the one time she defied her survival instinct and paid the price.


In Breaking Dawn, Zafrina is introduced as a member of the Amazonian coven. She flies to Forks from South America to testify that Renesmee is not an illegal immortal kid created by the Cullens, but rather the hybrid daughter of Bella and Edward. Bella learns how to control her psychic barrier and utilize it to protect others from psychic attacks from Zafrina. She, too, possesses outstanding qualities.

She’s been regarded as one of the most vicious vampires, with an unconventional fighting technique that allows her to quickly overcome opponents. She can also create powerful mental illusions in which people see anything she wants them to see. This is so useful in a fight that Zafrina is meant to be one of the Cullens’ main lines of defense against the Volturi at the end of Breaking Dawn.

With her visions, she could easily confuse and disorient the Volturi, allowing other characters to step in and quickly dispatch them. Of course, there isn’t a fight in the novel, and viewers won’t see her use this skill on a huge scale in the film. Zafrina’s talent is so impressive that Aro, the Volturi’s leader, offered her a spot in the Volturi, which she declined.

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