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10 Unusual And Weird Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well


We all act as if money isn’t what makes us happy. Stability in terms of money is important, but it doesn’t have to be in the traditional sense. Most people are unaware of certain jobs that pay remarkably well all around the world. Let’s have a look:

Anesthesiologists’ Assistant – Up To $180,000 A Year

Anesthesiologists must guarantee that a patient is safe during and after surgery. Their helper aids them in this endeavor. While the main person earns significantly more money, the assistant also earns a substantial sum.

Celebrity Joint Roller – Up To 7000 Dollars Per Joint

Tony Greenhand is the best example of this job, having come to prominence thanks to his mastery of joint rolling and the power of social media. He creates a variety of joint designs that are 100% smokeable. He essentially creates smokable art. And he makes a lot of money doing it, especially when celebs come knocking.

Cruise Ship Entertainer – Up To $2500 Per Week

Magicians, dancers, stand-up comedians, and musicians are all in high demand aboard cruise ships. Apart from receiving free hotel and food, you can also earn a substantial sum of money while having an unforgettable vacation experience.

Golf Ball Diver – $150,000 Per Year

Golf ball divers dive into ponds on golf courses across the country to recycle golf balls. Scuba certification is required, as well as familiarity with murky water that may contain alligators and snakes. The payout, on the other hand, is incredible.

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Horse Exerciser – $60,000 A Year

This employment entails exercising and training horses that will be utilized in various sports. On non-race days, they ride the horse and prepare it for jockeys. They earn a considerable deal of money for the job they do.

Ice-Cream Taster – Up To $100,000 Per Year

Yes, you read that correctly. This job description applies to real individuals. To ensure that customers are not disappointed, the taster examines the ingredients, textures, and flavors of each type of ice cream. To make a lot of money in this business, all you need is a distinct taste.

Instagram Influencer – $500 To $3000 Per Post

Instagram influencers make the majority of their money through sponsored posts. People like the Kardashians, who make a lot of money because they’re celebrities, aren’t included. Other influencers with 15k to 100k followers, on the other hand, can earn a lot of money per post.

Music Therapist – Up To $140,000 A Year

Music therapists help people express themselves via music in mental health facilities and schools. Although it is a non-traditional kind of therapy, its pay can be rather significant, especially when combined with private practices.

Professional Bed Warmer – Up To $200,000 Per Year

Hospitality personnel are usually the ones who accomplish this fantastic job. To break in the fleece bodysuits, employees must dress in them and roll around on newly made beds for 5 to 10 minutes. These bed warmers charge roughly $2000 per month for each client that lies down in their bed for an hour.

Submarine Cook – $150,000 A Year

Because this is a rather remote position, the pay is quite significant. It’s a combination of the chef’s base salary, as well as essential and submarine trade allowances.

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