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12 Magical Movies Like ‘The Prestige’ You Must Watch


Many people consider ‘The Prestige’ to be Christopher Nolan’s best film. While I don’t believe that is the case, I do recognize the film’s stunning genius. ‘The Prestige’ is a gloomy tale of bruised egos of men preoccupied with secrets, not just a film about magic. It has earned cult status over the years, thanks to Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, as well as Sir Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson, and Mr. Nolan, who, like a magician, takes the commonplace and transforms it into something exceptional. Today, we’ve compiled a list of films that we think are similar to ‘The Prestige.’ Some of these films, such as The Prestige, are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

Doctor Strange (2016)

The sorcerer supreme has arrived in the realm of superheroes! The story of an egoist yet acclaimed Doctor who loses his ability to use his hands in an accident is told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s ‘Doctor Strange.’ He travels the world in search of a cure before arriving in the magical Kamar-Taj. There, he discovers the hidden world of magic and learns the art of numerous realms. Unlike the comics, this functioned as Thor’s origin narrative, and future films like ‘Thor – Ragnarok’ and ‘Infinity Wars’ will go into greater detail regarding his abilities. The title role was played by Benedict Cumberbatch, who was praised for his portrayal of the greatest magician. The film is notable for its visually stunning and mind-bending effects.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

The entire magical world of Harry Potter, as well as his exploits as he battles his arch foe Lord Voldemort, will go down in cinematic history as a distinct genre. If one had to pick one best film out of the bunch, it would be ‘Prisoner Of Azkaban.’ The third film in the series continues Harry’s hunt for answers by delving more into his parents’ treachery and the betrayal that led to their sad deaths. ‘Prisoner of Azkaban,’ which is darker and more intricate than its predecessors, is visually stunning and directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who was young at the time but is now well-known.

Houdini (1953)

The phrase or statement used to explain a vanishing act from an inescapable circumstance is known as a ‘Houdini’ act, and it is named after the most famous escapologist of all time. It was named after Harry Houdini, who was famed for escaping from every captivity he was placed in. In 1953, a highly romanticized film based on his life was released, focusing mostly on his adventures. ‘Houdini,’ starring Tony Curtis, is a showreel of the man’s astonishing exploits that just scratches the surface of his problematic relationship.

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Leap of Faith (1992)

When his bus breaks down, a faith healer who is actually a con artist is stranded in the middle of a tiny town. When he discovers that the residents of the town are easily misled, he and his team stage a great deception to deceive them. When actual miracles begin to occur, though, things take a different path. ‘Leap Of Faith,’ starring Steve Martin and Liam Neeson, attempts to examine the grey area between faith and being duped. It’s a feel-good film that attempts to prove that every sinner eventually becomes a saint.

Now You See Me (2013)

“Look carefully because the closer you believe you are, the less you will see!!!” It’s so much pleasure when an act confounds the audience. ‘Now You See Me’ is the song for you. The FBI learns about a bank robbery in Paris by four magicians known as the Horsemen while performing live at a Las Vegas concert. A former magician who specializes in exposing magic tricks joins them in their investigation. The rest of the plot unfolds as a cat-and-mouse game between the investigators and the magicians. Despite the script’s evident problems and ambiguous storyline, the film is packed with fun, earning it the title of summer blockbuster in 2013.

Practical Magic (1998)

A curse has been placed on a family of witches that prevents them from falling in love since it will murder their loved ones. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, two sisters who grow up to be Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, fight a mystical power with all their might and magic to break the curse. While the film did not perform well due to a variety of factors such as poor direction and sloppy writing, it still manages to delight thanks to its cast, particularly the insane aunts who bring the house down with their wry humour.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

This film stars the eccentric and brilliant actor Robert Downey Junior and is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous Sherlock Holmes stories. Holmes is a man who is rarely tricked, thanks to his razor-sharp and inquisitive mind, which he employs to solve every problem that comes his way. However, when Lord Blackwood, a reputed practitioner in black magic, resurrects after death and begins murdering those who plotted against him, Sherlock is forced to acknowledge that some things are beyond logic’s grasp. Sherlock can be seen by ‘Now You See Me’ fans as a combination of Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Mark Ruffalo’s personas merged in one man and amplified 100 times.

Spirited Away (2001)

Things go wrong when a family of three takes a wrong turn on their way to the spirit world. The daughter is left to fend for herself in a mystical world ruled by a witch, while her father and mother turn into pigs. In terms of motifs and concepts to illustrate human greed, ‘Spirited Away’ is an animated masterpiece, braided in love, similar to Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. Hayao Miyazaki directed the picture, which was produced by Disney and gained critical praise and numerous awards throughout the world, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

The Gift (2015)

Simon and Robyn are a couple who recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles as a result of Simon’s new work. There, they run across Gordo, a high school friend of Simon’s. Gordo surprises them with gifts and invites them to their home to make them feel welcome. When Robyn confronts Simon about Gordo’s suspicious behavior after their dog goes gone one lovely day, he apologizes. Robyn is caught aback when she finds out she’s pregnant and learns about Simon bullying Gordo in high school. Meanwhile, Simon loses his job, and Gordo records the house while Robyn is unconscious, leading Simon to believe he isn’t the father of the newborn child.

The Invitation (2015)

“The Invitation” will make you ponder about the plot’s logic and the reasoning behind the main character’s actions, not to mention his peculiar and aggravating attitude toward the story at times. However, there are reasons for these blank spots, and despite the fact that they are slowly revealed, the film will retain your loyalty due to the piercing tension that floats through the air from beginning to end. It’s bizarre and intriguing, and you’ll have the impression that something sinister is going on for the whole of the film’s 100 minutes. Will and his girlfriend are going a dinner at his ex-Hollywood wife’s mansion, to cut a long tale short.

The Illusionist (2006)

It’s an intriguing narrative with underlying themes of politics and magic. Eisenheim The Illusionist is a strange figure with a hidden objective deep within his heart. He dares to stand up to the despotic crown prince with his only weapon — magic. When you witness a devastated guy seeing his dead beloved, you can feel the same way Ed Norton did when portraying this character. Wasn’t I the one who said she was dead? So, before we reveal the surprise, go watch it if you haven’t already.

The Magician (1958)

When the leaders of a tiny European town, including the police superintendent and the minister of health, dispute the validity of their acts, a traveling magician and his troupe are put to the test. To put the rumors to rest, they want a private show to confirm it. What happens next may be beyond the weak human mind’s grasp. ‘The Magician,’ directed by the great Ingmar Bergman, encroaches on sacred ground and dares to ask: Does science have an explanation for everything that happens, or is there actually a God?

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