Explained: All Ninja Eye Techniques From Naruto And What They Mean!

Here are all of the sought and lethal ninja eye manoeuvres from the Naruto series. All djutsu eyes, also known as djutsu in Naruto canon, are strong ninja techniques that make use of the eyes as a byproduct of particular kekkei-genkai. A number of characters in the explosively popular anime series Naruto have ninja eye characteristic moves, and djutsu is a significant part of Naruto and its renownedly spectacular fight scenes. The number of eye-based moves has expanded throughout the Naruto series and into its successor anime, Boruto, starting with Sasuke Uchiha and his ever-evolving Sharingan.

Each djutsu in Naruto has its own distinct abilities while stemming from the same tsutsuki clan bloodline. Additionally, they frequently can only be possessed by a particular clan, under certain circumstances. However, due to the Naruto universe’s constant change, a number of characters have had eyes that were acquired through violent or unnatural ways. Kakashi, who obtained his Sharingan from Obito Uchiha during the Third Shinobi World War, is a perfect example of such an abnormal instance. The drawback of his ninja eye method is that it cannot be turned off at whim, which causes quick chakra loss everytime it is used.

The name “djutsu” refers to the eyes themselves as well as the variety of latent skills or jutsu that can be used in conjunction with them. Djutsu can be transferred to others, as in the example of Kakashi, the masked character from Naruto, although the success rate is greatly influenced by the recipient’s psychological compatibility and genetic predisposition. Despite the fact that there are many different djutsu methods, the Byakugan, Rinnegan, and Sharingan are referred to as the Three Great Djutsu. Each and every djutsu eye in Naruto is fully explained in this list of ninja eye techniques.


The main function of the Byakugan, which is carried by Hyuuga clan members like Neji and Hinata, is to grant the wearer a deeper level of sight. The method can be applied to break down boundaries, locate chakra, and see over enormous distances. The Byakugan can follow a combatant who is moving quickly or trying to hide from view. While the Hyuuga eye is portrayed as being totally white and becomes strained when used, mixed-blood descendants like Himawari (who made her television debut in Boruto’s first episode) are born with normal eyes that have the ability to change the Byakugan. The Byakugan provides better chakra visibility as compared to the Sharingan, allowing the user to recognise particular clone types from the original as well as particular chakra signatures.



All of the djutsu eyes in Naruto belong to a specific clan and have a unique set of abilities, but none are as elusive as the potent Jgan technique. With scant knowledge of its full potency, the Jgan is possibly the most enigmatic Naruto ninja eye technique in the whole franchise. The Jgan, which is exclusively known to the Tsutsuki Clan and is possessed by Boruto, has been used to detect chakra similarly to the Byakugan but also has the ability to detect interdimensional rifts. The anime depicts the Jgan as being light blue in colour with a darker sclera and a noticeable pupil, in contrast to the Naruto manga’s essentially featureless look and hardly perceptible pupil. There may be a lot more that the Jgan can do, but this won’t be known until the full origin of the eye is disclosed, and Boruto has yet to master it.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Only a few members of the Uchiha clan have awakened and mastered the Mangeky Sharingan, an advanced form of the Sharingan. A very talented and motivated Uchiha, like Naruto’s strong Sasuke Uchiha, can acquire this eye skill after they witness the death of a loved one, which unleashes a whole new set of abilities. The Mangeky Sharingan, also known as the “heavenly eyes that perceive the truth of all of creation without impediment,” grants access to skills like Amaterasu and Susanoo while also unlocking special jutsu that vary depending on the person, like Obito’s Kamui. Unchecked usage of the Mangeky Sharingan has the drawback of seriously harming the user’s normal eyesight, which can only be reversed by swapping the user’s blinded eyes with those of another Uchiha who also possesses the Mangeky Sharingan.

Naruto: Other Ninja Eye Techniques, Explained

There are other, lesser-known djutsu that manifest as user-specific talents in addition to these well-established, excellent Naruto ninja eye techniques, making the degree of their powers distinct and enigmatic. The nameless djutsu employed by Isshiki Tsutsuki, which turns his pupil and iris yellow and grants a black wheel-like design with eight spokes, is a good example. Although not much is known about this specific djutsu, it is known to give the user the ability to Sukunahikona, or to shrink themselves or any inanimate object in their line of sight. Other instances include Ranmaru’s kekkei genkai, which caused his eye to shine crimson and provided skills like penetrating vision and impeding the Byakugan, as well as the Ketsurygan, which only manifested in specific members of the Chinoike clan. It will be intriguing to see whether additional iterations of the traditional eye techniques are unveiled in Naruto’s developing anime universe, even though the full scope of uncommon and unique djutsu is still unknown.



The Ten-Tails Juubi gave people like Madara and Kaguya the ability to open the third eye on their foreheads, combining the Rinnegan and Uchiha Sharingan’s powers. Only a portion of this very potent combination’s potential is shown because it is so uncommon in the Naruto universe. The Rinne-Sharingan appears to allow passage across dimensions and is used to cast a genjutsu spell over the entire universe.


You can have the Rinnegan’s godlike power by re-creating the chakra of the Sage of Six Paths. The Rinnegan’s skills tend to vary amongst users more than other djutsu do. For instance, Sasuke utilises his Rinnegan to navigate across space using pattern recognition, Pain (Nagato), a formidable Naruto antagonist, uses the eyes’ Six Paths moveset, and Madara may summon a Limbo shadow clone to carry out his orders. Many Rinnegan practitioners are also capable of producing black metal rods, which they can use to impale or bind enemies. This Naruto ninja eye technique essentially possesses exceptional chakra and ocular capability, yet it is unable to see over obstacles like smoke bombs. It’s interesting to note that a seventh power, the Outer Path, allows users to rule over life and death and raise the dead.


The Sharingan, which is unique to the Uchihas and may be the most well-known Naruto ninja eye technique, has been stolen from or given to numerous people throughout the course of the story. People like Sasuke may use Sharingan to mimic their opponents’ moves and see through genjutsu and illusions. In addition, the Sharingan itself is a potent weapon for creating illusions. Members of Naruto’s Uchiha clan must undergo training and have an emotional trigger event in order to open their Sharingan eyes. For instance, the Mangeky Sharingan, which grants user-specific jutsu in addition to its basic skills, can only evolve via the anguish of loss.


The Tenseigan, which was first seen in The Last: Naruto the Movie, is a manifestation of Toneri tsutsuki’s chakra and the Hyuuga Byakugan. Toneri claims that the Tenseigan is both potent enough to collide with the moon and powerful enough to produce new life afterward. Toneri Tsutsuki, the main antagonist of the Naruto movie, uses this skill to animate a stone warrior to fight Naruto. The Tenseigan gives Toneri the power to fly and manipulate the truth-seeking balls connected to the Sage of Six Paths, in addition to its control over life and death. The featureless Byakugan is transformed by the Tenseigan after achievement into blue pupils that resemble overlapping floral patterns.



The Most Powerful Dōjutsu Abilities Explained

All of the djutsu eyes seen in Naruto have distinctive abilities that can be trained to extremely high levels of skill and are helpful in various situations, but Kaguya tsutsuki is unquestionably the most potent ninja eye user. She was the first creature to ingest the Chakra Fruit, giving her tremendous power and complete chakra mastery. She is also known as Hagoromo tsutsuki (the Sage of Six Paths). The djutsu method used by Kaguya is superior to all others for a variety of reasons. She can see through even the most perfect Susanoo, plainly discern chakra lines, and use her compound Rinne-Sharingan to transfer across dimensions. The fact that Kaguya is the main antagonist for the whole Naruto series and that she appears in practically every fight is more evidence of her influence. She regularly represents the greatest threat to Naruto’s heroes, largely due to the strength of her djutsu.

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