10 Unanswered Questions About Neji Hyuga Naruto Only True Fans Can Answer!

Neji Hyuga may not have received as much attention in the Naruto series as his cousin Hinata, but the character undoubtedly made an impression on viewers. Neji, who was three years older than his cousin, had graduated from the Shinobi Academy before Naruto, Hinata, and the rest of their generation.

He came into the franchise with an aggressive attitude and the conviction that he couldn’t control his own future. Neji’s character development in the show was among the most fascinating, going from a young guy eager to kill his own cousin because she insulted him to someone who would risk his life to ensure she could continue to fight. Even though he passed away heroically, some of his admirers still wish they knew more about him.

Does Neji Like Spicy Food

Favorite (and least favourite) foods are included in the Naruto databooks. However, anime fans don’t require the databooks to determine if Neji can tolerate his spicy cuisine or not.

There were numerous opportunities for Team Guy to try curry in the anime series. Unfortunately, spicy curry upset Neji’s stomach. Not only was it too hot for him to bear, but after eating spicy curry, he usually passed out.


How Are Birds Important To Neji’s Story

It’s unclear why Neji finds good bird metaphors to be so appealing, but he did. Neji frequently used birds to illustrate his points when speaking about his own fate.

Because of his position in the Hyuga family’s branch house, he believed that he was a bird in a cage, but after Naruto defeated him in their first Chunin Exams, he appeared to have a change of heart. As he started to believe he could control his own fate, he began to speak of “birds soaring freely.” In the manga, after he was killed in battle, the Allied Forces formed into the shape of a bird to fight.

How Does Neji Explain His Sacrifice To Naruto

In the Fourth Shinobi World War, Neji offers himself as a sacrifice for Hinata and Naruto.
Neji offers Naruto a much more straightforward answer, even if fans are aware that he donates his life in order to save Hinata and Naruto during the Fourth Shinobi World War as a sign of how much he has changed since he was 15 years old. It demonstrates his sense of humour even as he flees from the outside world.

Neji taking the brunt of an assault directed at him astounds Naruto. Actually, Neji took the attack for Hinata while attempting to cover for Naruto. However, Neji tells the other boy that Naruto once called him a genius, and it’s reason enough for him to offer his life, when Naruto asks why.

How Is Neji Honored In The Boruto Series

Like Konohamaru Sarutobi, Neji passed away long before the events of the Boruto series, although he lately received a little bit more attention in the anime. The franchise paid tribute to Neji before Boruto and Sasuke ever met when they journeyed across time and met as teenagers.

The word “bolt” in the name Boruto refers to a piece of hardware used similarly to a screw. Since Boruto represents Hinata and Naruto’s eventual union, the name of the character was intended by creator Masashi Kishimoto to echo Neji’s, but Neji’s sacrifice allowed this to happen.

How Many Naruto Movies Is He In

Neji didn’t make a lot of appearances in the Naruto movies, like many other Naruto characters who weren’t a part of the main character’s team. He appeared in five of the franchise’s eleven films.

Essentially cameos, Neji’s appearances in Road To Ninja: Naruto The Movie, Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds, and Naruto The Movie: Blood Prison gave him the chance to apply some of his skills to help a few others. In both Naruto Shippuden The Movie and The Will Of Fire, he played more significant parts. In the former, everyone of the Konoha 11 members contributed to Naruto’s scheme to save Kakashi from an untimely death. In the latter, Neji served as Naruto, Sakura, and Lee’s squad captain as they were sent on a mission to defend a priestess.

How Many Official Missions Did Neji Complete

Neji had more official missions under his belt than many other characters, despite the fact that he wasn’t a part of the franchise for its whole existence. The data books show that he finished 62 tasks in total. It’s interesting to note that he has completed one more task than his teammates Tenten and Lee.

He performed 26 D-Rank missions, which are the easiest kind, 19 C-Rank missions, four B-Rank missions, and 11 A-Rank tasks, which are usually reserved for jonin. Neji further accomplished two missions that were S-Rank, the highest level of shinobi, in contrast to many other Konoha 11 members. Tenten and Lee each have a single S-Rank task listed in their stats, suggesting that one of those was accomplished with the help of their comrades.

What Does His Name Mean

Using his byakugan, Neji Hyuga The word “Neji” in Naruto means “screw” in English. The verb that means “to twist or wrench” is the same. There may be two meanings behind the name, according to fans.

It’s a reference to his sophisticated fighting technique: Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven, on the one hand. On the other hand, it might also be a reference to the Chinese martial technique known as “nejia.” This particular form uses the body’s twisting and spinning motions to focus the chi and emphasise internal effort. The meaning of Neji’s last name, “Hyuga,” is “a place in the sun,” and both Hinata and Himawari, the names of his cousin and her daughter, make allusion to sunflowers.

What Is His Blood Type

The list of blood kinds for well-known characters and celebrities may be found frequently in Japanese pop culture, which is good news for fans. This is due to the blood type-based personality hypothesis that is prevalent in Japan. According to the theory, a person’s blood type might affect their personality characteristics. The Naruto databooks indicate that Neji has type O blood.

According to theories, people with type O blood are competitive, self-assured, and ambitious. They are also easily jealous, vindictive, and haughty. When Neji vents his rage on Hinata and her father as a result of the passing of his own father, it is simple to see how all of those characteristics are at work. Along with others, Neji has the same blood type as Asuma, Temari, and Sakura.

What Is His Star Sign

Neji was born on July 3, making him a Cancer, often known as the crab, according to Western astrology. If Naruto ever decided to incorporate information about Western astrology, fans would learn this. Cancers are thought to resemble the namesake creature in that they have a tough exterior and a soft interior.

Despite having a tough exterior, Cancers are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to the feelings of others. They can be hurt easily and are great people readers. That would appear to make sense given how envious Neji was of Hinata’s standing within the main Hyuga line and how quickly he grew to care for and defend her.

When Did Neji Advance To Chunin And Jonin Status

Similar to the anime series, there was a time skip in the middle of the manga. The series entered the Naruto Shippuden era while Naruto was away for two years. All of the Konoha 11 retook their Chunin Exams at that time, with the exception of Shikamaru, who had already been promoted, and Naruto and Sasuke, who had left.

Neji, Tenten, and Rock Lee’s Team Guy astonished anime viewers by devoting a large portion of their exam time to saving the lives of others and assisting other teams in sticky situations. When someone attempted to remove Gaara’s tailed beast, they even rushed to assist him. Neji assisted in saving Gaara, and it was because of this deed that he was promoted. Neji was promoted to jonin once more by Lady Tsunade, outranking even Shikamaru at that time in the series, while all of his colleagues were promoted to chunin.

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