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25 Hottest Anime With Nudity – Only For Adult Viewing


First and foremost, let me state unequivocally that I will not be discussing hentai. This list includes anime with a plot, as well as those that don’t shy away from nuance if it aids the main story. These sequences can be very important in moving the plot ahead, while others are intended to give the characters more depth, and still others are merely for fun and laughter. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some anime containing nudist scenes. Some of the best anime involving nudity may be found on Netflix, YouTube, or Crunchyroll.

Afro Samurai (2007)

‘Afro Samurai’ is a classic vengeance-themed anime with a black protagonist, which is extremely rare and commendable. When Afro was a small child, he witnessed his father being defeated and slain by Justice, who had taken the number one headband from him in order to gain its abilities. Now, in order to challenge Justice in a confrontation, Afro embarks on an inspiring journey from the bottom up in the hopes of one day confronting the villain. He secures the number two headband after several years of unrelenting hard work and is ready to exact his revenge. However, he is thwarted by a number of competitors who are eager to seize his headband. To preserve his headband and challenge Justice, Afro must overcome all of these challenges. While the anime has a well-developed plot, it also contains some scorching sex scenes that are among the finest of all time. It’s available to watch online.

Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet (2018)

Now, here’s the deal. I stated in the introduction that hentai would not be included. Although the anime ‘Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet’ isn’t technically hentai, its premise and graphics err on the side of hentai. In addition, I am guilty of including an anime whose ecchi aspect is more important than its plot. We recommend that you avoid this series if you are offended by rape or sexual violence. The anime follows Aki Myoujin, a correctional officer, and Hina Saotome, a lovely girl who has been imprisoned despite her innocence. The former is cruel, and he plays with the prisoner as much as he wants, with little regard for the prisoner’s dignity or rights. Though Hina is initially terrified by Aki’s dominance, her body eventually succumbs to the sweet agony.

Black Lagoon (2006)

‘Black Lagoon’ is one of those anime thrillers that grips you from start to finish. The series is set in Roanapur, Thailand, which has been nicknamed a “criminal haven.” Rokurou Okajima was an ordinary Japanese businessman until he was kidnapped and held for ransom by the mercenary group Black Lagoon. After being abandoned by his master, he must now become a mercenary in order to survive on the perilous island. Though there aren’t many naked scenes in the series, there are a few semi-nude situations sprinkled throughout.

Code Geass (2006 – 2008)

‘Code Geass’ is one of the most popular action and science fiction anime series. The story takes place in 2010, when the Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered other nations and established itself as a powerful military power. Japan, although being vanquished and renamed Area 11, still has some resistance left in her. Lelouch Lamperouge is a Britannia Empire royal who has been exiled. After getting caught in the crossfire between the two opposing troops, he is saved by a girl named C.C. The girl bestows on him a powerful ability known as Geass, which allows him to command anyone and make them dance to his music. Will he be able to use this newfound power to finally destroy Britannia and get his revenge? You may watch the anime online here.

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Devilman: Crybaby (2018)

Devils can only adopt human form if they can locate one. However, if a human is strong-willed, they can exploit the devil’s powers to their advantage and become devilman in the process. Akira Fudou is a generous individual who is always prepared to assist others. As a result, he promises to help his friend Ryou unearth some devils during a Sabbath. However, things quickly spiral out of control as devils begin possessing humans, resulting in anarchy. Akira can’t bear the thought of Ryou dying, so he joins forces with the devil Amon, gaining enough power to destroy the other devils and save his friend. Because he becomes a powerful devilman as a result of the process, he resolves to put his abilities to good use. The show contains a lot of action and drama, but it also has a lot of sexually explicit sequences that you could appreciate. You may watch the show here.

Dragon Ball (1986)

This is one of the most popular action anime series. It all began about four decades ago, when Goku was only a child, although a very powerful one. He met Bulma, who became his first friend, during this time. Many fans who started watching the franchise with ‘Dragon Ball Z’ may be surprised to learn that the initial installment contained some nuance. Bulma did reveal her naked body on a few occasions, but these moments served more as comedic relief than plot advancement. You may watch the anime online here.

Freezing (2011 – 2013)

The majority of anime portrays the future as being far worse than anything else. Monsters or aliens will go berserk and extinguish our existence. The anime then seeks to instill a glimmer of hope in the shape of certain people trained to combat those formidable foes. ‘Freezing’ takes advantage of this concept. It takes place in the far future and centers on the threat posed by the Novas, a horrific alien race that attacks humans, wreaking death and destruction. Men and women with stigmata are the only ones who have a chance of surviving against them. Stigmata bestows superhuman abilities to them. Limiters are men who have stigmata, and Pandoras are women who have stigmata. They receive training in military academies in order to better their fighting abilities against the Novas.
The protagonist, Kazuya Aoi, walks into a combat royale between the Pandoras on his first day at the academy. However, when he encounters Satellizer el Bridget, he mistakenly believes she is his deceased sister. He hugs her, and she loses the match as a result. Bridget is known as the ‘Un touchable Queen,’ so she is taken aback when she doesn’t repel Kazuya and wants him to be her Limiter. As a result, they embark on a voyage to save Earth, which is full of drama, action, and sexually suggestive sequences. Funimation has a streaming version of ‘Freezing’ available.

Gantz (2004)

Gantz is a fascinating anime set in a world where the dead are recruited to labor for a massive sphere. Two such people, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, die in a railway disaster and are forced to go on unexpected misadventures. There is a black sphere that presents the players with missions that they must perform in order to earn points, which will allow them to earn rewards such as returning to their normal lives. There are multiple nude scenes in this fascinating presentation. The animation can be viewed here.

Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica (2012)

Many people were sent to Alayzard three decades ago to complete missions that would grant them special abilities if they were successful. One of the fateful ones to be able to return is Akatsuki Ousawa. He did not return alone, however, and brought Miu, the Dark Lord’s daughter (whom he defeated), with him. They must now keep her identity a secret in order to maintain the current state of calm. However, they will face numerous challenges as they were sent to BABEL to learn how to use their abilities. There are several mild-nude sequences in the series that ecchi anime fans will enjoy. The show can be viewed here.

High School DxD (2012 – 2018)

One of the most popular ecchi and harem anime of all time is ‘High School DxD.’ It follows Issei Hyoudou, a perverse adolescent who is killed by a fallen angel on his first date. Issei is brought back to life by Rias Gremory, a top devil and a senior in Issei’s high school. He has been reincarnated as a demon and is now obligated to serve Rias as a devoted ally. Issei finds himself in a world of chaos and ruin after being accepted into the Occult Research Club, and he must learn to live. The series not only has a brilliant premise, but it also includes some of the hottest anime sequences ever. The series is available to watch online.

Highschool of The Dead (2010)

When there are a lot of stunning and busty beauties roaming around and being badasses, a zombie apocalypse is a lot more enjoyable to watch. This is one of the reasons why ‘Highschool of the Dead’ is such a fun anime to watch. When Japan is suddenly immersed in a zombie apocalypse, the civilization begins to fall apart, while the survivors fight to stay alive.

Takashi Kimuro learns the hard way about survival when he is forced to kill a friend who has been bitten by a zombie. Takashi makes a pledge to himself that he will safeguard Rei Miyamoto, Takashi’s now-dead friend’s girlfriend. The couple is soon joined by additional students who band together to discover a means to survive the apocalypse. Among this group are some stunning and seductive ladies who participate in a variety of sexually suggestive settings. Here you may find all of the episodes.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (2010 – 2013)

‘Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls’ is a show set in an alternate world with a lot of gorgeous female characters. If you’re familiar with Japanese samurai history, you’ve probably heard of Matabei Goto, Sen Tokugawa, Yukimura Sanada, Hanzo Hattori, Kanetsugu Naoe, and Jubei Yagyu. They were all well-known samurais who are still well-known for their bravery.

They are, however, sexy, barely dressed females in this parallel universe. The Tokugawa Shogunate still rules this world, and the girls are brought to a school to develop their skills. They must devote themselves to rigorous training in order to become master samurais capable of challenging the tyrannical dictatorship of the school students council. You may watch the anime online here.

Kiss x Sis (2010)

‘Kiss x Sis’ is an ecchi harem anime that tells the narrative of an incestuous relationship. After the tragic death of Keita Suminoe’s mother, his father remarries and brings home two twin sisters, Ako Suminoe. The trio slowly establishes a romantic relationship as they spend more time together, which swings out of control as Keita is studying for his high school exams. While the twins make sexual attempts, the protagonist does everything he can to avoid them and maintain their connection platonic. However, as the performance takes an unexpected turn, he must eventually give in to some of their sexual cravings. What follows is clearly not intended for a young readership.

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! (2011)

Harem anime features a plethora of stunning female characters who are there to provide excellent fanservice. ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!’ In the series, there are a lot of attractive female characters. The show also contains a harem and ecchi element, as well as a martial arts motif. The samurai and their well-documented culture and lifestyle are one of the most popular aspects of Japan. These talented swordsmen were active in feudal Japan and are greatly admired in East Asian countries. The anime is set in one of the cities in the region, which has a long history of samurai culture. Yamato Naoe and his pals, like the people of the region, live a calm and disciplined existence, adhering to centuries-old traditions. When two new girls join their group, however, chaos and drama ensue, altering the group’s dynamics in unimaginable ways.

Mirai Nikki (2011 – 2012)

Yukiteru Amano is a lonely adolescent who keeps a phone diary in which he records everything he sees. He has an imaginary buddy, Deus Ex Machina, who is the god of space and time, with whom he passes the time. Yukiteru later discovers that Deus is real, and she gives Yukireu’s phone the ability to record the 90-day future. He is subsequently urged to compete in a tournament against other people with similar backgrounds in the hopes of becoming the next Deus. Not only does the show have an intriguing idea, but it also contains a number of sex scenes. ‘The Future Diary’ is available to watch online.

Ninja Scroll (1993)

‘Ninja Scroll,’ a great anime film, is the next entry on this list. This is a fantastic film that follows Jibei, a wandering swordsman who is uninterested in politics and the like. But one day, after saving a girl ninja named Kagero, he becomes entangled in matters he would never have considered before. There are some fantastic action scenes in this film, with spectacular visuals. ‘Ninja Scroll’ also contains a slew of underappreciated fanservice moments. The movie can be seen here.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (2009)

Phantom is a human assassination weapon utilized by the inferno organization in a world where the mafia has run amok. A Japanese visitor becomes a witness to a woman Phantom’s murder on an unlucky day. He is apprehended and brainwashed to perform the company’s bidding after an unsuccessful escape attempt. His life is always on edge now that he has no recall of his past. Will he ever be able to reclaim his memory and free himself from this oppression? While there are no explicit sex scenes in the show, there are several semi-nude/nude moments. Funimation has a streaming version of ‘Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom.’

Samurai Champloo (2004 – 2005)

This anime is one of those that need an odd group of people to work together despite their differences in order to accomplish a goal. Fuu is a waitress who mistakenly spills a drink on one of her customers and is being hounded by a group of samurai. She seeks assistance from another customer, Mugen, who quickly defeats all of them. He subsequently makes the mistake of attacking Jin, a far more skilled ronin than himself. They demolish the shop and murder the son of a magistrate, putting them on death row. Fuu protects them by enlisting them as bodyguards on a quest to track down a renowned samurai. The show is the best samurai anime you’ll ever see, and the nudist scenes are just icing on the cake. The show is available to watch online.

Senran Kagura (2013 – 2018)

The show follows a group of five adolescent ladies who are enrolled in The Hanzo Academy, a secret ninja academy that masquerades as a prep school. However, they quickly discover that things are not going to go as smoothly as they had hoped because there is a new, darker bunch of shinobi who are skilled ninjas. To improve, the girls must work hard and harness the power of their ninja scrolls. There are some hot nude scenes and a lot of ecchi moments because it’s a fanservice animation. The show can be viewed here.

Shinmai Maou no Testament (2015)

Basara Toujo and his tumultuous connection with his stepsisters Mio and Maria are the focus of ‘Shinmai Maou no testament.’ When the protagonist learns that the former is the demon lord’s daughter, he recalls his former clan’s ideals, but instead of confronting them in a violent confrontation, he chooses to protect his sisters. The parameters of their connection change radically as the novel progresses, and the three participates in an incestuous affair that defies social norms. Crunchyroll is where you can watch harem anime.

Shokugeki no Soma (2015 – 2020)

Have you ever had tremendous orgasmic feelings when eating delectable food? No? Then prepare to have that experience in ‘Shokugeki no Soma,’ where the cuisine is so wonderful that people are on the verge of orgasm. During the food tasting period, the majority of the naked and ecchi sequences take place. The anime is entertaining and has a compelling tale with intriguing characters.

The protagonist’s father, Yukihira Soma, is a superb chef who owns a cafe where he works as a sous-cook. He aspires to be the restaurant’s head chef, but his father chooses to close the diner and travel around the world to put his skills to the test. In the meantime, Soma enrolls in Totsuki Academy, a prestigious culinary school with a low graduation rate. You can watch the drama unfold here to see how he performs in one of the most competitive venues for cooks.

Strike the Blood (2013)

‘Strike the Blood’ is a fantastic choice if you want to see a vampire anime with some ecchi elements and light nudity. Koujo Akatsuki was once a regular kid. However, he is involved in an occurrence that transforms him into a powerful vampire one day. Everyone in town soon finds out about Koujo’s vampire talents. Koujo reveals that he possesses the abilities of a primogenitor, a famous vampire with terrifying abilities.

He is the fourth primogenitor, and the Lion organization views his abilities as a threat, believing that if he goes rogue, they will need to find a way to deal with him. As a result, they send Yukina Himeragi, an apprentice sword-shaman, to keep an eye on the protagonist’s activities, and if he shows any signs of being a threat, he is to be slain right away. However, the two wind up working together to combat numerous chaotic forces that emerge. The show has a good premise, however there are a lot of nude/semi-nude scenes in it. The animation can be viewed here.

To LOVE Ru (2008 – 2015)

‘To Love Ru’ is a romantic comedy anime with a plot that allows for a lot of harem and ecchi themes. Rito Yuuki, a 16-year-old high school student, is madly in love with his classmate Haruna Sairenji. Since junior high, he’s had a crush on her. But he can’t confess to her, and it’ll only get more difficult as the series develops. Rito is taking a bath one day when a stunning naked female lands on top of him. Lala Satalin Deviluke, an alien princess, turns out to be the girl. She has fled her planet in order to avoid a political marriage, and she is willing to marry Rito. Rito’s situation becomes more complicated as a result of this, and he finds it more difficult to confess to Haruna. Slowly, more attractive women appear, attempting to captivate him with sexually suggestive conduct. They don’t stop there; they even block Rito’s path as he tries to profess his feelings for Haruna. You can catch up on all of the drama right here.

Vampire Hunter D (1985)

The story is set in a world when high-tech weapons are commonplace, and cyber-kinetic horses are commonplace. However, most individuals continue to live in ways that are more acceptable for them without incorporating technology. D is the world’s top vampire hunter. He becomes engaged in the affairs of a little village besieged by monsters, which is ruled by the vampire Count Magnus Lee. D, being the finest at what he does, begins slaughtering the vampire’s men in order to put an end to his brutal tyranny. While the cult favorite contains many action scenes, it also contains some nudity.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (2018)

Yuragi-sou, a modest boarding house that used to be a hot springs inn, lends a room to Fuyuzora Kogarashi. People are terrified to go because it is said to be haunted by a heinous ghost. However, this provides Kogarashi with the ideal opportunity to exorcise the local ghosts. When the protagonist meets Yuuna, however, he finds that she is a misunderstood girl whose soul is trapped in the mortal world due to some regrets. As he sets out to aid her, Kogarashi finds himself in a series of filthy situations that raise the sexual tension to new heights. The animation can be viewed here.

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