10 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) From Friends

The oddball but endearing member of the Friends group is Phoebe Buffay. With her endearing unpredictability, she makes her friends uncomfortable while playing her guitar at Central Perk. She never lusts after material possessions because she is happy in her job as a masseuse. But Phoebe is more complex than first appears.

With her bizarre stories of living in Prague, being a homeless adolescent, and once sharing a room with an albino man, she is the most intriguing member of the group. There are many aspects of this peculiar persona that admirers are unaware of. Here are 10 things about Phoebe Buffay that even ardent admirers didn’t know:

Lisa Kudrow has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology

Lisa Kudrow holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Vassar College, although Phoebe failed to complete high school and most likely never attended college. Phoebe frequently debates science with Ross, making it very evident that she is not a fan of science throughout the entire series. With her education, Kudrow resembles Ross more in real life than David Schwimmer does. Before she became a successful actress, she even spent eight years researching headaches at her father’s laboratory. Still visiting Vassar for trustee meetings is Kudrow.

Lisa Kudrow Hated the Guitar

Phoebe’s trademark is her guitar playing of absurd songs. But if Lisa Kudrow had her way, Phoebe would have been playing bongo drums. Because Lisa does not play the guitar, Phoebe is not precisely a gifted musician.

She acknowledged that she disliked the guitar because it was so difficult for her to learn how to play, and she actually suggested the bongo drums to the band’s creators. However, they were dedicated to the guitar and even hired an instructor to assist her. Lisa ultimately came to the conclusion that Phoebe would only be familiar with a few chords, fortunately they were the chords required for Smelly Cat.

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Lisa Kudrow is Jewish

Phoebe frequently discusses spirituality and rebirth despite not being the group’s conventional religious figure. She once thought her mother had reincarnated as a cat. Ross, Rachel, and Monica are the only primary characters on the show who are Jewish, but Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer are both Jewish in real life. She endured racism in college, lost family members in the Holocaust, and underwent a nose operation at the age of 16, which was usual for Jewish teenagers. She has even spoken out against antisemitism because she has experienced the suffering that it can bring.

Lisa Kudrow was Afraid of the Duck

As a vegetarian and advocate for pigeons, Phoebe is a friend to all animals, whereas Lisa Kudrow is less at ease around feathery companions. Due to her mild aversion to birds, Kudrow was particularly terrified of Joey and Chandler’s duck.

She would steer clear of the duck whenever possible, so when the birds started to fade in importance and eventually left the performance, she was relieved. Even though the group said the birds moved to a special farm in order to spare Joey’s feelings, it was claimed that they died of old age.

Lisa Kudrow was Pregnant in Real Life During Friends

When Phoebe consented to be a surrogate for her younger brother, Frank, and his wife, Alice, in season 4, she won the best sister of the year award. 3 Lisa Kudrow Was Pregnant in Real Life During Friends Phoebe at the table with Rachel. As Lisa Kudrow actually became pregnant with her only son, Julian, this plot surprise was added.

Kudrow’s stomach still needed to be padded even though she was pregnant because it was insufficient for bearing triplets. Additionally, Kudrow gave birth to her son before the triplets were expected, so even after giving birth in real life, she still had to carry the belly padding.

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Originally Written as a Supporting Character

The initial concept for Friends called for Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Joey to be the major characters, with Monica and Joey serving as the main love interests. That implied that Phoebe and Chandler would merely serve as auxiliary figures who would infrequently appear. Thank goodness the authors altered their thoughts and gave Chandler and Phoebe equal importance with the other pals. Without Phoebe’s eccentricity and Chandler’s sarcasm, Friends would not have been the same. Without Phoebe’s tough truth-telling moments, where would fans be?

Phoebe had 16 Love Interests

With a total of 17 love interests, Joey is the go-to casual dater on Friends, but Phoebe isn’t far behind. Phoebe had 16 possible loves throughout the course of the 10 seasons. Few people made appearances in more than a few episodes; the majority were for entertainment purposes only. She eventually met Mike, the guy she would wed, after all of her unsuccessful dating in season 9. The union took place during season 10. In 2004, the episode aired two days before of Valentine’s Day. Fans of Phoebe were ecstatic to see that their favourite friend from the Friends series had finally found happiness.

Phoebe was Gifted a Key Chain From Sesame Street

She was obviously distraught when Phoebe’s mom killed herself. In season 5, episode 4, “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS,” we discovered that she wrote to Sesame Street because they had always given her solace as a child after learning about her mother. Nobody ever responded to her letters, and all she ever received was a dull key chain. She was homeless by the time she received the key chain from her once-adored Muppets and didn’t have any keys for it. She began to hate PBS as a result of this.

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Phoebe was Originally Supposed to Be with David

As Phoebe and David exchanged their sorrowful farewell, every fan sobbed for Phoebe. Most fans believed David and Phoebe would be married when he initially debuted, and that was the original intention. Until Mike, played by Paul Rudd, entered the room. Paul Rudd was so endearing and endearing that the show’s makers decided to maintain him as Phoebe’s final love. The actor who played David, Hank Azaria, acknowledged that learning Mike had been cast in place of David did hurt a little. Fans continue to argue about whether Phoebe should have wed Mike, but there is no denying that she looked lovely in her wedding dress.

Phoebe Wrote 55 Songs

Phoebe was a true artist; throughout the course of Friends’ ten seasons, she created a total of 55 songs. Of course, Smelly Cat, The Cow in the Meadow Goes Moo, Ross Can, and Sticky Shoes stand out as the most unforgettable. However, she also had some other fantastic songs, including Crusty Old Man, The Blackout Song, Suicide and a Snowman, and Pepper People. Her songs may not have been works of art, but they were usually funny and exposed shocking truths, which made them entertaining. Phoebe always remained true to her eccentric nature, like a true artist ought do.








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